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25 Heartfelt I Am Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

Are you looking for some heartfelt I am sorry messages for girlfriend? Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect words to express ourselves when our feelings get the best of us. We must understand that we fight sometimes but good lovers always go back to the way they were, no matter how bad the fight was.

Sometimes our ego can take over our heart and make things worse rather than fixing them. It is never good to make your girl cry and hurt her over silly things. No matter what your relationship looks like, you can get a sorry message for her from below and thank us later!


I’m Sorry Quotes For Girlfriend:

1. I never wish to hurt you intentionally, and when I see you hurt, my heart aches too. I am sorry for being so stupid and making you cry. Please forgive me.

I'm Sorry Quotes For Girlfriend


2. I know I act like a child and do things without thinking about the consequences. I realize that I was wrong and behaved like a fool. Please forgive me.

I'm sorry quotes for girlfriend


3. Anger only adds wrinkles to your face. You are too young, and fine lines do not look good on you. So please forgive me.



4. I am sorry that I got irrationally jealous. I should have acted more mature and should have been the man you deserve. Please accept my apologies.



5. Dear love, I never want to see you suffer, and knowing that I am the reason for your sadness makes me cry. Please forgive me for my silliness.


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Apology To Girlfriend:

6. I am extremely sorry for my awful behavior. I should have acted like the person who truly loves you. I promise you that I will change my ways. I am so sorry.

Apology to girlfriend


7. I am sorry that I hurt you. Though I might act operational at times, always know that I love you with all my heart. Please forgive me this time.


8. This fight made me realize that you are so important to me, and I will never do anything to mess things again. Please forgive me, my love.


9. I know sorry is a small word to compensate for what I did. How could I have been the one to cause you so much pain? I am so ashamed of myself. I am sorry for everything.

Apology to girlfriend


10. Sweetheart, our love is far stronger than the small fights we have right now. I know we will always mend things over such small issues. Please forgive me this time.


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Sorry Quotes For Her:

11. I take the first initiative to make things better between us. I know it was my fault and I did wrong, and I apologize for my behavior. I promise never to do it again.

Sorry quotes for her


12. I never wanted to let you down, but here I am, saying sorry for acting so stupid and breaking your heart. I am so sorry for my behavior.


13. I feel horrible knowing that I was the one who made you sad. I have never wanted this to happen and I promise never to do it again. Please don’t give up on us because of my stupid mistake.



14. I am willing to take any punishment you give me for my awful behavior. I know I have hurt you, and I never wish you do it again. I am so sorry.


15. My actions can not be taken back, but I can at least apologize for my behavior. I hope you know that I am as ashamed as can be for what I did.


Sorry Message For Girlfriend

16. My love, I am willing to wait for however long it takes for your forgiveness. You are the one in my heart, and I will do everything to amend things with you.



17. You are too precious, and I can not afford to lose you. Would you please let me mend things with you? Please find it in your heart to love me again.


18. You mean the world to me. I am so sorry for being rude and projecting my anger on you. I promise to work on myself for us. Please forgive me.


19. I know I was wrong, and I know that my action has hurt you. I am aware that it was me who made things worse. Please forgive me for my wrongs.


20. I am sorry, and I want to make it up to you. I am willing to do everything it takes for your forgiveness. Please forgive me for my rudeness.


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21. I promised never to make you cry, and I know I failed so miserably. I am sorry for everything I did and said. And I promise never to repeat it.



22. I will always be saddened by the fact that I made you cry. Never wished to put you in such a position. I am sorry for my behavior.


23. I know words do not diminish the pain I have caused you, but please believe me when I say I am sorry; I truly am.


24. I want to make it up to you. I will do anything for your forgiveness. Would you please give me a chance to prove myself once again?


25. Your silence is the worst punishment. I can only imagine the pain I put you through. I understand my mistake. Please forgive me.