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35 Exclusive Birthday Wishes For Old Friend

Birthday Wishes For Old Friend: “Happy birthday old friend” is one of the most cherished wishes in the world. It is said that friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. If you think about it, friendship is like wine, the more it ages, the better it becomes. There is something special in old friendships that deserves to be celebrated and cherished forever.


Birthday Wishes For Old Friend:

#1. You bring comfort to me that cannot be brought up by any being on this planet. For my soul has known you for so long, your birthday stirs up the tears of joy. Happy birthday.


#2. To have you is to have a home where I need not be anyone but myself is a blessing. I repeat, to have not lost an old friend like you is a divine blessing. Happy birthday.


#3. Happiest birthday. I can’t afford to lose you in this lifetime as you are the rare chatterbox who listens to me too. As you are my soulmate, I cannot lose you in any lifetime!


#4. Happy birthday. For you have never made me feel left out in the cold, I wish that the heart-warming times never exit your life.


#5. May your source of merriment never run out. I wish your chalice of cheer overflows and you never run out of reasons to laugh. Happy birthday.


#6. It’s a pity that we aren’t able to meet frequently, but I find a great deal of delight in looking back at the old-good days we have spent together. I miss you. Happy birthday.


#7. You’re the only person I can thank for making my childhood memorable. You’re in every frame of my happy moments. You’re one of those old friends who can’t be replaced and forgotten. Happy birthday.


#8. No matter how rarely we meet or talk, you’ll stay closest to my heart. Neither our separate ways nor lack of time in this busy life can make me forget this special day.  Happy birthday.


#9. You’re my family and will forever be. You can never be vanished neither from my memories nor from my life for you’re one of those rare gems I have found. Happy birthday.


#10. Happy birthday. I cannot put in words how much significance you hold in my life. Our busy lives might get in our way but the roots of our friendship can stand the test of time.


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Birthday Text And Messages For Old Friend:

#11. Growing up with you has been my pleasure. And I’m so looking forward to growing older with my oldest friend. Happy birthday. May you never skip on the happy times.


#12. I wish this year the wave of surprises brings the tides of joy in your life. To my oldest and closest friend, happy birthday.


#13. All I wish is to see you laughing till your cheeks and stomach hurt. For you share so much joy with others, you deserve the abundance of it. Happy birthday.


#14. For my life, I’m grateful to God for having given you as my friend and thankful to you for making my life such a better place to live in. Happy birthday, my friend.


#15. There are many odds to our friendship, they say. I do not deny it but then there is so much love there that holds us together regardless. And they cannot deny it. Happy birthday, friend.


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Happy Birthday, Old Friend:

Happy birthday old friend! The years have gone by, but our friendship has only strengthened its roots in the meantime. May God bless you with more and more amazing experiences. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Happy Birthday Old Friend


Someone told me that wrinkles are a sign that you have laughed enough. Seeing you have so many, I think you have had your good share of laughter all these years. Happy birthday old friend! And keep laughing.

Birthday Wishes For Old Friend


I have always thought of you more like an elder brother than an old friend. So, on this momentous day, let me wish you a happy birthday, old friend! May you guide me and show me the way, always.

Birthday Wishes For Old Friend


Your friendship has meant a lot to me over the years, dear friend! Year after year, I have watched you mature into an ideal human being. I am proud to be your confidant. Happy birthday old friend!

Happy Birthday Old Friend


You have had a long and productive life. However, with retirement kicking in, you can finally take the rest you so desperately need and later go on long vacations. Let the new life kick in, happy birthday, old friend.

Happy Birthday Old Friend


You are a person for whom I have immense respect and admiration. Happy birthday old friend! I hope you continue to impart me great advice throughout our journey together.


The friendship that we have is built on a solid foundation, and it won’t crumble easily. Happy birthday, old friend, on this momentous day, let us both become nostalgic about the days spent together as they were the best days of my life.


It has been many years since we last met, friend. Let’s catch up today over a drink and speak about the good old days with you. And yes, last but not least, happy birthday, old friend!


Happy birthday, old friend. I never realized that in between our daily greeting and hellos, so many years have passed by. Enjoy today to the fullest, as today is a very special day.

Happy Birthday Old Friend


We have been friends all throughout the twelve years of our school life. Those days were fun, won’t you agree? It feels as if it were yesterday. Happy birthday old friend! Wishing you made me nostalgic again.


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Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friends:

Although I am here primarily for the cake, seeing as you are here and it is your birthday, let me wish you. Happy birthday old friend! Good to see you hale and hearty after so many years.


Thank you for making me smile when I was sad, thank you for lending me your hand when I desperately needed support, thank you for just being there, always. Happy birthday to you old friend!


Social media e-greetings and messages would never do justice to our ancient relationship. Hence, I decided to travel all the way to wish you. Happy birthday to you, old friend!  May you never change, ever.

Birthday Wishes For Old Friend


The last time I saw you were at your marriage ceremony! You were young and full of joy that day. How are you now? And also, happy birthday to you, old friend. I did not yet forget your birthday, see?


The proverb that a real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out is so true in your context. You have been a huge rock of support and I can never repay the debt of your kindness.


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Birthday Wishes For Old Friend:

Birthday wishes for an old friend become all the more special when I am seeing you after so many years. How have you been? Let us talk today, we have a lot of things to catch up on.

Birthday Wishes For Old Friend


In today’s world and times, one has to be extremely lucky to get a good friend like you. Therefore, only birthday wishes for an old friend does not look good. I have arranged a small party for you and you cannot say no.

Happy Birthday Old Friend


Feels good to see you after such a long time. So many memories and feelings are rushing in right now. Kids wish birthdays, we are men and that too old. Let me buy you a couple of drinks and we can chat then.


You have been through so much in life. I wish I could help by any chance back then. Happy birthday, dear friend, you mean a lot to me. Please take care of your health and I will contact you periodically.


A lot of people look up to you and with good reason. You have fulfilled so many roles in my life, elder friend, teacher, mentor, brother that I practically feel related to you. Thank you for being there and a very happy birthday to you.


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