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20 Sweet Birthday Wishes For Daughter from Mom

Birthday wishes for a daughter from a mom are the perfect way to show your child how much they mean to you. Daughters are the jolliest and kindest on the planet and as parents, we just can’t get enough of their beautiful selves. The best way you can make them feel loved is through words. Talk to your daughters, send them a text, an email or you can even leave a note of sweet, heartfelt words for them. Down below, we have got some of the loveliest quotes and birthday wishes you can send to your daughter. Find one that you like and go make your child’s day!


Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

1. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. You have made my life prettier and I can’t wait to make this birthday and all the others ahead even prettier for you.



2. Today I would like to wish my beautiful daughter the happiest of birthdays. I pray to God that he bestows all his blessings and love on you for you deserve it all, love. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom


3. To my dear daughter, wish I could ever sum up how much you mean to me but I don’t think that is something I could ever sum up in mere words. Happy birthday, I love you.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom


4. Happy birthday to my kind and lovely daughter. I might be the mother in this equation but every day I wake up to learn so much from you for you are the wisest child.


5. Happy birthday to the one person in my life who manages to put a smile on my face whenever I get down. I pray to God to keep you around forever, I love you.


6. Happy birthday to my daughter. I can’t wait to have tons of more mommy-daughter days with you for I am the happiest when I am with you.


7. Today, on your birthday, as I look back I can’t help getting teary-eyed remembering the tiny baby I brought home from the hospital. You will always be my baby, no matter how old you get. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom


8. Happy birthday, baby. Watching you blossom into the gorgeous and kind young woman you are has been an extremely bittersweet time of my life. I hope you have a great day.


9. Happy birthday to the apple of my eye. I wish that you have the best day ever. Let’s celebrate and make tons of memories together!


10. Every time I think of our times together, I am stunned at how quickly you are growing up. I plan on making tons of more memories with you, starting from today! Let’s go and party. Happy birthday, baby.


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Birthday Message for Daughter from Mother

1. To my lovely daughter, I hope you have the greatest day ever. Go out and have the time of your life for this is the time to celebrate, I love you, happy birthday!



2. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my gorgeous daughter. I just know you are going to do so many great things in life! Mommy is very proud of you.


3. Happy birthday to the one person that has the literal embodiment of a shining star in my life. May your day be filled with love and happiness.


4. Happy birthday to a gem of a person. It is a privilege for me to watch you blossom into the beautiful woman that you are. I hope you have a wonderful time.

Birthday Message for Daughter from Mother


5. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. You are the most precious possession and I can’t wait to make thousands of new memories with you.


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Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom 

6. Happy birthday to my daughter. You may think you are too cool for your old mom but you should know that you’ll never be as cool as me!



7. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter! Go out and celebrate, I hope you have the time of your life. But, don’t have too much fun without me!


8. Happy birthday my daughter! Keep smiling, one day all of those beautiful teeth are going to fall out, so enjoy while you can!


9. Happy birthday, love. I love you even when you forget to shower for days and days, which is often! I hope you have the sweetest of times today and forever.



10. Happy birthday my dear daughter! I wish I could rewind and go back a few birthdays when you were running around in your nappies, pooping everywhere!