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70 Top Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Birthday Wishes for Daughter: Birthdays are always special to us, and when it is your daughter’s birthday, you want the best of everything for the princess of your home. Wishing your daughter and making her feel special can become difficult at times. So, if you are looking for Happy birthday daughter wishes for her, here are some sweet and heart-touching birthday wishes for your effervescent daughter.

Daughters are always the princess of your heart! They are the heart of a family. Thus, a special birthday wish and a stupendous cake are a must for them.

Often words become misleading. Lack of words may hurt the feelings of your daughters. Not to worry, beautiful heart-touching birthday quotes are easy to avail of now. Scroll your eyes down to get some mind-blowing birthday wishes for your bubbly daughters.


Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter:

1. Daughters are a blessing. Happy birthday, darling. Wish you a great future. I believe you would be a great person whom we nurture.

Happy birthday, daughter


2. Happy birthday my baby. Now, you are a grown-up lady. My blessings are always with you. You are our heartbeat, and that’s true.

Happy birthday, daughter


3. Girl, you have been at the core of our hearts. You are now 12 and just a year before your teenage years start. Happy birthday my amazing daughter. I wish you a great future and rise above.

Happy birthday, daughter


4. Happiest birthday to my sweet little daughter. The only thing you like is to chatter. You are starting a year in your life which is absolutely new. My blessings are always with you.

Happy birthday, daughter


5. Hey, my sweetheart. On this day, I got my life to give a new start. You are my lucky charm. Happy birthday to my little kid who still sleeps on my arm.

Happy birthday, daughter


6. Happy birthday, my munchkin. You have always driven our heart engine. All my best wishes to you for a fabulous life. You got a beautiful cake to cut with a knife.


7. Hey, my love. Happy birthday to my peaceful dove. My blessing is always with you. You are the lady of a beautiful heart, and that’s true.


8. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. You really have good conduct and merit. Wish you success in the future. You shall always have great gestures.


9. Wishing you a happy birthday, daughter. I’m always there with you to make you glad. Success and happiness shall always be on your way. Lots of love, that’s all I would say.


10. Happy birthday to the little lady of our life. Here’s a beautiful cake for you to cut with a knife. My blessings are always with you. You succeed in every way, that’s what I know.


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Birthday Wishes for Daughter:

1. A daughter is Angel’s way of saying, ‘I thought you could be a sweet little princess all your life long.’ Thank you for invading our life with joy and prosperity, and making it so happening.

Birthday Wishes for Daughters


2. You give me a thousand reasons to laugh out loud every single day. Happy Birthday to you, our beautiful princess, your gift is on its way!


3. A delightful Birthday to our baby princess. We’re so grateful to have you as you have always filled our lives with excess. This date we’ll never ever dare to forget!


4. May your new birthday this year brings tons of reasons to smile, there are endless opportunities waiting for you, you have to travel a mile. My girl, you were born to be a star! Happy Birthday dear, please stay near, don’t go too far.

Birthday Wishes for Daughters


5. You are loved for the cute little girl you were, for the kind and special woman you have grown into, and for the precious daughter, you will always be. Have a blast on your birthday, dear.


6. With each passing day, we feel more blessed to have you in our family. A daughter like you is found rarely. Celebrate your birthday to the fullest, and remember always that you are the best.


7. Finally, the year you start lying about your age has come. We promise we won’t reveal your secret to anybody, but to some. Happy Birthday, my girl, even though you are an adult now you will always be my little doll.

Birthday Wishes for Daughters


8. I smile, I laugh, I cry. Whatever I do, I do it only because of you. You are the eternity of my soul, like on a wet grass a drop of dew. A very warm birthday to my loving daughter, none will ever understand my love for you.


9. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in this universe. Daddy misses you a lot to express in a verse! Happy Birthday, sweetie-pie, you will always be the apple of my eye.


10. A girl stole my heart a decade back, she calls me daddy now and always traces my tracks. I still remember the first touch of you, it was all so fresh and new. Stay young and happy, remember I was the one who changed your nappy!


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Birthday Quotes for Daughter:

1. Birthdays are beautiful, and so is my little girl. Happy birthday to my princess. Stay strong like always! We’ve got your back, always and forever. We love you so much like no one else will ever.

Birthday Quotes for Daughter


2. If only I knew days would pass this fast, I would’ve still held you in my arms like the day you were born. Let this year be a wonderful one, let the time stop here, and never be gone!


3. Let this be a year filled with opportunities, love, success, and joy. Happy birthday, my little one, my cutest toy. If there’s anything mom and dad can do to see that smile on your face forever, there’s always a ‘YES’ and a “NO,” never!


4. Just like the day you were born I can still feel the excitement and happiness in my heart every time I see you. This is how much you mean to us that only be known by a few. Happy birthday to our beautiful daughter, you are the reason behind our laughter.

Birthday Quotes for Daughter


5. Too many more years of watching and admiring all your naughtiness, loving you more every day, creating tons of memories with you has become my way.


6. Every day when I see you grow, you make daddy and momma proud. You complete our lives, our little kid, even though you are a little soul you are profound. Happy birthday to our life. You mean the whole world to us.


7. Laughter is contagious, and so is your love. Keep showering love on people, my sweet little dove. Wishing you everything this year, many many happy returns of the day, daughter dear.

Birthday Quotes for Daughter


8. Seeing you grow, we can always remember how you held our hands for the first time. Let every birthday remind us that you will still hold our hands and be on our side like a very old rhyme. Happy birthday, princess, we hope you will love your new dress.


9. When candles blow, you know you grow. On every birthday, we wish you to stay happier than any other day. Knock-knock! It’s the present time, we will always be your partner in crime!


10. Like snow, you entered our lives. Like the moon, you stay. Wishing our source of happiness, a very happy birthday. If not you, it’s none. Have an amazing birthday, our little cupcake!


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Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes:

1. You are our priceless possession showered to us with the greatest of joy and happiness. As we are blessed to have you like our little princess. Happy birthday, dear, don’t fear anyone, when mom and dad are near!

Happy birthday daughter quotes


2. No matter how grown you are, you will always stay as our love, naughty, baby and always make our lives delightful forever. Happy birthday to our cute bundle of merriness. You are our precious gift, princess.


3. You came into this world like an angel and shine bright like those shiny stars in the sky that twinkles. Wish you a happy birthday may you continue to spread the radiance around you, every day.


4. You have never failed to make us proud in whatever you do. Wish you success in your every single venture because we know if there is any best that’s you. May you achieve success all the time. Happy birthday, sweetheart, I don’t know how much more can I rhyme!


5. Happy birthday to an amazingly talented and beautiful daughter in this whole world. You look like an angel when you swirl. Stay the same kind-hearted and loving soul as you are. There’s none like you, you will always be our dear!


Birthday Greetings For Daughter:

1. Birthdays are special, like you, you are a one in a crowd, and not like the one we knew. The day we held you in our arms, we know our bond will always be strong and firm. Thank you for being the best. Happy birthday our Lil girl, enjoy the day to the fullest.

Birthday greetings for daughter


2. The day you had your first steps, we couldn’t be happier. Here you are, walking past one year of all the love and happiness, and we couldn’t be merrier. It is unbelievable, yet the happiest day. You are ONE! Happy first birthday, champ!


3. If every day was filled with your sights, every day would be magical. Thank you for your presence in mom and dad’s lives, and for making it musical. Many more happy returns of the day, Lil cub! Sending you lots of kisses and hugs!


4. Adding another piece of cherry to your beautiful journey of ten wonderful years. Always be confident, and never fear! Wish you a very happy birthday dear daughter, let greetings find you in all happiness and laughter!


5. Happy birthday, little princess, you can sometimes be a big mess. However, to me, it is not tragic, because you are the only thing that has happened like magic. Every day, watching you smile and walk around makes mom and dad the proudest. Love you, kiddo, you are the best!


Birthday Messages For Daughter:

1. You are my beautiful daughter, my pride. Hope that you never lose your drive. May your birthday bring all that you wish for, wish you happiness, love, peace and more.

Birthday messages for daughter


2. Happy birthday, my baby girl. Remember all those times when you used to giggle and twirl? May God bless you lifelong with that childlike delight. Be like the eagle in flight.


3. Hey, my naughty prankster! This is the day when your twinkling eyes made me a father. May you be always blessed with that million-dollar smile as you walk all the miles.


4. I have been amazed to see the lady you are becoming day by day. May every happiness knock on your door, should you say. Wish you a very happy birthday, my daughter!

Birthday messages for daughter


5. Happiest birthday to our enchanting princess! While you blow out the birthday candles to wish on a dream, may happiness that you yearn for fill your heart to the brim.


6. Wishing my dearest Belle, a very happy birthday. May you relish on life like a delicious sundae. Never will any challenge make you sad. Always by your side, is your dad.


7. Dearest daughter, for it’s your birthday, feel free to ask for anything you may. Hope you rise the ladder of opportunity. For you are the best girl in the city.

Birthday messages for daughter


8. In this world of pandemonium, you have stood fast with a heart made of titanium. May you light up everything like the calming full moon. Happy birthday, daughter, you are a boon.


9. Today is the auspicious day that you were born, a daughter, wife, mother- whom everyone adores. Wishing a very happy birthday to my daughter dear. We wish you were near!


10. The little girl I used to hide my lipsticks from. Grew up into a strong, independent woman like her mom. Reach the zenith, you may. Wish you a very happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for Daughter with Images:

1. May you wake up this morning with a bright smile on your face. Wish you a very happy birthday, my jolly little girl. Hope you succeed in every race.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter with Images


2. Happy birthday, my sunflower, may every storm pass you by, like a little shower. Without you, we are all poor. Every hurdle will surely open you a brand-new door. Happy birthday to the daughter dear, always remains this sweet-and-sour!


3. Today is your day, little Einstein. Aww, you are all grown up and ready to shine! May you achieve great heights, my dear daughter. I really do miss your hearty laughter.


4. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my daughter sweet, may every opportunity fall in your lap, like a birthday treat. Have great fun with your friends, never let the life’s party end.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter with Images


5. Happy birthday, my darling daughter dear. Don’t let the grey hair bring you fear! For these are the years to reap the harvest. As you have already passed through the year’s darkest.


6. Wish you a happy birthday, my tough tomboy. Hope the gift about to reach you, brings you great joy. As your friend, philosopher, guide, I wish that you achieve great stride.


7. A very happy birthday to my sweetest athlete, may every challenge kneel down at your feet. I hope that you score every goal as you have the kindest, purest soul.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter with Images


8. It being your birthday, the day feels happier. May God bless you with peace, prosperity and a successful career. Hope that you shine in the limelight, gleefully with a smile bright.


9. Daughters are the sunshine of every household. You are such a daughter with a heart of gold. Wishing you a happy birthday, my dear. May you be blessed forever, every year.


10. Freshly baked cake awaits you, my dear girl. Wish you a very happy birthday, our enchanting-priced pearl. Hope to see you soon. You have been such a boon!


Birthday Wishes For My Beautiful Daughter:

1. From the day you smiled looking at us, we knew something was re-born in our lives. All that we wanted, all that we needed, without any fuss, we had EVERYTHING in front of us. Thank you for being sweet, Lil love. Wishing you all happiness and joy in your life, on this beautiful day!

Birthday wishes for my beautiful daughter


2. Like a beautiful flower, you came into our lives. You sprayed magic and fragrance throughout our lives. We are as lucky as happy you are. Many more happy returns of the day, my beautiful kiddo, you will always be our dear!


3. Thank you for being yourself all these years. You have no idea how much mom and dad are blessed to have you, and with them around you, you have nothing to fear. Happy birthday, Lil baby. Wishing you a lifetime of courage, happiness, and chocolates for a birthday that’s chocolaty.


4. It’s birth-day for the Lil cutie! All your naughtiness, cute winks, and magical smiles have become our favorite things to watch, silently. You are still a little one, like you are on the day one! We will be there for you, even when everyone is gone!


5. Magical fairy tales are fiction, people say. Little did they know we had our own magical home, with our princess with us every day. Happy birthday, my angel, hope you have true friends, and is lone and single.


Inspirational Birthday Wishes For Daughter:

1. The day you were born, we knew you were going to be a strong girl. Happy birthday to the boldest, and the strong person, who thinks she is the best!

Inspirational birthday wishes for daughter


2. Each day, you make us proud. You truly are a lioness, without any doubt. Looking forward to many years of happy events in your life and proud moments in ours. Happy birthday, little angel, enjoy your life each hour!


3. As far as I remember, you only gave us reasons to admire, and smile. If there’s anything we could do to make you smile forever, we would travel a thousand miles. Many happy returns of the day, Lil princess! You are the reason for all our happiness.


4. The day you entered our lives dear, we knew something was going to change forever. Yes! You added more joy and color. Stay happy kiddo, sending you a bouquet of flowers!


5. Watching you grow, we realized that sometimes we have to take life a bit slow. We are the happiest, luckiest, most gifted parents. Thank you for every amazing minute filled with laughter and no lament. Always remember, whatever happens, mom and dad is there, they will never leave you alone, ever!


Daughters are the smile and laughter of the home. House becomes home with the presence of this little lady. Treating them like a princess on their day is challenging. Playing words on this day has become essential. Honestly, this is the most confusing situation. Hopefully, you have found some heart-touching Happy Birthday daughter wishes to make her feel special.