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44+ Sweet Happy Birthday Little Sister – Wishes And Quotes

Birthday Wishes And Messages For Little Sister: The love and care you have for your little sister must be made known to her on her birthday, which you can do by sharing these happy birthday little sister wishes. If you are genuinely happy to see your sister growing and want to let her know that in the best manner; then you have come to the right place.

Being kind of a mother for your sister, you might be feeling as it is the birthday of your little baby. While you are of course not her mother, the immense love you have for your sister is similar to that of a mother. In which case, it is mandatory for you to wish her these special birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday, Little Sister Wishes:

1. May God bless you with boundless happiness and everlasting protection. May this be the best of your all birthdays! Happy birthday little sister.

happy birthday little sister


2. To a little princess with the slightest hint of a monster who can pull up a storm if her wishes don’t get fulfilled; may God grant all your wishes and make your birthday happiest.


3. I wish that the smile on your face never fades away with time and the innocence of your soul always stays alive! To my prettiest little sister, I wish you the happiest birthday!


4. Get all doll up for your day. Get ready to receive all the presents from us and blessings from God. Be prepared to have the best birthday and year ahead; happy birthday little sister.


5. Today, I pray that you get more than that you desire and dream of; for a soul like you does not only deserve the world but the universe. Happy birthday little sister.


6. God has truly made me blessed by making me able to play various roles for you, however, in each of the roles, my love and care for you remain the same. Happy birthday little sister.


7. Your little heavenly smile always reminds me that there is much more to life! Just by being you, you remind me to be happy! To my precious little sister, happy birthday!


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Birthday Wishes For Little Sister:

8. May God protects you with each step you take in this new chapter of your life; when I am not there with you, may he be with you all the time. Happy birthday, sister.

birthday wishes for little sister 


9. Happy birthday, princess! You are a baby girl who is growing with the speed of light and God has made me blessed to witness your journey! Love you.


10. You will find a caretaker, a mother, and a friend in me whenever you are in a need of any. For you are everything to me, I shall too be everything you need! Happy birthday!


11. The day you were born, our home did shine a little brighter!

Since then you have been the star of our home, our lives.

Happiest birthday to my little star, shine a little brighter.


12. I wish you a birthday full of sweet treats and surprises. I wish you find every present you wish for! Happy birthday little sister.


13. You truly are an innocent soul whose wishes are my commands, let me be your genie sister and I will never disappoint you. Happy birthday, sis!


14. Sending a lot warmer hugs and sweet treats your way to make your birthday a little extra cozy and sweet. Wish you a very happy birthday little sister.


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Funny Birthday Wishes For Little Sister:

15. Girl, if I had the power to skip your birthdays, I would, ‘cause growing up is no fun; trust me! But I can’t so happy birthday anyway!

Funny birthday wishes for little sister 


16. Today is a tough day because I have to remind myself that I am too the child of our mom dad but you have fun, it is your best day, happy birthday!


17. Not all the people who seem innocent are actually and you are one of them! I am waiting for you to surprise our parents with a version they don’t see coming; but happy birthday.


18. Girl, I pray that no matter what, God always keeps you protected because with the traits you have, trust me, you will need it the most! Happy birthday!


19. Sister, God had already blessed you with that innocent face to hide the little devil in you, of which you are taking full advantage; have fun, happy birthday!


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Happy Birthday to My Younger Sister:

20. I hope you unbox the happiness today and open the gates of wonderland; because that is the present a princess like you deserves! Happy birthday to my younger sister.

happy birthday to my younger sister


21. Happy birthday to my younger sister. Hopefully, your day is filled with the candies and people you love the most.


22. I hope the loving energy of God always protects you when I can’t. I wish his arms land you everything that you wish for when mine can’t! Happy birthday to my younger sister.


23. May God surprise you with the things you never asked for but hold the potential to make you the happiest! Happy birthday to my younger sister.


24. Girl, I wish you a day filled with magical dust making you feel like an angel because you so are! Happy birthday to my younger sister.


Birthday Wishes For Baby Sister:

25. May this day become the day of your dream and the years to come, a fairy tale. Happy birthday, baby sister.




26. All I desire is to see my sister growing gracefully and may God shower you with a ton of courage at every stage of life to do that! Happy birthday, baby sister.


27. Dear sister, May God bless you with a life that is similar to that of a Disneyland that I know you have dreamt of! Happiest birthday, baby sister.


28. To the most magical being in our family, I wish you a day filled with stardust to make your birthday a dreamy one! Happy birthday, baby sister.


29. For the abundant love I have for you, sister, I wish that God blesses you with the most blissful life for you deserve nothing but the best! Happy birthday, baby sister.


Happy Birthday, Baby Sister:

30. May the route you choose to walk on become a smooth trail because I can not see your baby feet get hurt! May God keeps protecting you and blessing you. Happy birthday, baby sister.

happy birthday baby sister


31. Honey, I wish the moment you blow the candles, you welcome nothing but the bundles of laughter and giggles to make your year ahead, the happiest! Happy birthday baby girl.


32. To the baby girl whom I would carry in my handbag if I could, for she is the cutest and I love her the most; I wish you a very happy birthday!


33. Happy birthday baby girl. May you grow without letting that childlike energy die and keeping that smile and innocence alive.


34. Happiest birthday baby girl! I pray that the divine stays by your side forever to hold you when you fall, to take care of you when we can’t, to nourish your soul when you can’t!


Happy Birthday Little Sister From Brother:

35. I may not be best at showcasing my love, but know that I love you as much as our parents do! To the best sister in the world, happy birthday, little sister.

happy birthday little sister from brother 


36. As your brother, I seek to protect you, I wish to be there for you always, and no matter how much you grow, I’ll be doing the same always. Happy birthday little sister.


37. If I could give you the world, trust me I would. If anyone loves you the most, trust me, it’s me. If it’s your birthday, I am here to wish you the happiest birthday.


38. To the most annoying sister who still manages to be the cutest, prettiest, and stays closest to my heart, happy birthday little sister.


39. Each year, on this day, you fill my eyes with tears reminding me that you are growing faster, but for me, you will always be my little princess. Happy birthday little sister.


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Happy Birthday Little Sister From Sister:

40. God has blessed me by letting me be a sister of a girl who is beautiful in and out. To the purest soul I know, happy birthday little sister!

happy birthday little sister from sister 


41. I pray that God helps you expand in every area of your life that you wish to! Your wish-fulfillment is my happiness! Happy birthday, little sis.


42. To be an elder sister of yours is truly a pleasure because I get to play any role to take care of you, to show you my love. Happy birthday little sis.


43. May God shield your every move and shower you with blessings with each step you take in life. Happy birthday, little sister.


44. As your elder sister, all I desire is to see you grow a tougher exterior than I could, to go to the places I couldn’t! Happy birthday, little sister.


Your little sister might be expecting some presents on her way but would definitely not be expecting heartfelt greetings from you. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on surprising her with anything but beautiful words and save these happy birthday little sister wishes.

Only if we would know how much power words hold, we would be using them wisely. Choose to be sensible and use words to bless your sister, to show her your love and care, and to let her know that her day is special.