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45+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is a special day for both you and your best friend as you’re proud of their progress so far in life and you get to pick out a gift for them and make them feel special. No one understands your sense of humor the way your best friend does, which is why their special day is the perfect moment to make them laugh with a few funny birthday wishes for best friend.

Your best friend is your confidante and the one person that makes you smile no matter how down you are. Return the favor on their special day and put a smile on their face by taking your pick from any of these 45 funny birthday wishes.


Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend:

1. It’s truly a blessing and a gift in itself to have a funny, generous, and special person as a best friend. You got lucky, my man! Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend


2. Age hasn’t been kind to you, my friend! Luckily, you have me to make you feel younger. I’m kidding; have a great birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend


3. I know I sound insane sometimes, but I can’t be sane because I don’t know anyone crazy enough to endure you! Happy birthday, best friend.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend


4. Happy birthday to my hilarious, wonderful, kind, and beautiful best friend who reminds me of myself in many ways. We’re so similar, no wonder we get along so well!


5. Happy birthday, my best friend. I hope you will have a fabulous birthday today, at least a little as fabulous as we both are!


6. Happy birthday, best friend! Today, let us celebrate another year of your crazy life and another year of us keeping each other sane.


7. Happy birthday to my bestie who, despite knowing all of my crazy secrets and hearing my corny jokes, continues to be my best friend!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend


8. Someone as witty and funny as you deserves a hilarious birthday, which is why I’ve planned a day full of pranks for you today. Good luck and happy birthday!


9. Happy birthday, bestie! Here’s to another year of your hilarious sense of humor and crazy ideas. You haven’t changed a bit since we were kids!


10. Sooner than you think, there’ll be no use in dyeing your hair over and over again, so don’t fear the inevitable hair-greying. Happy birthday, old man!


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Very Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend:

1. Everyone should have a hilarious and wonderful friend in their lives, which is why I’m so glad you have me! You’re a lucky girl, happy birthday!

Very Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend


2. Happy birthday, bestie! I wanted to get you a good that would put a smile on your face and make you laugh but then I realized you already have me for that.


3. Happy birthday to my beautiful and handsome best friend. Your dashing looks won’t last forever so make the most of them while you can!


4. What did I do to deserve a friend like you?It seems I must have done something wrong if I’d gotten such a punishment. I’m just kidding, happy birthday!


5. Happy birthday to my best friend. Don’t worry; I’ll continue to keep your real age a secret forever because that’s what best friends are for!


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Happy Birthday Best Friend Funny:

1. Happy birthday, best friend! Luckily for you, we’ve been friends for so many years that it’s hard to keep track of how old you are.

Happy Birthday Best Friend Funny:


2. Loyalty, trust, and a matching sense of humor are just a few traits that you look for in a best friend; you’re so lucky to have all of that and more in me! Happy birthday.


3. To a friend of mine who I’ve known for what feels like an eternity: Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of listening to your corny jokes and puns.


4. I always wonder who would want to be friends with someone as crazy as me, but perhaps you’re the crazy one after all! Happy birthday, best friend.


5. I’ve known you since we were kids and it feels good to say you haven’t changed a bit. I hope you stay a kid at heart forever; happy birthday!


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Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl:

1. Happy birthday to the best friend a girl can have! Don’t forget to smile awkwardly while everyone sings you happy birthday today.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl:


2. Happy birthday, girl! Today’s the day you can party with absolutely no guilt. Birthday calories don’t count, so the next drink is on me!


3. Happy birthday, bestie. How many birthdays have we had together? I’ve lost count, so I guess it’s official that you’re stuck with me.


4. Happy birthday to my best friend in the world. I thought you were supposed to get finer and wiser with age? Well, there’s always next year!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl:


5. Happy birthday, girl! Here’s to another year of your craziness. Don’t think of it as getting older; think of it as becoming a classic.


6. You suck at aging! Is it possible to at least try to look like you’re older? Happy birthday, girl; if you’re getting older, it means I am too.


7. Think of it this way; you’re older today than you were yesterday but younger than you will be tomorrow. Happy birthday to my forever young friend!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl:



8. To my best friend in the world, it took you this many years to look this good. Happy birthday!


9. Happy birthday, girl! It’s not just diamonds that are a girl’s best friends, but it’s a girl’s best friends that are the real diamonds.


10. Happy birthday to my smartest, prettiest, and best friend! Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. How and when did we get so old?


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Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male:

1. Age is just a number, but in your case, it’s quite a large number indeed. I’m just kidding; have a great birthday, my man!



2. You might want to forget about your birthday but I never could. I’ll take this opportunity to remind you you’re getting older; happy birthday, old man!


3. Happy birthday to my best friend and the holder of all of my secrets. I hope not to reveal you’re true age if you promise not to reveal mine.


4. You’re truly one of a kind; I’ve never met anyone like you, my friend. Whether that’s due to reasons better or worse, I won’t say. Happy birthday!



5. I know it’s cliché, but you truly are a brother from another mother. Have a blast this birthday, you’re getting older! Happy birthday, man!


6. For your birthday, I wanted to gift you something really charming and funny, before realizing you already have me! Plus, I’m sexy too! Happy birthday, man.


7. You, my friend, are a truly unique guy and unlike any other. Most people get wiser with age but no, not you! Happy birthday, man.



8. Happy birthday, buddy. Growing up isn’t a need if you are getting older, it just doesn’t mean you have to. Trust me; it’s a trap!


9. Happy birthday, man! My gift to you is that I’ll fulfill one wish for you each year you’ve been alive. You’d better get started because that’s a lot of wishes!


10. Happy birthday, best friend. It’s much more fun with you than it is as a child. It’s thanks to you that childhood is as enjoyable as adulthood.


Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female:

1. Happy birthday, girl! You don’t look like you’re an older person, despite it being another year! Nobody would ever guess how old you are.



2. Happy birthday, bestie! May our friendship last so long that we reach an age where we no longer remember how old we both are.


3. Happy birthday, best friend! You are the girl I was always destined to be friends with. After all, who else could ever put up with us?


4. Happy birthday, bestie! Just remember this as a general rule of thumb; the more gray hair that you have, the wiser that you are.


5. Most people get finer and wiser as they grow up, but you were never really one to follow the crowd. I’m just kidding; happy birthday, girl!


There’s a lot that you have in common with your best friend, but your sense of humor always aligns perfectly and keeps your bond as strong as ever. You surely can’t forget all those moments that you two laughed together till your stomachs hurt. Wish your best friend a funny happy birthday along with a joke that you’re sure will elicit a laugh out of them, to put a smile on their face on their special day.