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35+ Perfect Birthday Wishes For Crush

Birthday Wishes For Crush: To wish your crush is so different from wishing anybody else. You want them to know how special they are to you, but you don’t want to do too much either. Here are the birthday wishes for crush that are perfect.

While talking to your crush, you can not always hold back your words, but you have to do it on their birthday; because the fear of spoiling everything could turn out to be profound. But you want to be satisfied with your wish too! After all, he or she is your crush. So, these wishes hold that perfect blend you are looking for! Save them or share them but don’t miss out on them!


Birthday Wishes For Crush:

1. Happiest birthday to the person I adore the most, whose birthday I am always excited for. Have fun and have the best one.

Birthday wishes for crush 10


2. Day by day you are becoming more charismatic, I know it is your birthday, but you don’t seem to get any older. Happiest birthday.

Birthday wishes for crush 10


3. You are a being with the beauty that my heart would skip a beat to adore. I wish today and for years to come, that beauty never gets dull. Happiest birthday.

Birthday wishes for crush 10


4. Happy birthday. You are so blessed with a grace that I could never stop admiring, a being like you is always close to my heart. Have the best day.

Birthday wishes for crush 10


5. With all the abundant wonder you wander in the lanes of my mind so freely that now you have become a part of it; happiest birthday to the most amazing person I know.

Birthday wishes for crush 10


6. I am sending you all the love that I adore you with to make you realize how special you are to me; and for which I wish that you nothing but the best; happiest birthday.


7. Anything you do seems so perfect to me even when I know nothing is perfect but then you exist to make that a myth. I wish you a perfect day filled with joy, happy birthday.


8. May the stars align in the sky today and all your wishes get fulfilled; for to see you fulfilled is very soothing to me. Happiest birthday.

Birthday wishes for crush 10


9. Having someone by your side no matter what happens is always soothing; know that I am that someone for you. Happy birthday, have fun to the fullest.


10. For someone like you who is a full package of all goodies, I can wish for nothing but blessings, today and for the year ahead, may God keep showering you with blessings. happy birthday.


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Flirty Birthday Wishes For A Crush:

1. Do you ever consider living in your home? Because I always find you in my thoughts. Please take a moment today and be at your birthday celebration. Happiest birthday.

Flirty birthday wishes for a crush 10


2. Happy birthday. Would you stop looking so ravishing, I feel like now I will need oxygen because you keep taking my breath away.


3. You signed a contract to wander rent-free in my mind. But I think now you are being too demanding and marching to get to my heart, which I shall allow too. Happiest birthday honey!


4. It feels like you have borrowed some moonlight, otherwise, how can you be always shimmering with this alluring light! Happiest birthday, I know you won’t forget to shine brighter today.

Flirty birthday wishes for a crush 10


5. I was asked today what is my happy place and what I do there. I replied, my thing is to float with the bubbles of your thoughts in your mind.  Happy birthday to my favorite person!


6. Happiest birthday! I think you took an overdose of stardust when offered, I also think you took my whole heart even before I could offer, but me and the universe both found our gem.


7. How do you manage to multitask? Make me drop my jaw, skip a heartbeat, and give me a tour in your eyes. How! But first, happy birthday, have a fantastic day.

Flirty birthday wishes for a crush 10


8. Happiest birthday. I thought to bring flowers, but they will be too dull for a pretty person like you; then I thought to bring a birthday present for you but I was already coming.


9. So you actually decided to go too far this birthday, you are outshining everyone here in the room. I might need to take a moment to process what I am seeing, but happy birthday.


10. Could you have a moment and look into the mirror? Because you might see the wonder and it too will take your breath away. Keep slaying and happiest birthday!


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Birthday Wishes For Crush Male:

1. I might be the happiest today because something got written in the stars and I found my biggest blessing in the form of you. Happiest birthday to my charm!

Birthday wishes for crush male 5


2. Today I wish you the best of everything for you hold a special place in my heart, I want you to get hold of everything special, too! Happy birthday!


3. Burst into the laughter or tiny giggles, I wish you never stop smiling.  I hope that happiness from your face never fades, happiest birthday!


4. Happiest birthday to this young man that has taken an ought to allure the women with his charm and the world with his kindness. Let this one be the best.


5. With an increasing number of your age, the count of the hearts you still is surely rising higher and higher. Keep it calm before you break the bar, happiest birthday handsome.


Birthday Wishes For Crush Female:

1. I promise to not get my eyes stuck on you today but the beauty you hold is too precious to miss out on, and not on your birthday for sure, so sorry but happiest birthday!

Birthday wishes for crush female 5


2. I am a moon child, and I have two moons to always admire, one is far in the sky, the other one’s having her birthday today! Happy birthday!


3. Your birth certificate, candles on the cake, and everyone else must be lying, you seem to not get any older at all! But if in case they are not lying, happy birthday!


4. I think you are the star that is yet to be discovered because you are a version of the moon’s beauty, the sun’s brightness, and other stars’ sparkles! To an undiscovered star, happy birthday!


5. Happiest birthday, beautiful.  It might be difficult today for the cameraman to focus, you are shining so bright that even the camera could be blinded; and no I have not even started exaggerating.


How to Wish Your Crush A Happy Birthday:

1. A basket of roses is on its way to you which I have packed with extra care and filled with extra love for someone who is extremely special to me, happy birthday!

How to wish your crush a happy birthday 5


2. I was baking a cake today and I needed to put extra sweetener so that it can beat your sweetness, happiest birthday, honey!


3. So, today was the day you were bursting into tears, I hope today and for coming years, you get to burst into happy tears; happiest birthday.


4. Your beauty can not be matched, your place in my heart can not be shared with anyone. Today on your special day, I am reminding you how special you’re. Happy birthday.


5. I wish the year to come be your year and the world becomes your oyster for you deserve nothing best, happiest birthday to my favorite person.


Birthday wishes are special, when it comes to your crush, those wishes are extra special. For all the adoration you hold for your crush, wishing them the best way possible will bring you the utmost satisfaction and joy; because let us be honest, your crush’s birthday will be more exciting than even your own.

These birthday wishes for a crush are a perfect mixture of heartfelt wishes and genuine compliments with a hint of flirt, which makes it perfectly suitable for you to say and fun for your crush.