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35+ Sweet I Love You Son Quotes And Messages

If you think twice before expressing your love to your son because of the fear of coming out as a corny dad/mom, then the below-mentioned I love you son quotes and messages are the ones you need to go through.

The generational gap can make it harder often to express one or another’s emotions. But that shouldn’t stop you from expressing your raw and unfiltered emotions to your children. 

However, we assure you that the below-mentioned messages won’t sound cringe to your son at all. Because it’s how you say it and not what you say it. Having said that, without thinking about how you would sound, just don’t hold back from expressing your emotions. 


Love You Son Quotes From Mom And Dad

1. All the wild bicycle rides and the fishing days that we used to go for when you were a child, are the memories I cherish the most. I love you son.

i love you son quotes from mom


2. My little champ is now turning into a big, handsome hulk and I can’t wait to have the best time with my big champ now. I love you, son.

I Love You Son Quotes And Messages


3. Little do you know that when you were younger, I lived my childhood again through you and I can’t thank you enough for that, love you, son.

I Love You Son Messages


4. It’s such a pleasure to see you have grown into this gentleman who can maintain his calm and be poised. I’m so proud of you. I love you, son.

i love you son quotes from dad


5. You have a heart that’s pure gold and a very rare intellect. You’re a precious gem that we feel so proud to call our son. We love you son.

best i love you son quotes


6. Son, never forget that no matter how much you grow and become independent, I always have your back. I love you son.


7. My duty was to help you grow into a strong, sturdy man while still keeping your heart soft. And you only made it easier for me by simply being who you’re. Love you son.


8. You’re a well-groomed man who knows how to hold himself accountable and be gentle. All credits go to you only for having been so diligent to become the best version of yourself. Love you son.


9. To my son, regardless of your irresponsible behaviour and stupid mistakes, always know that I love you. After all, you’re my son, I can only expect you to be troublesome.


10. Dear son, you trigger me and get on my nerves every day but know that I love you. My cranky face might not show you that while I’m scolding you, but I love you son.


I Love You Son Quotes And Messages

You are the best I could earn in my life. There are times when I still wish that you could go back to being the cute kid you used to be. You were such a special child. You make me happy now just like you made me love you back then. I love you, my child.

I love you son


My lap may be too small for you now but my heart still holds you in the biggest corners. My dear son, you are the best thing that happened to me and I don’t want to let it go.

I love you son quotes


I never knew I could love someone so much until I held you for the first time. You are all I have. Love you my son!


It’s impossible to be the perfect person. But, I can be lucky enough to bring you to this world and that is perfection in itself. I love you with every piece of my heart, my son.


You light up the room whenever you walk into it. You have the brightest smile that makes everyone around you happy, my son. Love you to the moon and back!

I love you son messages


You will be someone someday and your potential speaks for it. Trust me, when I say that, my son. You make me so proud that I barely can contain it. I love you, son.


Even if the world is against you, I want you to know that you have my unconditional support at all times. I will never leave your side and will love you with all my heart, forever!


You are all grown up but I am unable to let my heart register it. Deep in my heart, I still think of you as my sweetest baby. I want you to know that I will always be there for you. Call me whenever you need me, my dearest child.

I love you son


Whenever you feel that life is trying to pull you down, always remember that you still have my hand holding you and pulling you up. I want you to know that you are important to me no matter what happens in this life. Love you always!


I love to look at you and to watch you grow up every time you see me. It fills my heart with love as well as pride to be blessed to be your mother. Love you very much!


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I Love You Son Quotes

The best part of my life is you, my son. You have made me the better person that I am today. I cannot express how much I love you. You mean the world to me!

I love you son quotes


With every strength that I have, I will keep you protected in my embrace. I will save you every time this cold world tries to hurt you. Just believe in me and know I’m here.


Do you see the butterflies? They have wings so that they can fly. Fishes have gills so that it can swim. Puppies have four legs so that they can run. And, I have heart beating for you so that I can love you endlessly, my child. I love you so much.


You are a miraculous child who has to brighten up my world like no one else. I don’t know what would I have been without you. I love you so much. You mean the world to me.

love you son quotes


The most amazing thing in this world is to watch an adult walking around with my heart pounding inside him. I just need you to know that everything will be okay and I’m here for you. I love you my son and I will do my best so that you know just how much I truly do care for you.


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I Love You My Son

When times seem to be hard, when you see nobody by your side, and your luck seems to face a rough course, know that I will still be there for you, just a phone call away. I have stood with you against the world before and I won’t think twice about doing it again, my son.

I love you my son quotes


My dearest son, you are all that I wished for and I know you are going to be successful in your journey. I hope you see yourself for who you are. I love you immensely!


I know I taught you to walk on your path alone. But, never think that I won’t be there to guide you always. If there ever comes a time when you feel like things are not enough, know that you’re enough, my son. Love you!


Nobody could mean so much to me the way you do. Thank you for coming into my world and making it brighter everyday! I love you my son!

I love you son quotes


You are brilliant and will always be the most loved person for me. I love you a lot, my child.


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Love Messages for Son

Every moment that I spend with you fills me with joy. With every lovely hug that we share, every time I kiss your cute cheeks, I know I love you more.

love messages for son


I love you at the crack of the dawn. I love you as the day passes by and the sun moves to the west. I love you with every breath I take. I love you wholeheartedly, my son.


I know I seem busy most days. But, understand, my work is not the most important thing to me in my life. You are who is more precious to me and I am so blessed to have you as my baby. I will not change a thing about you. Tomorrow, when you will no longer need my guidance, I will still be there for you, my son.


I remember all those times when you played in my arms. Your little hands reached out to me whenever I played peekaboo with you. When this life is at its end, I shall be happy and proud that I had a son like you. There is no one else in this whole wide world that I would cherish as my son. You are my love, my dearest.

love messages for son


There are millions of kids in the world and God blessed me with someone as beautiful as you. You may not be tomorrow the person you are today. You will change and evolve. But, never forget my love for you. Remember me the way you see me today. In the future, no matter who you turn out to be, no matter how many achievements you have had or not had, I will still love you just the way I love you today.


We hope that you found what you were looking for or at least hoping for. You can save the ones from all of the above-mentioned I love you son quotes that resonate with the dynamics of the relationship between you and your son the most. You can personalise the message by adding your thoughts to it too and that will definitely touch your son’s heart.