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55+ Belated Birthday Wishes For Dearest One

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes And Messages: These belated birthday wishes will save you on the instances when you forget to wish your loved ones on their birthdays. These wishes will calm their genuine anger and also help you let them know that whatever the reason may be that you forgot to wish them on time, but certainly it is not that you love them less.

If belated birthday wishes are sprinkled with a bit of love, humor, and reminders of how much you care about the other person and love him or her; there will be no hard feelings on either side. Exactly that will help you have no guilt and everything will be in light-hearted energy as it should be!


Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

1. You know I am a slow mover, I take time to do things; so I took precisely one day to wish you; happy belated birthday, my friend.

happy belated birthday Wishes 


2. I have a habit of arriving late, but I didn’t know I would be this late to be in your DMs to wish you. I hope you will be okay with that and happy belated birthday, brother.

happy belated birthday Wishes


3. Belated happy birthday! Let the anger wash away and love come in. Let all the other notifications vanish away and mine come in. Happy belated birthday!

happy belated birthday Wishes


4. My wishes surely would not lose the fragrance of love no matter how long they take to arrive; so please receive it with love too.  Happy belated birthday.


5. If my belated wishes are not enough to make you smile, my belated presents will do that. I am genuinely sorry but I hope you had a nice one, happy birthday.


6. You know I do not like traffic, so I decided to stay away from the tons of notifications you had on your phone yesterday. Today you barely would have any notifications. so Happy belated birthday!


7. Happy belated birthday. I am sorry I am not that good with dates, but I am extremely good with baking cakes; so a belated birthday cake is on its way to you!

happy belated birthday Wishes


8. You were waiting for my wish too much so I made you wait a bit longer to give you a lesson of patience on your birthday. Now I can wish you a happy belated birthday.


9. Everyone receives wishes on their birthdays, only a few lucky ones receive wishes the next day too. To make you feel special, I decided to wish late. Happy belated birthday, honey.


10. I always like to be different from others so what is better than wishing you the next day of your birthday? Happy belated birthday!


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Belated Birthday Wishes With Images

1. I thought you would feel lonely today because all the attention would be gone by now so I had a plan to wish you today to not make you feel lonely; happy belated birthday!

Belated birthday wishes With Images


2.  I wanted us to have a party where there are only two of us have all the fun; so I thought to celebrate your birthday today only, I hope you like the idea! Happy belated birthday.


3. I don’t follow trends and people, so while everyone was wishing you yesterday; I thought to wish you today! Happy belated birthday.


4. I don’t like sharing so I was not okay sharing the moments with people of showing love and care for you yesterday; hence I decided to do that today alone. Happy belated birthday!

Belated birthday wishes With Images


5. Knock, knock! I am on the door to wish you a happy belated birthday with no less amount of love and care and with a lot of food to tame down your anger.


6. My secret agenda was to surprise you; so I thought what is the best way to do that than not wishing you on your day. Happy belated birthday.


7. Forgive me for not wishing you in time and bury all the hard feelings and let us enjoy your birthday one more time; happy belated birthday!

Belated birthday wishes With Images


8. Happy belated birthday. Please don’t take it personally. Nothing is against you, it is just the conflict between me and dates; but I promise, before your next birthday I will resolve it.


9. Honestly, I thought we were celebrating your birthday this whole week, so I didn’t bother to wish you on time, but because you seem furious already, without taking a moment further, happy belated birthday.


10. Happy belated birthday. I am sorry for the late wishes, you can surely blame my boss for keeping me too busy with work, I blame him too!


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Belated Birthday Greetings

1. Happy belated birthday. I apologize for wishing you late. I hope the year ahead is filled with all the unexpected blessings and beautiful surprises.

belated birthday greetings


2. Firstly, my apologies for the late wishes. Secondly, Happy belated birthday; I hope you had the best one and I also wish years ahead get better than what you can imagine.


3. Happy belated birthday. I hope along the way you always find cheer you need to keep going and may bundles of joy always find their way to you.


4. I have and always will be your well-wisher even if I forgot to let you know on time. Happy belated birthday, hope you find things and meet people that bring you the utmost joy.


5. Happy belated birthday. I wish that every year your birthday gets better and better, plus your well-being improves to be the best version of yourself.


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Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

1. Happy belated birthday. I know I did a wrong thing, I totally allow you to blame my work and sleep patterns, these two always put me in trouble.

Funny belated Birthday Wishes


2. Happy belated birthday. People can aim for the moon but I bet I will arrive there late too! I simply can not be on time, I am sorry for the late wishes.


3. Happy belated birthday, I wish I had a genuine excuse like I was helping guardians of the galaxy to protect us from demons, but I wasn’t; I am sorry; I simply forgot your day.


4. I did not wish you yesterday because I want you to live longer one day. And I would do anything to make you live longer even at the cost of your anger. Happy belated birthday!


5. I thought at this age, it would be insulting to remind you that you are still growing older by wishing you on your birthday so I didn’t; but you seem mad, so happy belated birthday.


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Happy Belated Birthday Message

1. If you could fit in my shoe, you would know that I am genuinely not kidding when I say I knew your birthdate, I only didn’t know yesterday was that day! Happy belated birthday.

happy belated birthday message 


2. I thought being an introvert replying to these many people was already a task for you; so I thought to lessen the burden of yours and wish you today; happy belated birthday.


3. If I was good at remembering things I would be cooking without missing any ingredient, dancing without missing any step, none of this has ever happened. I think you got the answer. Happy belated birthday.


4. I regret that I am not popular or that I do not have a mission to fulfill, because then I would have a good excuse for forgetting your birthday, but I don’t. Happy belated birthday.


5. Facebook can’t help me remember your birthday because I don’t use it. My brain can never on earth do that. You see how helpless I am, but I am sorry. Happy belated birthday.


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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

1. I did not forget your birthday. Wanted to see for how long you can hold your anger but I guess, I stretched it too far; I am sorry, happy belated birthday.

belated happy birthday wishes


2. Happy belated birthday. I thought you would patiently wait for me to wish you because you are a patient person, but you have been acting so impatient in only one day!


3. My basket filled with wishes and gifts may take a little longer to reach you because it got heavy after I poured all the love I have for you. Happy belated birthday!


4. I, honestly, took a day to wish you because I was busy finding perfect words to write on the greeting card for a special person like you. Hope you’ll like it. Happy belated birthday!


5. I did not forget your birthday. I thought to wish you later. And I forgot that thought but not your birthday, but now I remember it, so happy belated birthday.


Happy Belated Birthday Wishes For Friend

1. I am sorry that I did not wish in time, but happy belated birthday. I wish with years to come, our bond gets stronger and our plans to mess around more fun!

happy belated birthday Wishes For friend


2. Happy belated birthday. I am so sorry for this delay. Hope your birthday celebration was on the mark. I wish you get to experience a wave of extreme happiness this whole year.


3. Happiest belated birthday. I wish this year you get hit by so many happy surprises that you feel the luckiest.


4. Happy belated birthday, buddy. I hope the day was the best for you and I wish to see you doing your best and getting the best this year; yield the best!


5. I missed out to wish you on time, but I will never miss out to show up when you would need me; that’s my word. Happy belated birthday.


Belated Birthday Wishes For Cousin

1. Happy belated birthday. Your birthday presents are on their way. I might miss out on wishing you on time but you will never miss out on wonderful birthday presents.

belated birthday wishes For cousin


2. Happiest belated birthday to my prettiest sister. I wish this year we can make time for each other to remember and cherish all the childhood memories we have shared and create many new ones.


3. For such a jolly person as you are, I wish the year ahead is filled with laughter and cheers to making you feel content and whole. Happy belated birthday!


4. Happy belated birthday, I am sorry to wish you late, but I did it on purpose so I can be the last one to wish you; so later you will think of me first. Happy belated birthday!


5. You know the best should be saved for the last; so I decided to compete with all the other late wishers and try to be the last; I think I succeeded. Happy belated birthday, sweets.


Belated Birthday Wishes For Her

1. I am sorry that I forgot your birthday, but with all the tender love I carry for you, happy belated birthday; I hope flowers will make up for my mistake!

belated birthday wishes For her


2. In seeking your undivided attention I thought to wish you later. That later moment was totally carried by the work and sleep, but I am so sorry;  happy belated birthday!


3. Happy belated birthday, babe. I am sorry that I made you wait; I hope surprises would make up for it. And I know I made you angry but I hope my love would take care of it.


4. Happy belated birthday. The moment you are with me is always special. For the universe has given me the most precious gift in form of you, I am sorry to not remember your day.


5. I am sorry that I forgot your birthday, but by no means it makes you less special or me less loving; happy belated birthday; I hope your day was fun.


These are all kinds of belated birthday wishes you might be in search of. They will for sure save you from any major troubles and help you keep calm.

While you genuinely do not want to forget the birthdays of your close ones; sometimes some instances make it happen. And then it is easy for them to take things personally and think that they do not matter to you; which is never the case. To not let your close ones get stuck in that negative loophole and for you to not get drowned in regret, save or share these belated birthday wishes.