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50+ Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

Do you need the perfect words to send birthday wishes for best friend female? Finding a true friend is never easy. Most of the time, we find enemies disguised as friends. But there are good people in this world who will love you, appreciate you, and take care of you in ways that you can never imagine. They will support you in all your good and bad times, and they are called best friends. Their birthday is a good day to show them love and appreciation for being there for you. If you are finding it hard to come up with a birthday wish, here are some birthday wishes for a best friend female to help you out.


Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

1. Only if I had the extraordinary ability to bake perfect cakes as you do, I’d bake you 1000 of them, and each cake would show how much I adore you.  Happiest cakey birthday to the best baker in town!



2. It’s amazing how you create life merely by holding the brush, like how you’ve painted my life with your all love. Happy birthday to my best friend and the best artist I know!



3. Superman who? Wonder woman who?  Let me thank the real hero and my bestie for her tireless service to the nation and wish her a happy birthday, girl!



4. The real magic is watching your fingers glide on the guitar [or any other instrument]. Happy birthday dear friend! Wishing you endless years of crafting music.


5. If only I knew the right to tell your how your words open the door to a whole new world. Happy birthday, girl! Never stop holding your pen.


6. It’s beyond definition how you touch so many hearts with just your voice. On your special day, I wish you endless years of singing. Happy birthday, bestie!


7. As much as you deserve every trophy for the Best Player, you deserve the biggest one for being the Best Bestfriend. Happy birthday, girl! Keep winning!



8. Heard a rumor at the station that to get caught by you is like getting caught by a goddess. Happy birthday to the hottest cop around!



9. We want to be different from them. Nothing can come between us. Happy Birthday dear best person! May we keep dancing to the best song ever!



10. You and I have a whole lot of history. We can be the most outstanding teams that the world has ever seen. Happy birthday to my dearest teammate for life!


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Girl Best Friend Birthday Wishes

1. Happy Birthday to the biggest Swiftie! I don’t know about others but I hope you’re feeling twenty-two.  Forever stay happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way.



2. Bring out the Chanel bags and Gucci boots! We have got to rock them on your special day! Happy birthday to my best friend! Keep your dazzles forever dazzling.



3. The cheese to my mac n cheese, The right amount of sugar to my coffee, The cherry on my cake, The dressing in my salad. Yup, you’re just too important in my life. Happy birthday dear friend!



4. A woof woof birthday, my darling and dog mom! I wish you a life full of cute snout boops and floors from your lovely fur babies! And hopefully, no poop mess and scratches.


5. Happy Greeny Birthday to my dear bestie! I know you love your plants more than I do. Wish you a life full of green pots and pretty flower!


6. Happy chirpy Birthday to my dear and most fantastic friend. I wish you a life full of chirping songs from your feathery babies. I hope they know how lovely you are and how incredibly loved.


7. Just read in the newspaper that today is going to be the hottest day of the year. No wonder it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday to this hot stuff!



8. Heard that January is the coldest month on the calendar. Well, I can’t blame the season for that when the coolest person ever is born in the same month. Happy Birthday!



9. Only the luckiest are born at the starting of the year.  Today, I feel the luckiest of them all cause my besties are born on this very day. Happy Birthday!



10. They say it’s the month of love. I say it’s the month of my best friend’s birthday. Happiest of all the birthdays to my dear best friend! PS. May you find a boyfriend.


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Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

1. Valentine’s day? Is Love in the air? Nah, the only thing in the air today is the champagne popping. And confetti too. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female


2. Oh, what a day to be born! Happy birthday to my beauty-fool and booty-ful girl! Ps. Stay away from those clownish guys fooling around you.


3. I Gotta put birthday hats on the jack-o’-lanterns cause it’s my friend’s day. Halloween Birthday to the sexiest Catwoman [or whatever she is dressing up as ] of them all. I wish you the best of everything!


4. Trick or treat? It’s tricking the neighbors and treating ourselves with, you know what. Happy Halloweeny Birthday to my forever partner in crime! I can’t wait for the special treats!


5. The spirits had a meeting today about how you will be taking the spotlight away from them. Keep dazzling over the human world and the spirit world too! Happy birthday my darling female friend.


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Birthday Wishes For A Special Female Friend

1. Do you know what excites the more on this day than candies and Halloween costumes?  Yup, your birthday! Happy birthday to my dearest friend of all!



2. We should be telling kids to dress up as you rather than as Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel. Cause the real queen is my best friend. Happy birthday to my best human being!


3. Should be telling kids to dress up as you rather than as Catwoman, Wonderwoman, Superwoman. Cause the real superhero woman is my best friend. Happy birthday to the strongest and the kindest of all!


4. Christmas carols? Nah, it’s the happy birthday song for us. Happy birthday to this amazing human. You are always going to be my best Christmas gift.


5. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to party on your best friend’s day, hey! Happy birthday to the most incredible friend and human being.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

1. Happy birthday to my best friend. Not even the elves could help Santa find a better Christmas gift for you than me. Haha! Have a blast!



2. Do you know what is even more exciting than a mug of hot chocolate on this day? Yup, my presence on your birthday! Haha! Happiest of all the birthdays to my dear friend!


3. Even the Christmas lights seem to fade in front of this dazzling beauty and her smile! Happy birthday to the friend of a gorgeous being on the planet! Haha!


4. Only if I could put you on top of my Christmas tree not cause you’re the brightest star in the lot, but to see you in a tree-like a monkey! Happy birthday to my December girl.


5. It’s a blessing to have a friend who’s more like a sister. Yes, sisters fight a lot just like you! Through all the thick and thin times of life, you’ve always been there for me. Happy Birthday!


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl

1.  Seven colors in the rainbow and the happiest shade of each color in you. Happy birthday to this bubbly, colorful being! Always stay colorful!



2. Countless stars in the sky, and the shiniest is mine. Happy birthday to the star of my life!  I can’t thank you enough for all your twinkling love.


3. I wonder how envious they are of me. Cause even on a cloudy day, my sun is right beside me. Happy birthday to my besties! Keep spreading rays of joy!


4. I learned in Science that we live in the milky way galaxy. Only if Science knew that the entire galaxy lies within my friend. Happy birthday to this incredibly beautiful being!


5. I never go by the weather forecast. Cause the sky always seems to be blue when you’re around me. Happy birthday to my forever sunshine!


Emotional Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girl

1. I’d never say “I love you to the moon and back” cause it’s dreadful to imagine myself so far apart from you. Happy birthday to my best lady friend in the whole world.




2. From singing our ABCs together to graduating together, how we have come a long way. Happy birthday to my childhood best pal. Cheers to those years and the years ahead!


3. Can’t explain the joy I feel in my heart when I look at how far we have made. That very old playground swings to the newest club in town, haven’t we been together always! Happy birthday best friend!


4. From running in the playground to walking with sticks together. From giggling in class to smiling with wrinkles, We have come a long way and have a much longer way to go together. Happy birthday, best buddy!


5. On this day, there’s one person I am truly grateful for, your mom! All thanks to her for birthing you and giving me a best friend like you. Happy Birthday, Bestie! And a huge thank you to aunty!


What To Write In A Birthday Card For A Girl Best Friend

1. Let me raise a toast to the girl I love the most in the whole world, [name]. Happy birthday to my favorite person. I love you more than I can ever say.



2. Many, many happy returns of the day to this wonderful person. I wish you good health, success, strength, hope, and love all your life. Always stay happy. May all your wishes come true.


3. All that I am today is because of you. You’ve shaped me into the strong individual that I am today. You’ve taught me strength, hope, love, courage, empathy. Happy birthday to a dear friend.


4. From hundreds of nights of you listening to my rants with our favorite mint choco ice cream to every moment of you being the strongest pillar in my life. Happiest birthday to my unpaid therapist, my living dairy, my best friend.


5. Each year, on your birthday, I get reminded of how lucky I am to have a friend like you in my life. You’re truly a blessing in disguise. I wish you tons and tons of happiness. Happy birthday dear friend!


Female Best friends are the most incredible supporters of all time. Only a true best friend is there to cheer you up in every step of your life. If you have found someone like that, show her how grateful you are to have her in your life on her special day with the above birthday wishes for best friend female.