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70+ Exclusive Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son: It is natural to get excited and emotional at the same time on your son’s birthday, while you are processing your emotions; have a look at these heartfelt birthday wishes for your son that have already done the work of putting your feelings into words. The only work that is left for you is to share them.

Below mentioned wishes will not only bring a winsome smile to your son’s face but will provide you with the utmost satisfaction. You will never regret choosing to go with these wishes.  Because these wishes hold an essence of genuineness and love, your son will surely be able to receive the same emotions you intend to portray.


 Happy Birthday Son:

1. Wishing you a very happy birthday son and a year ahead that brings in the opportunities for you to use your boundless potential.

 Happy birthday son   10


2. God has already blessed us by giving us such a talented child like you and now all I pray to him is keeping you safe and blessed. Happiest birthday to a wonderful son.

 Happy birthday son   10


3. On this day, each year, I wish to see you evolving into the best version of yourself, I pray to see you the happiest, and  I always hope the best for you, Happy birthday son.

 Happy birthday son   10


4. My wishes are always with you to help you find the best routes that lead you to your dream destinations; may you keep moving a step forward to your dreams, a very happy birthday.

 Happy birthday son   10


5. Wishing you a day filled with laughter and surprises and a year ahead with happiness and excitement and everything that you desire; happy birthday son.

 Happy birthday son   10


6. By simply being, you become a source of my courage and happiness. I hope one day you can see the wonder I see in you. Wishing you a fun day; happy birthday son.


7. To see you growing and evolving is one of the greatest pleasures we can have; to have you as our son is our biggest treasure. The gem of our hearts, happiest birthday!


8. With each year passing by, you make us so proud by being kind-hearted and grounded. With each birthday of yours, we know that you are turning into a better human being. Happy birthday, son.

 Happy birthday son   10


9. Wishing you the happiest birthday, Son. I hope you always find the courage to blossom like a wildflower no matter where life takes you. I wish you always choose to blossom no matter the place.


10. By closing one chapter, now you are beginning another. I wish life provides you with the instances that help you write the best one. Have a day that you never forget, happy birthday, son.


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Happy Birthday My Son:

1. Happy birthday my son. I wish you become the magnet for all the blessings that you will be grateful for. I hope you get to experience the best instances that you will always cherish.

Happy birthday my son  5


2. May the Lord guide you to the path of your highest good. May you reap the rewards for all the work you do. I wish nothing but the best for you, happy birthday my son.


3. Wishing you the happiest birthday my son. I wish you receive gifts and surprises the whole year and not only today; because you should always be reminded how special you are!


4. Happy birthday my son. The journey of your learning and growing has been beautiful and it still gets better and better. Cheers to the years of growing. Keep becoming the best version of yourself.


5. I wish you never feel a lack of anything but if you ever do, hopefully, the resources find their way to you. Have a content day and a fulfilling year ahead. Happy birthday my son.


Birthday Wishes For Son:

1. Like your exam score, I wish you always stay in high spirit. Welcome life with open arms and live life with an open heart. Wishing you the happiest birthday, have the best day and year.

Birthday wishes for son   10


2. No matter what life throws at you, ride your way with no fear and full pace. Lock in my words, let them remind you of your strength when needed. To my brave son, happy birthday!


3. Happiest birthday to my son. Be this birthday be the day when you find yourself living the moments that you will always cherish and surrounded by the people who want to see you succeed.


4. Let nothing but positivity surround you, let happiness finds the gateway to you; I wish you let nothing but the best come to you. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for son   10


5. Son, wishing you the happiest birthday. May God provide you the answers you are seeking, resources you are searching and everything that you are desiring.


6. I wish today you find yourself looking ravishing, feeling content, and doing your best. And may for the year coming, every area of your life gets flourished. I wish you the happiest birthday.


7. Happiest birthday, son. May you never lack reasons to laugh out loud. May you always find people around you who will never let the smile on you fade.

Birthday wishes for son   10


8. Happiest birthday, son. I wish you the year ahead filled with all mental clarity and physical energy that you might need to attain your goals. Seize the day and the year ahead.


9. Blur everything that does not match your vibe, delete everything that no longer serves you, and stay hyper-focused on what makes you feel good this year. Happy birthday my son.


10. Happy birthday, son. May you laugh so hard that your cheeks hurt, may you feel so content that you feel overwhelmed with joy. May everything that is best for you happen to you.


Birthday Quotes for son:

1. Happy birthday, son! I wish the way we surprise you today, life surprises you the year ahead with amusing gifts. Have an astonishing birthday.

Birthday quotes for son  10


2. We all want you to stay happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest for the days to come, and we wish you all that you need to do so and be the best you can be. Happiest birthday!


3. Son, you make us proud because of the way you handle yourself. We hope that you become successful in doing things that will make you proud of yourself! A very happy birthday!


4. Let today the infinite cycle of joy and abundance begin for you. May you find yourself in the places where you feel happiest. I wish you the happiest birthday son, have the most fulfilling one.

Birthday quotes for son  10


5. Happiest birthday son. Today, I wish you always find love and care around you to keep you warm no matter what!


6. Every year, today we get to celebrate you, we get a chance to celebrate the reason we are this happy! Your birthday is so meaningful to us! Happy birthday, son.


7. You are a wonderful child, and I am so sure that because of the dignity you hold, you will be wonderful in each role you get to play, Happiest birthday to my sensible son.

Birthday quotes for son  10


8. Son, we were the happiest when you were born. Today we feel proudest when you are out in the world succeeding. Happy birthday to our incredible son, keep on climbing the ladder of success.


9. Seeing the virtues you hold, you surely will know how to juggle everything that life throws at you. Keep on winning the battles life puts you in, happy birthday to my sturdy son.


10. In our most down moments, you have been our hope and happiness. For God has given you as a gift, we find such a great pleasure in celebrating you on your day. Happy birthday, son.


Happy Birthday, Son Quotes:

1. Shine like the glittering stars in the sky because you are no less wonder than them, and never stop being you, keep on shining, happiest birthday, son.

Happy birthday son quotes   5


2. The emotions that overwhelmed my heart the day you were born always resurface on each of your birthdays. I never stopped loving you any less since then! Happy birthday, son.


3. I want you to walk on this route of life without fearing any barriers. Overcome them with grace and courage. I know you will, you are my son, after all! Happiest birthday to my champ.


4. If I could put all the eggs of my happiness in your basket, I would, because seeing you happy would be enough to make me happy. To my precious son, happiest birthday!


5. Burry all the worries and fear and walk on the lighter feet, you can then levitate to the wonders you wish to! Wishing you the happiest birthday. Hoping the best for you as always.


Heart-touching Birthday Quotes For Son:

1. Happiest birthday, son. May you always be protected by God. May the people around you always comfort you by their presence and make you feel loved by their actions. Hope you may never forget your value.

Heart touching birthday quotes for son   5


2. Happy birthday, my son. For us, you are the sun. Your presence lights up not only our home but our souls. Keep on shining for you are the source of our joy.


3. Happiest birthday, son. Till the moment we are alive, we will protect you from everything possible. We will not let anything destroy you mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. When we can’t, we’ll ask God to.


4. We wish you a birthday filled with memorable moments and gifts. We wish you a day filled with joy, laughter, and pleasant surprises; everything that is of the highest good. Happiest birthday, son.


5. Happiest birthday, son. We pray that you let your inner wisdom guide you, which makes you bypass all the roadblocks and the journey ahead of you gets smooth, for we can’t witness you struggling.


Birthday Message For Son:

1. With all the pleasant gifts and surprises, we want you to have the best welfare of all time. Happiest birthday!

Birthday message for son   5


2. We wish you all the luck that a horseshoe brings, that a sailor has; all the good luck is on your way to help you get the best of the year ahead. We wish you the happiest birthday, son.


3. You are a ray of light that not only illuminates our home but our hearts. We always wish to see you as bright as the sun is! Happy birthday, son!


4. A pure-hearted, wise and kind soul like you deserves everything best in life. So we wish that may you receive everything that you deserve and desire, son, happiest birthday.


5. While you are leaping forward, we will always be there to hold you if you fall. Without worrying about downfalls, aim for the sky, we’re always here to help you. Happiest birthday, son.


Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son:

1. For all the sanity you have, I am assured that God will never miss out on showering his blessings on you. Happy birthday, son!

Blessing birthday wishes for son   5


2. Son, I know today, tomorrow, and forever you will stay blessed because I also know that God will always listen to my endless prayers for you. Happy birthday!


3. May you hold on to all the excitement and hold off all the blues, for I want to see you living your best life with a smile on your face. Happy birthday, son.


4. May you get blessed so much that you travel to the places you want to, that you do everything you ever desired of doing, son, happy birthday! hope your every wish is fulfilled.


5. May God bless you with all the answers and resolutions you are looking for. Happy birthday, son, I wish you get all the clarity you seek.


Best Birthday wishes for son:

1. For the years to come, May God bless you with a healthy mind, body, and spirit, happy birthday son, have the finest day.

Blessing birthday wishes for son   5


2. Happy birthday, son, may God bless you with the healthiest body and wealthiest mindset. May you stay blessed with improved well-being.


3. May today you celebrate your day hardest and for years to come, your life to the fullest. Happy birthday, son, get the best of everything.


4. May your plate always have a piece of delicious, fresh cheesecake and your glass full of fine wine. Jokes apart, may you always stay blessed with good food and loving people. Happy birthday, son.


5. Happy birthday, son. Life is a roller coaster and it never stops turning, I pray that you always find your share of joy whether you are at the top of it or bottom.


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Happy Birthday Son Wishes With Images:

1. Let all the limelight be on you, not only today but for the whole year, happiest birthday to my son.

Happy birthday son Wishes with  images 10


2. Wishing you a very happy birthday son, pull the bull by its horns and charge forward with full speed to catch up to all your dreams.


3. May cheer and success follow wherever you go, may you find love and comfort wherever you choose to stay, happy birthday to my son.


4. Since the day I held you in my arms, I have been a person who always waits for this day to celebrate you and cherish the moments I have spent with you, happy birthday!

Happy birthday son Wishes with  images 10


5. With all the love and cheer, I wish you a spectacular day and a marvelous year ahead. A very happy birthday, son.


6. May your every dream come to fruition and you get to harvest all the rewards for the work you put in. Happy birthday!


7. Keep the party animal in you and the spirit of today alive to have a fun year ahead, happiest birthday, son.

Happy birthday son Wishes with  images 10


8. From seeing you taking baby steps to now leaping milestones, it’s been the greatest pleasure of my life to witness your growing, happy birthday, my son.


9. Son, I hope all the distractions fade away and you get laser-focused this year to hit the bull’s eye. Happy birthday, we hope nothing but the best as always for you.


10. We want to see you excel in the things you love, happiest with the people you love, son. We want you to have a blissful year and life, a very happy birthday.


Birthday, sometimes gets overwhelming, especially if it is of your son’s birthday, then without a doubt, your emotions are running high. No matter how older your son is getting, he will be seeking your blessings and wishes on this day, so never forget to wish to remind him how much you love him.

Showering your son with blessings and wishes in abundant amounts is the best present you can give him. To not miss out on the opportunity to win your son’s heart, save these wishes to be the first one to wish him as always.