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35+ Heartfelt Farewell Messages For Friends

Farewell Messages For Friends: If your heart is overwhelmed with emotions and your mind is paralyzed with a thought that your friend is moving then share these farewell messages to a friend. It could be your friend moving abroad, or to the next city or your colleague could be promoted to a new place, in any case, you are going to be at a distance with your friend. In such instances, it is natural to have no words to say.

However, it is not okay to see off your friend without saying some heart-warming words! This would be the moment that will stay very fresh in your friend’s mind and you should be making it special by sharing these farewell messages.


Farewell Message To A Friend:

1. I am not the one who knows how to showcase love, but I hope, the truth that you hold a significant space in my life no matter where you live, is known to you.

farewell message to a friend


2. I do not prefer saying goodbye, instead, I prefer promising a meeting again. Instead of making you look back, I prefer to wish you luck for the new journey you are embarking on.

farewell message to a friend


3. The comfort of you being around won’t be there anymore but my knowing that we’re only distant and our hearts will always be connected with the love is comforting.

farewell message to a friend


4. Routes of life have never been easy, but walking down those paths with you was fun. I’m looking forward to meeting you again in another time frame to make memories with you.

farewell message to a friend


5. Even when I spend the most time in solitude, I always carve out time to meet a friend like you; that much special you are to me. I hope at some crossroads, we’ll meet again.

farewell message to a friend


6. From having all deep conversations to doing all the stupid things, we have lived a span of time in which we both have seen each other crying and laughing. I will miss those days.


7. We have spent many chapters of life together. Now we are separating our ways to start a new chapter without each other, which is heart-breaking but promise me we’ll meet on another side.


8. I’ve locked up moments in my heart that I have spent with you, hoping that when I miss you, these moments will bring delight and warmth when you’ll be not around to do the same.

farewell message to a friend


9. The base on which our friendship has built can’t be shaken by the distance. Life might get in the way and we might not stay in touch but our souls would always remember each other.


10. Our little hideout places will not feel the same without you nor will bring that comfort and excitement without you. But I hope to see you soon to find new places to escape reality.


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Farewell Wishes For Friend:

1. To give you farewell is tough but to say goodbye forever is something I do not even consider; so we promise to stay in touch recalling old good old memories and making new ones.

farewell wishes for friend


2. Cheers to a new phase of life that you’re entering into. I wish you all the luck to succeed in your future endeavors. Just be yourself and you will uplift the energy there too!


3. If anyone can successfully define work collaboration, it is you! The new place you are going to should be ready to get elevated and reach new levels of success ‘cause they have our gem now.


4. Your witty tacts and quick advice would be missed the most but that you can still share with me because the workplace is changing, not our equation. But best of luck with a new journey.


5. Neither you have missed out on timelines nor on the quality of work till this very moment. For your undeniable dedication, we bid you this farewell to not only say goodbye but to thank you!


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Funny Farewell Message To a Friend:

1. You’re moving? Think once again, because if you do so, who we’ll blame for all the trouble we create? Think once again, for yourself this time because then, who is going to be your friend?

funny farewell message to a friend


2. I’m so happy for you. Till you have no problem calling me 10 times and face-timing me 5 times a day, and transferring money for my 3 meals in a day, I am very happy.


3. Before you move, we want to remind you of your responsibilities which include making new friends but not as close as us and sending us elegant gifts every month. Please, note them down.


4. Now let’s be serious, friends like us are hard to find. You are taking all these troubles for what? For losing us? I know, it’s hard for you to make clever decisions, but please think!

funny farewell message to a friend


5. I know you’re not a cry baby, but if you move everyone is going to tell you that. Now I know you’re not stupid, but if you move, I am going to reconsider my thought.


6. Let’s be real for a second. Do you think there will be people out there who will laugh at your stupid jokes too? Do you seriously think people other than us can tolerate you?


7. You can’t leave me alone.  Who’ll I go to in midnights with the tubs of chocolate ice cream to cry with? Who’ll listen to stories about me repeating the same mistake for the 11th time?

funny farewell message to a friend


8. You can go there and do whatever you desire to do. You can not only do two things, which are: not sending me presents on monthly basis and making a better friend than me.


9. I am truly happy for you and me. I mean now I do not have to pretend that you aren’t stupid enough to repeat the same mistakes multiple times to only look like a clown.


10. Once you move, we will lose the only trouble maker of our group. We are so happy for you and we feel so sorry for all the new friends you are going to make there.


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Saying Goodbye to a Friend:

1. As you are moving abroad, we won’t be able to have our regular meetups but we are gifted with the internet; so I hope we would not let distance get the best of our friendship.

saying goodbye to a friend


2. Your whole life would take a total shift as you’re moving and so I wish you luck to start that new phase of life and want you to keep old friends a part of it.


3. I wish you all that is needed to start this brand new phase. While life isn’t vanishing your old troubles but is certainly providing a new setting to work differently, take advantage of it.


4. The distance, the life, new friends, new colleagues, new culture, none of this is acceptable as a reason for you to not stay in touch. Embrace the change but don’t forget us.


5. We don’t know when next we’ll meet, so I want you to keep me and the moments you’ve spent with me alive in your heart, so next time when we meet, everything feels the same.


Farewell Quotes For Friends:

1. Cheers to our friendship that stayed solid through thick and thin. Cheers to the distance of these miles that will make us more emotionally connected than ever.

farewell quotes for friends


2. I’m thankful to God that he made me lucky enough to make memories with you. I’m even more thankful to him for distancing us to give us a chance to cherish those memories the most.


3. It is only the end of one phase of our friendship. There are many more to come.

It is only turning the page of the book. There are many more chapters to write.


4. We are lucky that our souls won’t acknowledge the distance.

We are truly fortunate that our friendship won’t be affected by miles of distance.


5. Only if you could read the hidden message in goodbye,

only if you can see tears behind the smile,

you’ll know that I am asking for a word from you to meet me again soon.


The time has come, and you do not know when next in the life this moment will come again and you will meet your friend. Is not that enough to make you feel like you should get the best out of this moment? Don’t you want your friend to keep you in mind no matter how much time passes by? Your answer must be yes. Then without waiting for a further, share these farewell messages to a friend.

Don’t forget to remind your friend that you wish to meet him/her soon. Oh, and don’t forget some tissues, too.