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31 Sweet I Love You Messages For Dad With Images

Don’t wait around for father’s day to tell your dad how much you love him. Now you can showcase your love to him any day by using these I love you dad messages.

Somehow, most of us find it challenging to do it simply because the dynamics of a father-daughter or a father-son relationship don’t allow us to be vulnerable often. 

Hence mostly, the father is someone who NEEDS to hear those words of affirmation. So, express your love to him in as many ways as possible because he needs it the most.

Start doing it by saving these quotes. Then keep on reminding him of your love for him by sending these quotes.


Emotional Love You Messages For Father:

1. Dear dad, our bond is full of joy and happiness and I hope we can continue to have this beautiful bond forever. I love you more than you can think.



2. By now I’ve understood that your anger reflects your concerns and your concerns reflect your love. I love you dad for simply being you.

I Love You Dad Messages


3. My dreams would have not come true if you didn’t have my back. If it weren’t for your support, I wouldn’t have even thought of pursuing my dreams.  I love you dad.

I Love You Dad Messages


4. Dear dad, I might not be showcasing my love to you every day or even often but know that you’re the only man in my life I hold in high regard. Love you.

love messages to father


5. My 101 rule of life is to listen to you because your words of wisdom never fail to help me succeed in life. Thank you for being the best dad and guardian. I love you dad.

love messages to father


6. Thank you dad for always being on my side. Even when you weren’t on my side, I know you only thought in my favour. I love you dad.

love messages to father


7. Because of your support, our family could solidify its roots into reality and build this beautiful home. We can’t thank you enough for that but dad, we all love you so much.


8. You’ve been my role model since I was a kid and even when I’m married now, I still only have one person I look up to and that’s you. I love you dad.


9. I don’t only respect you for the sacrifices you’ve made but I also adore all the non-conventional ways in which you show your love to us. I love you, dad.


10. You call us your treasure but dad you’re the most precious gem that could exist for you’re a being with exceptional abilities to hold a family together. We love you.


11. I’m not trying to look for you in the men I meet because I know there exists no one who could nearly be what you’re. I love you dad the most.


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I Love You Dad Quotes:

12. Dear dad, I love you to the moon and back and there is no way that this love that I have for you in my heart can decrease. I wish you all the happiness of the world!

I Love You Dad Quotes


13. My dearest dad, you are such an amazing person and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I hope you remain the same, I love you so much!



14. My dear dad, I may not say this enough but please know that I am very grateful to have you as my dad. Wishing you tons of happiness and, I love you.


15. I am so lucky to have you and I cannot thank God enough for that. I am so glad that you are my dad. I love you very much, Dad.



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I Love My Dad:

17. I love my dad and there is nothing that can change that. He is the most precious person that I have ever come across and I hope he remains the same.

I Love My Dad


18. I did not know loving someone could be this easy until I found myself in his lap, holding his pinky finger and staring at him in awe. I love my dad so much!


19. My dad is such a wonderful human being that I always thank God for making him my dad. I hope he receives all the happiness that this universe has to give. I love my dad.


20. Loving someone is such a beautiful feeling and loving my dad and getting his pure love in return is the best thing in the world. May he live long and have a forever happy life.



21. I wish that my dad gets all the things that he has ever wished for because he is always giving people what they want as much as he can. He is amazing and I love my dad.


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Love You Dad Messages

22. Dear dad, I love you so much and though we are not together right now, I cannot wait to see you and spend some quality time with you. You are the best!



23. You are a miracle that entered my life and gave me every happiness I could ever think of. I love you so much and I hope our love only increases every day, dad.


24. Dear dad, I always wonder as to how you can do so much for everyone and not ever get tired of working so hard. You are my superhero and I love you so much.


25. Dad, you are an angel who never gets tired of spreading goodness everywhere, and I am so lucky to have found a best friend and a loving father, both, in you. Love you so much, dad.

Love You Dad Messages


26. My dearest dad, it has always been beyond me as to how you sacrifice your happiness to bring happiness to others. May God reward you with the best for all the hard work that you do and the goodness that you spread in this world. Love you dad!


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Dad Love Quotes:

27. The love of my dad is something that I would always treasure. It is so pure and wholesome that I can never get enough of it. I love my dad.



28. You can never measure the love your dad has for you in his heart because it is immeasurable. It is more than the stars, the water, and the sand grains of the entire world. Appreciate it always!


29. The love of a dad is sweeter than honey and better than everything the world contains. It is the best thing that can happen to anyone!


30. You should always be grateful for the kind of love you receive from your dad because no one else is capable of loving you like that. I love my dad more than anything.

Dad Love Quotes


31. The one thing that can bring more joy in your life than anything else can is the smile of your dad. This smile conveys the love he has for you in his heart and that is better than a miracle.


Final Words:

All of the above-mentioned I love you dad messages and quotes will help you to express your love for your father in genuine and heart-warming ways. Maybe you’ll find him speechless or caught up in the moment of feeling awe but you’ll surely find him in the right feels.