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40+ Happy Early Birthday Wishes-Birthday In Advance

Happy Early Birthday Wishes: Birthdays are very special for everyone and it is very important to remember the big day and give your wishes. If your friend or a close one or a colleague has a birthday coming it might be a good thing to start wishing them in advance in case, you don’t get to wish on a special day or just because you want to make them feel extra special. Here are some beautiful and sweet happy early birthday wishes quotes you could use to make their birthday extra special and memorable for them.


Happy Early Birthday

Happy Birthday in advance, girl. I am wishing you in advance to let you know that I have not forgotten your big day.



I know how much you wait for your special day. So I am wishing you a very happy birthday in advance to add a little happiness to your wait.

happy early birthday


Guess what? I have a very special ready for you even though it is a surprise but I am giving you time to guess what it is.

happy early birthday


Normal people have one day special like their birthday. But since you are so extraordinary special, I am wishing you in advance.


I am sure there are many people to wish you a birthday. But, since you mean so much to me so I am wishing you in an advance way before anyone else.


A very happy birthday in advance to my most amazing friend. I am reminding you just in case you have forgotten.


I don’t know if you are planning a party for your birthday or not but in case you do not allow me to treat you to a special dinner on your birthday.



Just in case my alarm does not go off at the right time, I am wishing you a happy birthday before anyone just to be safe my friend.


I can imagine that you are pretty excited to get your gifts but have patience boy. Happy birthday in advance.


You are the most amazing person any person could befriend. So an amazing person like you deserves lots of happiness and here is some packed with my advance birthday wishes.


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Early Birthday Wishes

Each day on your birthday I am reminded of the blessing of God that he gave by making me your birthday since I was feeling grateful already here are some early birthday wishes.Happy birthday in advance.



Life is all about staying happy and making others too. I am wishing you a birthday in advance to see that smile on your face.


Hey, Darling I know it’s a bit early but I was feeling like I should wish you a good birthday already.


Your Birthday is like a festival for the whole family so happy birthday and gear up for the fun.


Your presence in my life has been my power bank and as your birthday approaches here I am wishing you an early birthday.


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Happy Pre-Birthday

I upset you last year by forgetting your birthday but I am not taking any risks this time. Happy pre-birthday celebrations.



My Dear! I know we cannot have a party because of the pandemic but I am already wishing you in advance for your birthday.


My love your big day calls for a big celebration. Happy Birthday in advance and get ready.


I am already excited about what the plan is for your coming Birthday. Many wishes by me beforehand.


Happy birthday in advance sweetheart. I am so sorry I might not be able to make it to your birthday so here are my wishes wrapped in love and care.


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Advance Happy Birthday

Having a friend like you is the most comforting for me among all the things. Happy Birthday in advance my girl.



I know you get quite busy on your birthday with all the people who are there to wish you. So, I am already wishing you a Happy Birthday in Advance.


Here are my birthday wishes coated with sweetness and love for you with lots of wishes. Happy birthday in advance.


You know how much your happiness means to me. So I am already wishing you for your birthday. Because you are very special.


Only a few days are left for your special day and I could not resist so Happy Birthday in advance.



Of all the stars in the sky, I want to give all of them just to you. Many blessings for your birthday in advance.


Happy Birthday in advance. Let me know what you want for a gift as I am having a hard time choosing one for you.


Guess what, another year has been added to your life and I know it has been a good year for you. Happy Early Birthday, honey!


Many many advance birthday greetings from me. Since you hate surprises so much there is a party planned, so be ready.


It is such a blessing to have a partner like you who has always been my motivation and support. Happy Birthday in advance.


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Happy Early Birthday wishes with Images

I just saw my calendar and guess what I see? Yes, it was your birth date that is just around the corner.



A man like you deserves a whole year of celebration. So I thought why not I should wish you in advance already.


Each year that goes by you is turning more beautiful and smarter. happy birthday in advance sweety!


Your special day is coming when you will get lots of gifts and blessings. I wanted to wish you in advance a special day.


The countdown has begun for the day we were blessed with an amazing prince like you, Happy Birthday in advance my boy.


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Happy Day Before your Birthday

Wow, only a day is left till the big day and I hope you are ready for all the surprises.



Only one day left for the celebration of your birthday to start don’t sleep early or it will ruin our surprise.


I know how excited you must be since only a day is left till your birthday. Get ready my girl!


In case you have forgotten tomorrow is your birthday so make sure you have time to enjoy yourself with us.


I know you have been waiting patiently since the month started and only one day is left for your 18th Birthday boy.


Every human being craves attention from their loved ones. We expect that the people who are around us care for our happiness and are aware of the things or special days like birthdays that matter to us a lot.