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55 Sweet Birthday Wishes For Sister

Birthday Wishes For Sister: A sister is somehow also like your mother, who cares for you like a loyal friend and loves you like your own father. Sisters are extremely adorable yet the naughtiest members of every family. She is your best companion for life and a friend who never leaves your side. No matter how much the two of you fight, you cannot go a day without her.

When it comes to birthdays, it is our responsibility and an honor to bring beautiful smiles to their faces by wishing them a warm birthday message. On her special day, make sure you wish her a day as special as her. Here are top birthday wishes for my sister that are sure to make her day and let her know she is special.


Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

1. My life would be dull without you in it. You have always been there for me in every situation that life has thrown at me. I am blessed with the best sister one can ever wish for. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Happy birthday wishes for sister


2. I consider myself very lucky to find my best friend and sister in the same person. You have been there for me no matter what come thick or thin. I love you more than anything. Happy birthday, dear sister. Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday wishes for sister


3. I can’t imagine my life without you, my sister. You add sparkle to my boring life. You’re the one who always cares and loves me no matter what. Happy birthday to my loveliest and prettiest sister ever.

Happy birthday wishes for sister


4. Happy birthday to my lovely sister, who never failed to lend me a shoulder whenever I needed one to cry on. You always made the pain go away with your warm hug. I love you.


5. It feels like only yesterday we were children playing in the rain. I can still recall the way we played in the mud and had ran around the house making stains. Time has passed by so quickly, and we are old now. Happy birthday Sis.


6. One of the best chapters of my life is growing up with you. Our bond was special, and we had a special friendship. Happy Birthday, Sister. You deserve the best that the world has to offer. Enjoy your day to the fullest.


7. Happy Birthday to my best friend! You are the rainbow to my ordinary life. Not only on your birthday, but every day I am so grateful that you are my sister. You are the best person I have ever known.

Happy birthday wishes for sister


8. As another birthday comes around, remember when we celebrated our birthday like it was the most important festival of the year. Happy birthday sister and I wish that we can celebrate the same way as before.


9. I feel so privileged to call you my sister! You are truly a blessing, and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday. Dream big, and I know you will surely achieve them. I am your biggest supporter.


10. Happy Birthday, dear sister! Thank you for adding colors to my life and making it brighter and my laughter a little louder. You are the person who taught me how to live life, and I am so honored to be able to share these beautiful memories with you.


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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister

1. Happy Birthday sissy! I hope to enjoy every single moment of your special day with you. May your day and the coming year be as special as today. Your sister loves you and wishes you the very best.



2. Happy Birthday to my lovely sister. I hope all your dream and hopes come true. You have a lot of potentials, that’s for sure. May you reach all the heights of success. Wishing you a celebration that is full of laughter and joy, just like you.


3. Thank you for all the good and bad advice, unconditional love, and super fun times that you have given. You helped me bring my life on track. You are like a mentor who never leaves my side. I could not have wished for a better sibling. Happy birthday.


4. Happy Birthday, Sister! Thank you for being you. You were always there for me over all these years. Also, You were there for me when I needed support, and you were the happiest when I achieved my dream. You simply are the best.


5. It does not matter how many birthdays have come and gone; you will always be the smallest one in the family. You are a ray of happiness, and you bring positivity wherever you go. May this day bring you all the good the world has to offer.


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Birthday Wishes For Sister

1. Dear sister, whom I hold closest to my heart. I am blessed to have a sister like you, who never gives up on me and never leaves my side. I am so proud to have a sister like you. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for sister


2. Dear sister, I hope and pray that you continue to amaze everyone around you. Everything you do amaze me in ways I cannot describe. You have always been my biggest supporter and an ally that I have always learned to depend on. Happy birthday! Wishing you a great and life full of adventure!


3. I always look at you during my harsh moment as you are my source of inspiration. I tend to walk in the footsteps that you have shown, and I am so happy to be able to call you my sister. Happy birthday! May you always be happy.


4. You have always been the only person who sees greatness in me despite all my flaws. Your support is my motivation to keep moving forward. Happy birthday! I hope to be by your side throughout life and beyond that if possible.

Birthday wishes for sister


5. We may be different from each other, but you’re the only one closest to my heart. We may have our differences, but our love for each other always makes for the differences we have. Happy birthday! May you have fun today, dear sister.


6. Today, you will be showered with loving good wishes and many splendid gifts. You have always been showered with love from everyone, and I am so happy to be one of them. Have an enjoyable time. Happy birthday to my lovely sister!


7. I intend to share this strong and beautiful bond between us all through my life. One thing life has given to me which is nearest to my heart is you. I’m proud to have a sister like you. Happy birthday, my lovely sister.

Birthday wishes for sister


8. The world seems to be an awesome place because of sisters like you! You help make this a better place to live. You add kindness to this cruel world. I hope you have a fun day, Sis. I love you.


9. I wish you a very happy birthday, sis! Today I want you to stay away from your troubles and enjoy this special day with all your loved ones! May the wrinkle be less more visible, and may your skin glow with happiness.


10. Dear sister, you are one of my biggest treasures. I will cherish you all my life. I thank God from the bottom of my heart that I was born as your sister. Thank you for loving me unconditionally! Happy Birthday!


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Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

If you want to let your sister know how special she is to you, your birthday wishes to your sister play an important role. If you are looking for funny birthday wishes which will make your sister feel even more special on her birthday, you can choose from the following wishes, which have all the love that you want to convey to your sister on her special day. Choose which you like the most and make her feel special.


1. Our birthdays were always special to me as it was the only thing that we could enjoy to ourselves. I am so glad that I get to share my life with someone like you. Happy birthday, sister! I hope for your best.

Funny birthday wishes for sister


2. Happy Birthday, silly! You are spontaneous at moments, beautiful in every way, and witty! You taught me how to live and laugh and I love you so much. I wish you all the happiness in the world!


3. I am so happy that it is your special day today. You’re everything I could ask for in a sister. There is no one as important as you in my life. Happy birthday!


4. The best part of being with you is that I can call you my sister. You may have the brain, but I have the looks. Happy birthday to my darling sister, who is not as beautiful as me, but still prettier than our cat.


5. Happy birthday to my perfect sibling, who is the best sibling one can wish for. I love you so much. You are one of the coolest humans I have ever known.


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Religious Birthday Wishes For Sister

1. Today is a wonderful day, and I am so glad to be able to celebrate it with you. Thanks for being you. You have added happiness to my life and bought joy. Happy birthday, my sister.

Religious birthday wishes for sister


2. On this day, you were sent into this world, and you became my sister. I hope your life be filled with immense happiness and joy. Happy birthday, dear sister!


3. I know anything is possible; that’s why you need to keep working hard. I pray that you get all the happiness and success that you truly deserve. Happy birthday to you, dear.


4. I am sending warm wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday to you. We will always be with you in everything that you do. We are proud of you.


5. May God helps you to reach all your potential. We will always support you in every step of your life. Happy birthday to you, dear.


Emotional Birthday Wishes For Sister

1. Sisters are friends for life. You always make sure to tell me what is right for me and never backed down to help me out with my problems. I am so happy to have you by my side. Love you, Sister. Happy Birthday!

Emotional birthday wishes for sister


2. Happy Birthday to someone who makes my life a little bright and full of joy! May all your problems vanish as you solve mine and bless you with health. I love you.


3. Happy Birthday to my mentor because you have always guided me. I would not be where I am without you and your guidance. Have a wonderful Birthday!


4. Words can not explain my love and affection towards you. Everything that you have done is always appreciated. Happy Birthday, Sister! I hope you have an amazing year ahead.


5. You were and have always been very supportive and kind to me and everything I have done. You are my biggest motivation in life. Happy birthday, sis! Thanks for always being there for me.


Short Birthday Wishes For Sister

1. I am so utterly blessed to have a beautiful sister like you. No matter what goes wrong in life, I know you will always be there to support me. Dear sister, you are the world to me. Happy birthday.

Emotional birthday wishes for sister


2. No one in the world means more than you. Happy birthday to the world’s best sister. Words will never be express what you mean to me because they are just not enough.


3. Thank you for being you and my amazing sister. I love you! I will always look up to you. Happy birthday to you! I wish you a great year ahead.


4. You are the best sister one would ever wish for. On your birthday, I pray that you get all the happiness and success in your life. Enjoy your special day!


5. Happy birthday! You mean the world to me and I am sure you know that already. You are the biggest blessing that the world has given to me. I would like to thank you for being there for me.


Birthday Wishes For Little Sister

1. You are a lovely package of a precious gift which may be small yet the most valuable one in my life. On this beautiful day, I want you to have the best day of your life.



2. Dear little sister, you may have grown older, but it doesn’t matter as you’ll always remain to be my little sister. I love it the most. Happy birthday, sweetheart!


3. We may fight like cat and mouse, but I will always give my all to you, and I know that you’ll do the same. Happy birthday my sweet little sister. I love you, sweetie!


4. Some people are so awesome that you’ll never get bored of them. You are one of them. Happy birthday to my amazing little sister! I’m so lucky to have an awesome sister like you.


5. It’s nice to see you growing up, little sister. I am so blessed to witness your growth. I hope we share this strong bond between us all through life. Best wishes and happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister

1. I am so happy that we are cousins by blood. I know our parents could not handle us as sisters. May you have a fantastic birthday celebration. Happy birthday beautiful!

Happy birthday wishes for cousin sister


2. I’m sure that we will continue sharing amazing moments like these. A cousin like you is the best gift one can receive, and I would not trade you for anyone. Happy birthday, dear sister!


3. I can easily make my real sister jealous by spending more time with a cousin like you. We are connected through our hearts. I know you love pissing my sister as much I do. Happy birthday!


4. Happy birthday to my favorite cousin. Remember that fun is dull without you and me. So let’s celebrate your special day with lots of gifts and a party.


5. I feel like destiny had better plans for allowing us to be born to different parents. Imagine all the memories and fun we’d have been born siblings. Happy birthday to you, my dearest cousin sister. I love you so much!


With so many unique thoughts for messages and cards to choose from, you can surely send one message to her which fits your relationship with her. The sister’s birthday wishes and quotes we brought here for you are all so brilliantly composed so that you can express your true feelings for her. You can make her feel loved with these. You can also make her laugh with these.