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35+ Farewell Messages to Boss To Say Goodbye

Most of our lives are spent in our offices and workplaces so it is very important to maintain a healthy and professional attitude especially your colleagues and boss. So, if your boss is leaving the office or he is retiring it is good to give him/her a sweet farewell so he knows how much you cherish the time you spent together. Egooven if you are leaving a sweet farewell would do good.

Such practices draw a very positive effect on people around you and this will show that you are always grateful for everything and everyone. Here are some great farewell messages for your boss that could help you out.


Farewell Messages to Boss

1. I was honored to get the chance to work with such a wise and kind person like you. The chance of working with you has been so great that I am feeling bad about leaving.



2. Very few people are born with the leadership qualities like you. It was my dream come true to work under your supervision and guidance. We all will miss you a lot.



3. Best of luck on your new journey. May you succeed by leaps and bounds and you get all that you deserve. Many good wishes to you.

Farewell messages to Boss


4. The way you trained us with such a friendly and calm attitude is so rare. It is no wonder that all your hard work is showing results. May you keep succeeding.


5. Having a mentor like you is a true blessing. I wish that wherever you go you get a lot of chances to progress in your life.


6. I was lucky enough to be able to work under your guidance. It is no doubt that you have polished my skills so well that now I am capable to compete on any level. Thank you.


7. It is no doubt that all of us will miss you a lot. Even when we are happy to see you grab a better opportunity yet our hearts are hurting to see you go.



8. A very warm farewell to the best boss I ever had. Thanks for giving me this learned experience with you. Wishing you good luck in your future.


9. Very few people are born with the qualities like you. You had been so warm yet so authoritative and we respect you a lot.


10. If ever I could give an award, I will surely be awarding you for being such a nice mentor. I am so grateful for all you did for me.


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Farewell Messages to Boss Who is Leaving

11. People with higher positions are often very much authoritative yet you never thought of us as low and we all respect you for that. Wish you good luck on your next journey.


12. It is hard not to be sad about the departure of a gem like you yet we surely will be friends even if you are no longer our Boss.


13. The news of you leaving has made all of us sad yet it makes us so happy to see you make so much progress in your career. We all wish you the best of luck.


14. If I am ever asked who has inspired me in my life then the answer surely will be you. There is still a lot that I could learn from you but I guess I will have to learn it some other way.


15. In our lives, we meet so many people yet there are not many who can leave an impression as you did. I am very confident that soon we will see you as an example for everyone.


Farewell Quotes For Boss

16. Leaving places to win new positions is an important lesson and I am hopeful that you May receive a better place than this.

Farewell Quotes for Boss


17. Goodbyes and Farewells have always been hard for me but here I am wishing you a very bright and fun future.


18. Farewell to the boss who made us learn what life is all about. We will be missing you so much.


19. Dear Boss it is true that since the first day I met you each day had been an amazing learning experience for me. Thank you.



20. Never have I seen a person who is so optimistic even in the worst of situations. Thank you for being so amazing in every way.


21. Meeting a sweet person like you is one of the best things that could happen to me since it made me a whole better person professionally.


22. A sweet goodbye to my mentor and a good friend too. Those who will benefit from your skills and talents are so much blessed.


23. Thank you for putting so much effort into us and teaching us what we could never learn on our own.

Farewell Quotes for Boss


24. Having a guru to learn from had been a blessing and it does hurt to say goodbye yet that is how life goes.


25. I am so grateful to you for being such an asset to all of us. We wish you the best of luck for what you strive for you.


Goodbye Messages to Boss

26. It is so hard to believe that it is your last day working with us but we are happy to see that you are working hard to pursue your dreams.



27. Unlike others, you have been a leader for us, not a boss and this has helped us grow a lot and I wish things could be like that forever.


28. You have taught us to see our talents and shortcomings so well that we now are better professionally than we used to be.


29. Thank you for being such a nice and patient person for me. You have all that is needed for success so best of luck!


30. When I was hired, I was so nervous but you have guided me so well that now I am confident both in my life and my career.


Boss Leaving Messages

31. Thank you for all the hard work you did and the effort you put in us even when you could choose not to do us. Best of luck with everything!



32. The amount of hard work you do is unimaginable and it feels so good to be part of your team. May God bless you a lot.


33. You are such a great person and there is certainly warm and positive vibe of yours that makes it so easy to trust and depend on you.


34. I wish that you get to work in a better environment with more talented and hardworking people.


35. Congratulations on completing your career in such flying colors. You are a true inspiration for all dreamers like us. Thank you!


When a boss who has treated you well and you have been learning from him/her is leaving then it is good manners to give them a sweet farewell message. In order to honor their efforts and hard work, here is our collection of words to send your boss a nice farewell message.