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56 Exclusive Birthday Wishes for Wife To Impress Her

You can’t commit a crime by not wishing your gorgeous wife her birthday with astounding birthday wishes. By providing you with these birthday wishes for wife, we won’t certainly let you do that.

These birthday wishes are filled with love that you can shower your wife with. To assure her of your love with the words of affirmation is something you have to do on her birthday.

Put a greeting card with these wishes where your trail of roses ends. Or simply affirm your love by saying any of these wishes you feel drawn to, while on a dinner date. It’s her special day and these wishes will help you make her feel special, too.


Unique Birthday Wishes For Your Wife:

1. I look at you and think, what could I’ve done without you! Thank you for simply existing and being in my life. Happy birthday, love.


2. You already have my heart and you can always treasure it with love. I’ll never let you run out of love. Not only today but each day, I’ll treat you the best. Happy birthday, honey.


3. You’re the rhythm that my heart beats with. The waves of the storm pass by me easily when I have a constant like you in my life to rely on. Happiest birthday, love.


4. Like a fine wine, you’re growing. Like the blooming daisies, you’re growing. Like a shed of moonlight on the lake, you’re glowing. Honey, you’re aging gracefully. Happiest birthday.


5. To my wife who has held the pieces of me together when I couldn’t, who has shown me the light in the darkest of times, whom I own the love of a lifetime, happy birthday.


6. You make me the happiest and I keep you the sanest. The love that keeps insanity and sorrow away is the love of many lifetimes. Cheers to our undying love and your birthday. Happy birthday.


7. Happy birthday, honey. In this vast universe, I find it a blessing to have you by my side and share my tiny, insignificant period of life on this planet with you.


8. To my stunningly gorgeous and chucklesome wife, happy birthday. In a population of millions, no one could have become my best companion.


9. If you wish to rock the world with shoes, I’ll get you jimmy choo. If you wish to shine, I’ll get you diamonds. Do you wish to be happy? I’ll love you forever. Happy birthday.


10. As long as you are walking beside me, I can’t go astray. As long as you’re with me, life cannot go out of sync. Happy birthday to the woman I cannot take a step without.


Unique Birthday Text for wife:

11. Let me take you to a deserted island to recharge you. Let me pour your heart with love to refill your soul. Let me do everything to make you feel your best. Happy birthday.


12. Happiest birthday, love. I fall for your every trick and so for your pretty eyes every day. I look at you and think how can I fall for you every day!


13. Happiest birthday, honey. Under the vastness of the sky, when you’re beside me, gazing at the stars, I feel myself. I feel whole. Thank you for being the companion I didn’t imagine having.


14. Leaves whirl in the eddies of wind and time changes 

yet neither my love for you nor your heart changes. 

Neither your beauty nor your charm fades. 

Happy birthday to the prettiest woman I know.


15. To the woman who is as caring as she was before we got married, happiest birthday. To my wife who doesn’t age, cheers.


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Happy Birthday Wife

1. I’ve everything sorted. Even the mess that our relationship was a few days back. All I need is a little support from you. Stay with me and I’ll make sure that my wife has the best birthday ever.

Happy Birthday Wife


2. Wish you were a birthday cake, at least then you’d be ready for the party in five minutes. Happy Birthday, wife. Don’t make me wait longer now.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife


3. Your big day awaits you to rule it like the queen you are. Happy Birthday, dear wife.


4. Let’s take a moment to be together and remember the first time we celebrated your big day. You haven’t changed much and I’d like it to stay this way. So, happy birthday, wife dearest!


5. I’ve got two habits. One of them is bad and the other one is good. The one that’s good is being around you to love you and I’m going to follow this habit on your birthday religiously. Happy Birthday, wife. I love you!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Wife


6. I know you asked for a baby but that’d take time so I got you a puppy to make your birthday a bit better. Happy Birthday, wife. Welcome the new life!


7. You’re the word that makes my every poem rhyme and I want you to stay for I’ve got a lot of unrhymed poems. So, I wish you a happy birthday, wifey. I love you more than you can imagine.


8. An awkward poem. An unusual gift. A piece of cake and a simple dress. This is what I could do best to celebrate the birthday of my wife dearest!

Happy Birthday Wife


9. Enough has been said and written on how glorious the stars look in the night,

But none of them can outshine you, my love

For it’s your birthday, dear wife and you shine brighter than bright.


10. I had written a long text to send you at 12

But I backspaced all of it

Not because I didn’t want you to read it

But because I didn’t want you to waste a single moment of your birthday

So, happy birthday, wife…

I hope the new city is treating you well.


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Birthday Wishes for Wife

11. There are so many things I could’ve done for your birthday. But I chose the simplest. Because they were less time-consuming and allowed me to spend more time with the person, I love the most!

Birthday Wishes for Wife


12. Don’t get me wrong, but your birthday shouldn’t be celebrated. Because it isn’t your birthday that makes you special. It is because of you that this day gets to be special.


13. Love is anything but the feeling I get when you are not around. Let’s save a day for ourselves from the busy lives we are living. Let’s make your birthday truly a happy one!


14. Everything is temporary, but as long as I’m around, I’ll make sure you feel the permanence of the love I have for you. Happy Birthday, dear.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife


15. Some old songs playing and my lap to place your head on to rest for a while. Is there a better way to cherish a special day like your birthday?


16. In our relationship, we have seen it all. The rise and the fall. Let’s make today a day to rise again and never fall. I wish you a happy birthday and I wish us a better relationship from now on.

Birthday Wishes for Wife


17. You’re the best wife one could ask for but never have. Because I already have you and I’ll not let anything take you away from me. Happy Birthday, my love, may we have a life worth living.


18. Remember the time I mocked you for your music taste. Well, today, you get to play your favorites at the party and I won’t be around to make fun of them. So have fun at the party I arranged for you tonight! Love you!


19. Your father chose the best for you and to me, your birthday is an excellent chance to prove how right he was when he picked me for you. Meet me on the terrace. Happy Birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for Wife


20. I never wanted an arranged marriage, but here we are. Five months later, I think you’re the best person to spend five decades with. On your birthday, I want to tell you how important you’ve become to me and how much I love you!


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Birthday Quotes for Wife

21. I can’t believe you’re still around because I’ve made enough mistakes to make you leave. But today’s the day I reward you. I’m going to make your birthday a memorable one!

Birthday Quotes for Wife


22. I don’t know what you’d have liked as a gift so I bought half the shop for Lady of my life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Now choose the best gift for yourself like you chose the best guy.


23. Material may not last forever. But the feelings I have for you sure as hell would. Happy Birthday, love and may you live longer than you think.


24. We are simple people who find happiness in the simple stuff. I’ve found my happiness in you. And I want you to know on your birthday that there’s nothing that I hold more important than you. I love you, wifey!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Wife


25. I put extra chocolate syrup on the pancakes because you like them this way more, should I put some of that on myself too? What? I just want to be more likable to you. Just kidding! Happy Birthday, lovely!


26. You give me the same feel that winds of September evenings used to give me and I want to return some of those feels to you on your big day. Happy Birthday, my love!


27. I want to spend time on your birthday in such a way that when I would get nostalgic about it, I’d remember only the good things about it and each second of that time would have you as a part of it just like my life. I love you!

Birthday Quotes for Wife


28. There are so many songs that I could sing for you on your birthday but I would sing the one you hate the most because I would like to know whether my voice has the power to sound likable to you.


29. I haven’t done much for you but it’s time I change that and what better day could there be than your birthday to begin this pleasant change.


30. You’ve saved more days than Superman ever has for me. And it’s my turn to save you for your birthday. Happy Birthday, love!


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Birthday Messages for Wife

31. I know you’ve got plenty of messages to reply to on your birthday but none of them is as special as mine because none of them can truly tell you how much I love you and care for you! Happy Birthday, dear!

Birthday Messages for Wife


32. It’s the third time I am trying to send you some cute little romantic birthday text, but I just can’t find the right words, but hang on, because I eventually will. Just like I found you!


33. Of all the days in the calendar, this one holds a lot of importance to me, because today I get to be softer with you without you minding the change in my behavior. So, happy birthday, my dear!


34. Let’s recreate our first date on your 36th birthday. I know the gown you wore then wouldn’t probably fit you now, so I bought you a new one. Get ready and meet me outside.

Happy Birthday Messages for Wife


35. Life became a lot happier when you became a part of it. Happy birthday to you my dear wife. Don’t think I don’t love you for you’re the only person I’d love till the end of time.


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Happy Birthday to My Wife

36. I don’t want you to think that I’m all mushy and stuff, but I have to tell you that you’re the closest person to a soulmate I could ever have. I love you and I wish a very happy birthday to my wife!

Happy Birthday to My Wife


37. This night and the day following it belongs to you as much as I do. Happy Birthday to you, my wife!


38. You’re all about simplicity and it’s rare. To celebrate your rarity, even God decided to make your birthday happen on a leap day. Happy “seventh” birthday dear wife!


39. To make you laugh every day is an achievement I love to unlock but your birthday makes me want to get more creative with my jokes. So, I wish the second funniest person in our house a happy birthday. First being our dog of course.

Happy Birthday to My Lovely Wife


40. Your birthday would come to an end but the surprises I have planned for you never would. Happy Birthday once again, my wife dear!


41. Both of us have spent a fair share of problems in this marriage and on your birthday, I want to mend things. I have got a gift ready for you in the other room and I want a second chance from you as a return gift. So, let’s make this birthday a happy one together!