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30+ Heart Touching Thank You Messages For Friends

Friends save you when no one else can. Friends stand by you through thick and thin. We’ve come up with these thank you messages for friends , so that you can showcase your gratitude to them. 

The only people who owe us big time are our friends because they always wish the best for us. They’re our silent cheerleaders(and sometimes the loudest) but you know that they’ve got your back in every situation. 

Surely our friends know deep down how dear they’re to us but all of us need that little reminder. Hence, if you want your friends to know how much thankful you’re for their presence in your life, then without further ado, share these messages.


Emotional Thank You Text for Friends:

1. Your words of wisdom have saved me in rough times and words of encouragement have made me keep going in the tough times. Thank you for always being there in times of need.



2. I don’t thank you enough but let this message be a reminder that I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have a friend like you in my life whom I can call family.

Thank You Messages for Friends


3. During the times in which you were with me, not even people with blood ties stood with me. Thank you for being such a good friend and a genuine human being.

thank you messages for friends support


4. Thank you for lessening drama from my life and being the reason for my peace. Everyone needs a friend like you.

thank you messages for friends for helping


5. Thank you for being such a supportive friend. You’ve stood by me in the times when I needed someone to rely on and it means a lot more to me than you know.

Thank You Messages for Friends


6. Thank you for being there always in the rain and shine. You’re a true and rare gem. I’m so grateful that I’ve found you as my best friend.


7. Friends like you make life better and easier. You’ve made me laugh in the misery and given me the strength to move forward in times of despair. Thank you for everything.


8. You’ve been a refugee in troublesome times. You not only have played the role of my best friend but of a brother(/sister), a guide, and a cheerleader. Thank you so much for everything.


9. You inspire me so much every day. By only being you, you motivate me. I’m so glad that I have a friend like you whom I can look up to because it’s rare. Thank you.


10. A true friend would always stay loyal to you like a family does. And you’re a living example that friends like that exist. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend of mine.


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Thank You Quotes for Friends

1. I am writing this to you to let you know that you have been a beautiful addition to my life. Thank you for being a great friend.



2. When I think of the blessings God has given me, I always count you as one too. You have always been a wonderful friend to me, thank you.

Thank You Quotes for Friends


3. On all my dark and sad days, you come out like a beacon of hope and light for me. Thank you for always being by my side, I love you.



4. I love you, my dear friend, Thank you for being yourself. You have always been a pillar of support for me and I cannot thank you enough for that.


5. I love you, my dear friend, Thank you for being the fun and crazy person I can run to whenever I want a break from the seriousness of life.


6. Today I want to say thank you to my dear friend. You have stuck by me in all my highs and my lows and for that, I cannot ever repay you. Now, don’t ask me to get you food!


7. This is a message of love to the one person who has been my support system since day one. You have been as solid as a rock for me and I love you for that. Dear Friend, Thank you.

Thank You Quotes for Friends

8. Thank you to my lovely and annoying friend. Thank you for being my friend and for always updating me with all the gossip. I love you.


9. I just wanted to say thank you for all the times that you have managed to pull me out of sadness and helped me out, even when it’s opening jars for me. I see it all and I love you.


10. When love partners would come and go, you are the only person who has wiped my tears and made me laugh so much I would have teas coming out of my eyes. Thank you, I love you.


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Thank You Messages for Friends 

1. Thank you for being my friend, by having you by my side, there has never been a dull moment. You add fun and happiness to every aspect of my life.



2. With you, by my side, I can be sure of having good times and with you, by my side, I know there is nothing bad that I can’t face.


3. You have always shown me what true friendship looks like, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, all these years! I love you.


4. I just wanted you to know that this friendship means so much to me. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t met you.

Thank You Messages for Friends


5. Thank you for making this world a beautiful and happier place for me, I can’t wait to cling to you all my life, you’re not allowed to get tired of me!


6. All these years of being together and I still can’t get enough of you. You better believe I am going to annoy you for a long, long time now.


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7. Thank you for listening to me cry and keeping my secrets. You have raised the standard of friendships for me so much that I don’t think I will ever be able to find a friend like you ever again.


8. I want to tell you that I am grateful for you and your existence in my life. I know that saying it will never feel enough so I am going to show you my gratitude through love every day of my life. Thank you, my dear friend.



9. I am glad we are the sort of friends who don’t have to talk every day but when they do talk it’s like nothing ever changed and no time passed. Thank you for being the best friend ever.


10. It is because of you that I have never faced a lonely moment, I will forever be grateful for your companionship and your stupid jokes! I love you, thank you for being a great friend.


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Save the above-mentioned thank you messages for friends because they will help you showcase your gratitude to your friends like nothing else. Even your crazy friends need words of affirmation. If you affirm your friendship and gratitude to them this way, you’d catch them feeling awe. Don’t hold back or shy away, and send them the messages that resonate with you.