30 Happy Birthday Wishes For Coworker And Colleague

Your coworkers can be some of your oldest friends and some are brand new buddies. Whether it’s your boss, employee, or colleague, these folks have one thing in common: they’re thrilled when you remember their birthday! Below, check out some heartfelt birthday wishes for your coworker. These sentiments are sure to bring a smile to their face on their special day!


Birthday Wishes For Coworker

A little birdie told me it’s your birthday! I couldn’t ask for a better coworker, and I want to send you all the best birthday wishes. I hope you have a memorable, special day!

Birthday Wishes For Coworker


Did you know you’re my favorite coworker? Shh – don’t tell everyone else! I want to wish you very happy birthday wishes on this most blessed day!

Birthday Wishes For Coworker


Since I won’t get to see you on your birthday, I wanted to tell you I love having you as my coworker and I’m thinking of you on your most special day!

One of the best things about my job is having you as my close coworker. You make everything fun! That’s why I want to wish you the best, most joyous birthday ever!

Sometimes I don’t know if I would make it through the day without you as my coworker. You make the time go by so much faster! I’m grateful for you today and want to send you all the best birthday wishes!


Tomorrow is your birthday so I hope you’re ready to share some cake with your coworkers (or just me!) Even though we’ll be working, I hope I can help make your day very special.

I couldn’t possibly ask for more fun, hilarious coworker. I’m so glad to have you in my life and I’m excited to celebrate your birthday with you! Love you!

Some people don’t have awesome coworkers like you, so I know how very lucky I am! Tomorrow, we’re going to celebrate your birthday in style. I can’t wait!

Birthday Wishes For Coworker


You and I have been through a lot as coworkers. Through it all, you help me keep going with a smile. Today is your birthday, but you’ve been the greatest gift to me!

We aren’t just coworkers, we’re best friends! On your birthday, I’m sending you so many warm wishes for happiness, success, and love!

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Coworker

Sometimes you and I get into trouble, but we always have a lot of fun! You aren’t just my coworker, you’re my dear friend. Happy Birthday to one of the best people I know!


I know a secret – tomorrow is your birthday! Since you’re my favorite coworker, I have something very special planned. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Even though we’re coworkers, I’m so glad we decided to celebrate your birthday OUTSIDE of work! It’s going to be a memorable night and I’m so excited to give you your gift!

Do you know what my favorite part of the job is? It’s you! I’m glad you were born and that you found your way into my life. Best wishes for a fun, relaxing birthday!


I can’t believe I missed your birthday! You’re one of my all-time favorite coworkers so let me just say: happy belated birthday. Let’s keep the celebration rolling, what do you say?

On your birthday, I hope all of your wishes come true! You’re my favorite person to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. Happy birthday!

We make a great team at work, so I think we’re going to make a great cake-eating team too! Wishing you the happiest birthday ever – don’t forget to save me a piece!

Birthday Wishes For Coworker


This year, when you blow out your candles, I hope your wish comes true! You’re a great friend and a beloved coworker. Happy Birthday, Friend!

As far as coworkers go, you’re one of the very best. I’m so glad we found a way to make work fun every day. Today I want to say Happy Birthday and I’m very thankful to you!

You’re not supposed to have a favorite coworker, but I can’t help it! Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most fun person I know. I love working with you and being your friend.


Happy Birthday Coworker 

Happy Birthday to one of my all-time favorite people! Because you’re my coworker, I get to spend every workday with one of my best friends. I hope you have a blast today!


Work was pretty dull until you came along. Now I look forward to going in every day and seeing what kind of adventure we’re going to have. Happy Birthday to the best coworker I could ever ask for!

Even Mondays are bearable with a coworker like you. And that’s really saying something! I want to wish you the happiest birthday and a wonderful coming year. I love you!

Birthday Wishes For Coworker


My favorite things about work are coffee, lunch breaks, and you! So I want to celebrate your birth by wishing you the best birthday ever. Sending big hugs your way!

What would I do at work without you? Probably cry! And the most special coworker deserves the most special birthday. Hope you have a great one!


Birthday Wishes For Colleague

With coworkers like you, it doesn’t even feel like a job. I wanted to be sure and tell you how special and appreciated you are, today and every day. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Colleague


As much as I love working with you, I hope you take tomorrow to rest, relax, and eat too much cake. Happy Birthday and warm wishes for a blessed year ahead!

Some people say birthdays are no fun unless you’re a kid. But I say, you have to stay young at heart! Happy Birthday to my favorite coworker – may you feel like a kid forever!

birthday wishes for colleague


I can’t believe you have to work on your birthday. But I promise we’re going to make it really fun! You’re the best coworker a gal could ever ask for. A very Happy Birthday to you!

Not everyone has the best coworker in the world – guess I just lucked out! I’m so happy to have you in my life and I can’t wait to party hardy in celebration of your special day. Happy Birthday!

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