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35+ Sorry Messages For Friends – Perfect Apology Quotes

Sorry Messages And Quotes For Friends: Do you want to apologize to that beloved friend you have wronged or hurt? Apologizing to them through heart-touching sorry messages for friends is one good idea. Sending a message rather than apologizing physically makes the situation less awkward and tense.

It is human nature to err and make mistakes once in a while. Knowing and accepting the fact that you made a mistake is one step to reaching out to the other party and apologizing for your wrong. Your friend knowing you have accepted your mistake will feel better about what happened and accept your apologies one way or the other.


Sorry Quotes For Friend:

1. Sorry for behaving unreasonably and insensitive, I will be more careful with my words and actions.

Sorry quotes for friend


2. I am ready to accept any punishment for I deserve it for my childish behavior but please I am sorry accept my apology

Sorry quotes for friend


3. I sincerely regret my actions which resulted to creating a void in our friendship. I am sorry for my harsh words.

Sorry quotes for friend


4. My immature actions thrust you away from me my beloved friend, I hope my sincere apology will fill in the gap and bring us closer than ever. I am sorry dear.

Sorry quotes for friend


5. You are my best friend and confidant, I never meant to hurt you this way. Can you forgive me please, I miss you so bad?

Sorry quotes for friend


6. I messed up no doubt, and I understand how you feel for you have every right to feel that way. I am truly sorry for what I did.


7. I won’t let my ego stand in the way of our friendship, find a place in your heart to forgive me. I am sorry for all my silly behavior.


8. I don’t know how far a simple SORRY can go, I just want you to know that I sincerely regret my actions. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and undo my mistakes.

Sorry quotes for friend


9. Just like other humans, I have made a couple of mistakes in this life but none has made me more miserable like this. For the love of our friendship, please forgive me.


10. We can fight daily, weekly or monthly but I can’t bear you not talking to me. I am sorry for hurting you, my darling friend.


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Heart Touching Sorry Quotes For Best Friend:

1. Believe me when I say I lack words to express how sorry I am for not being there for you when you needed me the most. You know I love you and have your best interest at heart

Heart touching sorry quotes for best friend


2. Our friendship is so valuable to me that no matter the circumstances I wouldn’t want it to break. I am sorry for being a jerk.


3. Imperfect is what I am, and that doesn’t justify my mistake. Forgive me and let’s be happy as we use to be.


4. I know saying sorry won’t fix what I have done, but those are the only words that can convey how I feel right now. I am truly sorry.

Heart touching sorry quotes for best friend


5. Little did I know my actions were going to be hurtful but after realizing that your feelings were hurt, I feel bad and ashamed of my actions. I am sincerely sorry.


6. I appreciate and value you and our friendship, therefore I won’t let my ego stand in the way of me saying sorry for the bad treatment I gave you. You deserve better, I am sorry.


7. I know you are disappointed and I let you down after hearing all the hurtful things I said behind your back. I am truly sorry and will be glad if you forgive me.

Heart touching sorry quotes for best friend


8. No matter how sour our friendship gets; you still have a special place in my heart for all the nice things you have done. I am so sorry for everything I did in the past.


9. A true friend always sticks by you no matter the circumstances, I am sorry you have to deal with my mood swings.


10. You easily realized the lies I said I wish you can also realize the regret I feel in my heart right


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I Am Sorry Quotes For Hurting You, Friend:

1. It was unfair of me to make myself happy to the detriment of my friend’s happiness. I am sorry dear.

I am sorry quotes for hurting your friend


2. In every friendship, misunderstandings are bound to happen. I am sorry for my choice of words, I shouldn’t have said such horrible things to you.


3. I write with a deep sense of remorse for what I did. I promise never to hurt you again, I am truly sorry.


4. You have every right to get angry, but that was never my intention. I am sorry for hurting you.


5. It is perfectly ok to be angry with me for a while after hurting you but please don’t take long. I am sorry and I miss you.


Apology Quotes To A Friend:

1. I would have felt the same way or even worse if I were in your shoes. I apologize for making you feel bad.

Apology quotes to a friend


2. Find it in your heart to forgive me for I make mistakes that I cannot erase. Forgive me, please.


3. I will be glad if you can find a place in your heart to forgive me, my words were hurtful I should not have said that.


4. I am only but a human who is bound to make mistakes, I apologize for hurting your feeling this will never repeat itself.


5. You are mad at me that I know and I understand your reasons for it. I sincerely apologize for my shortcomings.


Sorry Messages For Best Friend:

1. Nothing in this world can come between our friendship, not even my silly mistakes. You can do anything but please don’t stay angry at your best friend.

Sorry messages for best friend


2. A good friend should not have acted the way I did. I promise I will make it up to you as soon as I am chanced. I am sorry.


3. You are that one friend I value so much. I feel awful and sorry for all the things I said and did and hope you find a place in your big heart to forgive your friend.


4. I know I should have been honest with you at the beginning. I am truly sorry and I promise to make it up.


5. I am sorry for the horrible things I did, and I hope you will one day forgive me for my mistakes. I am sorry dear.


A genuine friend is hard to come by, count yourself lucky if you’ve got one. Misunderstandings in every type of relationship are inevitable, you will hurt them and they will hurt you at some point. But when you know that friend is a kind and reliable one, never allow your ego to stand in the way when you wrong him or her. Burst that big ego and apologize.

Sending messages is one old but never out of fashion way of apologizing. You can go extra by writing these sorry messages for friends on a card and sending to that friend together with a bunch of some cute white roses.