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90+ Top Happy Birthday Wishes And Greetings

Happy Birthday Wishes And Messages: Birthday is a day that we celebrate with utmost joy even when we’re not the one having one. If you wish to reflect your joy in words then these birthday greetings are the ones you should go with.

Whether you wish to give blessings or pieces of advice or simply want to greet but in less boring and cringy ways then you’ve come to the right place. 

These are non-traditional and unique birthday greetings as you can’t make a person feel special with old and conventional greetings. Find the one that speaks to you and holds the potential to do the same to the person who’s having a birthday.


Happy Birthday Wishes And Messages


Unique Collection of Happy Birthday Wishes:

1. Today, I want you to take a moment and see the long trail you’ve walked on. I want you to pause for a while and see how far you’ve come. Happy birthday.


2. Today is the day to update your version. Each dawn is a blessing and as today is your birthday, showcase the gratitude a little extra today. Happy birthday.


3. As you read this, a jar of joy has been made for you. A bundle of surprises has been packed for you. As today is your day, an envelope of wishes is granted. Happy birthday.


4. To have your birthday today is to have a personalized day; a day that’s on the calendar to make you realize how precious you’re! Celebrate it with utmost delight, happy birthday.


5. Let today be a reminder of good days lie ahead, that always there will be a beacon of hope to hold on to, and that the days on which you can shine, lie ahead. Happy birthday.


6. Let gratitude fill your heart with love today, the love for the people around you, yourself, and life. Let the love be in charge of you, let it be your guide this year. Happy birthday.


7. Don’t let today be an average day. Don’t let boredom and laziness stop you from having a savage day. Happy birthday.


8. Today is wrapped with love by the divine to deliver it to you. As you start your day, don’t forget to appreciate this beautiful present you’ve been given as it’s extra special today. Happy birthday.


9. The blooming daisies grinned as the sun glanced on the field. May your heart beam as the divine shed a light on your day. Happy birthday.


10. Smile at strangers. Stop by to smell the roses. Do every little thing to find glimpses of joy today as I wish to see you grin like a Cheshire cat this whole year. Happy birthday.


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Collection of Best Happy Birthday Quotes:

1. It isn’t the countdown clock to make you fear. It’s to provide you a period to celebrate life to the fullest as you don’t otherwise. Birthdays are to celebrate life and yourself. Happy birthday.


2. Eat that three-layer cake with no guilt and open the presents with no patience. Let the kid in you be at play today to keep him/her alive for the years to come. Happy birthday.


3. Like you see the clouds float by when you’re on the heels of a mountain, take a moment and see the years that have been gone by as you’re at another milestone. Happy birthday.


4. May the light within you keep you warm on cold days. May the divine love wraps you in its arms on lonely days. May you treasure every day and not only today. Happy birthday.


5. Birthdays are to let the people around you remind you how special you’re and how much your presence means to them! Let them appreciate you today. Happy birthday.


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Best Happy Birthday Wishes :

1. May you smile bright and achieve all your goals this year. Stay Happy! Sending warmest wishes your way on your Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes And Greetings


2. Happy birthday to you. May you have everything that you have ever dreamt of having. Have a blast!

Happy Birthday Wishes


3. You have turned [add number] this year, which means [add number] years of pure joy in our life. Happy Birthday, love!


4. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and wise woman I have ever met. You are truly what we call beauty with brains.


5. With each passing year, you are turning more graceful and elegant. Have an amazing birthday this year.


6. Hope your birthday is as awesome as yours. Heartiest birthday wishes to the most wonderful man I have ever met.


7. I hope you get everything that you wish for when you blow the candles tonight. Happy birthday to you!


8. May your smile be as bright as the sun and as sparkly as the stars in the sky. Happiest birthday!


9. We might be afar, but you are in my heart every passing moment. I wish you have the best birthday, today and every year.


10. Wishing you more years of happiness, laughter, and success to you. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear.


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Unique Birthday Greetings:

1. I am blessed to have a friend who is always there when I need a shoulder to lean on. Have a wonderful birthday, my friend!

Unique Birthday Greetings


2. Watching you grow is pure bliss. You are the light of our life and the reason we smile bright every day. Happy birthday.


3. Happy birthday to the person who is always the life of the party. Today is your day so, have a blast!


4. My life is filled with countless beautiful memories because of you. May you have the best birthday ever.


5. May your birthday celebrations are as sweet as the cake you cut tonight. Happy birthday to you.


6. Warmest wishes to the guy who spends most of his time helping others and listening to people when they need someone the most. Have a wonderful birthday!

Birthday Wishes And Messages


7. May God let this day be filled with laughter, sweet memories, and the warmest of hugs. I wish you an awesome birthday!


8. A special girl like you deserves nothing but the most special blessings on your birthday. May your biggest wish come true this year.


9. I hope all your worries fade away and are replaced by genuine laughter. Wishing you a fabulous birthday ahead!


10. Have lots of cake and laugh out loud because it’s your special day, buddy. Happy birthday to my best pal.


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Happy Birthday Greetings:

Birthdays are such important events. Yet, most of us stumble at what to say when you wish someone a warm birthday. But you won’t draw a blank anymore. Here are some amazing happy birthday greetings to help you wish your near and dear ones and to let them know that they mean something special to you.

It’s your birthday and I guess the best I can wish for you is unlimited happiness and good health. I hope you prosper and find success.



You are that one person who has always been with me no matter how hard the road of life became. So, happy birthday to the most amazing person I know.


I am so thrilled to wish you on your special day and so happy that I can be with you on this lucky day. Your birthday is a gift to all of us. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to this most charming and sweetest person I know, who has been there for everybody. I hope your birthday is a blast.


We have been friends since we were kids and I am so glad that I could be there for you on each of your birthdays. This birthday too is a special day. Happy birthday, my friend.


Happy Birthday to my favorite person in this world. It was only yesterday that we met and now we are fast friends. Thank you for being such an amazing person.



A person like you is more priceless than anything in this world. I hope on this birthday of yours, you find your strength, your kindness, and your thoughtfulness direct you towards a bright future.


Happy Birthday, my friend. Having you around has always brought a smile to my face. I hope I am able to return all those smiles today on your special day.


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Let this birthday of yours be a day of happiness and celebration. I wish you an awesome and fabulous birthday, my dear friend.


You have been my closest friend. You understand me when no one else can. Thank you for being such a good friend and a very happy birthday to you.


It’s your birthday which means now you can just look into the new future and forget the past. The best things in your life are yet to come. For now, let’s just celebrate this beautiful day.


Happy birthday to my amazing friend. I hope your birthday covers your life with laughter and love. I hope life fulfills all your birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes And Messages


On this birthday, may the love, kindness, compassion, and happiness that you spread around you be returned to you ten folds. Happy birthday.


I wish you the happiest birthday and a lifetime of prosperity and joy. You are an amazing person and deserve every kind of happiness in this world.


Happy birthday to you. all I have to say is that you are very special to me and your birthday is a blessing to me. Lots of love from my side.


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Special Birthday Wishes And Messages:


I hope your birthday is fun and joyous. On your birthday I wish you enjoy everything you crave for and I hope you receive all the love you deserve.



Life is a journey and each mile is marked by our birthdays. I hope your birthday becomes a beautiful mark for a new journey ahead.


This is your special day and you need to enjoy every bit of it. I wish you the best of luck and I hope your life is packed with happiness and blessings.


Happy Birthday, Dear. I want your birthday to be loudly celebrated for the world to know how special you are. I hope your inner and outer beauty keeps shining forever.


It’s an honor to have a wonderful person like you become my friend. Happy birthday to you. I hope you get to cherish everything you wish for.


My dear friend, you are the strength that has helped me grow against all odds. You have filled my life with happiness and I hope I can do the same for you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday quotes


Today is a very special day because today is your birthday. You are the best person I know who keeps everyone happy. I hope I get to learn more from you.


No matter how old we grow up to be, I will never stop celebrating your birthday the way we used to when we were kids. Happy birthday, my lovely friend.


Happy birthday. Blow your candles and wish for everything you want. I am sure there are angels listening to pretty fairies like you.


Happy birthday to my beautiful friend. I hope this is a great beginning to an even better year. I can’t wait to watch happiness unfold for you.


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Happy Birthday Wishes SMS:


Happy birthday. Celebrate your birthday and wish for everything you want. Just remember, just because you are a year older, does not mean that you need to grow up.



I can think of so many ways to wish you on your birthday. But first, I want you to know that you are special, you are beautiful and you are amazing.


Birthdays mean that you are getting wiser and richer with age. I still hope that the child in you never goes away. Happy birthday.


I hope the brightest joys you seek to light up your life. I hope your birthday takes you closer to your dreams turning true. Happy birthday.


I have learned to live a simple life with you. I have learned to enjoy little things. Here are a warm happy birthday wish and a thank you note for all these meaningful things you taught me.


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Happy Birthday Messages:

Here are some ideas for wonderful happy birthday messages. Finding the perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday can be difficult. Each birthday is a milestone so unique that it deserves a big celebration. No matter how many times they come across, it should always be faced cheerfully and fearlessly.


1. My wish on your birthday is that may you always be happy and healthy today, tomorrow, and all the days to come in the future.

happy birthday messages


2. Have a wonderful birthday, as wonderful as you are. May this day bless you with a new opportunity and wealth.

birthday quotes


3. Remember that you are loved and valued. Your special day is as important to us it is for you. We are so glad to have you in our life. Happy birthday.


4. Happy birthday to the most charming person I have ever know. May your spark and charm never dim, and may you always find happiness.


5. A friend like you is so rare to find these days. You taught me the true meaning of friendship, and I’m so thankful for you. Happy birthday.

happy birthday message for friend


6. You bring joy to people around you, and we are so grateful to have you in our life. May your day be filled with smiles and celebration. Happy birthday.


7. To someone who became a major part of our life without our knowledge, we wish you have the best celebration ever. Happy birthday.


8. Happy birthday! I wish you a life full of happiness and good health. May your day be unforgettable, and may all your birthday wishes come true.

happy birthday quotes


9. For your birthday, I wish you would see how important and perfect you are to me. You are a rare one. Happy birthday!


10. As another year passed by, I hope your grey hairs are also increasing in number. I can not wait to see you old. Happy birthday!


11. It’s an honor to wish you on your birthday. You are my inspiration, and I will always look up to you. Happy birthday!

happy birthday messages


12. I hope you forgot to buy candles this year. All those candles can not fit in such a small cake. Happy birthday.


13. Let’s take a moment to appreciate one of god’s most amazing creatures who blessed our life by simply being a part of it. Happy birthday.


14. Birthday comes and goes, but a friend like you comes once in a lifetime. I’m so glad that it’s your birthday today. I wish you all the happiness.

happy birthday wishes and quotes


15. With each passing year, you have grown to be wiser than before. Happy birthday to the wisest person I have ever known.


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Birthday Messages for F&F

16. I wish that whatever you wish while you blow out the birthday candle on your birthday cake comes true. May you choose your wish wiser. Happy birthday.birthday message


17. There is joy in the air as it is the most awaited day of the year. It’s finally your birthday, and I had been looking up to this day for a long time.


18. Thank you for always being there and bring happiness on my way when I almost forgot what happiness felt like. You are the best. Happy 21st birthday.


19. Another wonderful year has passed, and it’s your birthday again. We had such a blast last year, and I hope you have another amazing birthday celebration.

happy birthday message


20. I’m so tired of finding the perfect wish for your birthday. I hope you know you are so important to me and your birthday means a lot to me. Happy birthday.


21. Birthday brings a lot of wishes and presents. I hope this 3rd birthday brings you to love so true that everyone wishes they had a love story like yours.


22. The one day in a year where everyone seems to be so grateful for your existence is finally here. Happy birthday!

happy birthday greeting messages


23. Sending you a special long and tight hug on your birthday and lots of love. I’m so excited about your birthday celebration.


24. You may have aged a year older today, but you are always a child by your heart. You bring so much joy to everyone’s life. Happy 10th birthday.


25. May this milestone bring another year of a fantastic family, friends, and life. May the adventure of life never stop. Happy birthday.

birthday messages