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45+ Heart-touching Rest In Peace Quotes And Messages

Death is a rebirth. While the person who left this planet will rest in peace, you’ll need time to recover from loss and go through five stages of grief. For instances when the pain is overbearing and you miss them so much but feel helpless then use one of these rest in peace quotes to give the last push to free his/her soul from the chains of this physical realm.

Finding the correct rest in peace quotes is challenging, but maybe we can help you. This article lists some of the quotes you can use when mourning the departed that will help you express your love and respect that can match your emotions.

Loosen up your grip over them and free their soul to let them wander in the heavenly realms and have faith that a part of them always lives within you so you can never actually lose them totally. Give them the allowance to rest in peace.


Quotes About Rest In Peace:

1. You’ve left this planet only to live in the stardust. As you’ve always lived the way you wanted to, you can now sleep peacefully in eternity. RIP to the wisest soul I knew.

Rest in peace quotes And messages


2. Not your body is only buried and it’s not only the ashes you’re taking with you but a bundle of wisdom that your soul will have access to all the time. Rest in peace.

Rest in peace quotes And messages


3. Maybe now you can rest in peace as you know we all are here crying the mountains for you and you’ve left an imprint of kindness and love on the souls you met, RIP.

Rest in peace quotes And messages


4. Rest in peace, sir(/ma’am). To lose a guardian like you is losing the roadmap to our entire lives. We hope you as a guardian angel will always come when in need.



5. We’ve lost one of the most beautiful earth spirits to the garden of Eden. You’ll rest in eternity but your absence here on the earth would be very loud for the coming years.



6. Only if you knew how much you were the glue to this family, you wouldn’t have chosen to go so soon but it was time for you to have the peaceful and longest nap. RIP.


7. You might not be with us physically but emotionally and mentally, you’ll be always an inch away. Our memories and emotions will always, keep a part of you alive. Rest in peace.


8. It’s the ending of a certain time frame for you to be accessible and exposed to everything and every being but you still are accessible to those who know where to look for you.


9. Your light will always stay alive within us as it has touched the deep roots of our souls. There will never be a goodbye because part of you lives within our souls.


10. From here your one journey ends and another begins. Sadly, we won’t be part of the other one but this one was one hell of a ride. Rest in peace.


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Rest in Peace Quotes

I may not be able to hold you anymore in my arms, but I will forever hold your memories in my heart. You will be missed. Goodbye, rest in peace.


I was in shock when I heard the passing away of your father. He was a man of honor, and he will always remain with us in our memories. He is in a better place.


I am so sorry for your loss. May you and your family find strength in these dark times. I pray the departed soul to reside by the side of the Almighty.


The one who left us has already gone from this world but will always remain in our memories and prayers. May the departed soul rest in peace.


Among all the good things in life, you were one of the best. I will cherish every moment with you. Rest in peace.


I never expected you would leave so early and in this way. I can hardly stop myself from crying. You will always be with me in my heart. Rest in peace.


I will live with all the memories I have with you. I have no words to express my grief. I pray God gives us the strength to overcome this loss. Rest in peace.


Whenever I feel like crying, I remind myself how much you hated tears. Now when you are gone forever, I don’t know if I will be able to hold my tears. Rest in peace.


I will always ask God why he had to punish me in this way. You were the only one I had, and I am deeply affected. Rest in peace.


I still can not believe that you are no more in this world. I want to see you one more time and hold you in my arms. Rest in peace.


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Rest In Peace Messages

It is a very painful moment for me; your memories will always remain fresh in my mind till the end of time. Goodbye, rest in peace.


I know you will always keep a close eye on me and your loved ones from heaven. I will make sure to make you proud. Rest in peace.


You lived every moment of your life without any regrets. You enjoyed your life to the fullest. You died as a satisfied soul. Your soul shall rest in peace.


What is gone is gone. There is nothing we can do to change this fact. Though you are gone from this world, you will remain forever in my heart. Rest in peace.


Your untimely demise has created a vacuum in my life. A part of me is lost as you are gone. I will miss you a lot. Rest in peace.


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RIP Quotes

Losing the people you interact with can cause emotional turmoil and distress to the point of one breaking down.  When our loved ones leave us forever, it is a heartbreaking moment. We become so shocked and pained that we fail to find some words for saying them a last goodbye or to pray for a peaceful afterlife for them.


I cannot imagine how life will be now without you. I was not prepared for this loss at all. You will be sadly missed. Rest in peace.


I will miss your presence every day. The vacuum which has been created will always exist with me. Rest in peace.


You had the brightest smile and the most cheerful personality. It’s hard to believe that you are no more amongst us. May you rest in peace.


I was never prepared for this, and nothing in this world will ever be able to prepare me for this. I wish I had a little more time with you. Rest in peace.


You helped me in every situation. You were always there to support me and right my wrongs. I owe you my whole life, mom. Nothing will be the same without you around. Rest in peace.


You inspired me to be a better person in every way possible. You made me who I am today. Your absence will forever haunt me. Rest in peace.


You may not be around physically, but you and your memories will live with us till the end of time, and you will always be remembered. Rest in peace.


I wish to see your face and hear you laugh one last time before we say a final goodbye. I know it’s not possible, but I wish I could. Rest in peace.


Not only did I lose you, dad, but I also lost my only friend who kept protecting me without any motive. I will never be able to forget you. Rest in peace.


Just come back to me once. If it’s possible, please return to me and gig me tightly like you always did. I want you back. Rest in peace.


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RIP Death Quotes

Death is natural. It happens to everyone, but I didn’t want it to happen this soon. I wanted to live with you a little more. Rest in peace.


Death will never be the reason for our separation. I know you will ways look after me from where you are, and I will always have you in my memories. Rest in peace.


I spent the best days of my life with you. My heart will forever cherish the moments I have spent with you. Rest in peace.


Never thought that this could be the last I could see you. Thank you for all the amazing memories. Rest in peace.


God took you away from us because he missed his angel. I know you are in a better place, and you will always be with us. Rest in peace.


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Gone Too Soon Rest in Peace Quotes

I will never be ready to say goodbye forever. Though life has made its decision, I will never let you out of my memories. Goodbye, rest in peace.


Your loss has left a void that no one can fill. Even the death mourns today for the loss of a great human like you. Goodbye, rest in peace.


Nothing breaks my heart other than living in a world where you no longer exist. Life is cruel, but it must go on. Goodbye, rest in peace.


You touched the hearts of so many who owes you a lifetime of gratitude. This is only a goodbye for now and until we meet again in heaven. Rest in peace.


I wish we had more time to do all things we said we could do together. With you, gone life doesn’t fascinate me like it used to. Goodbye, rest in peace.


Sympathy messages, thoughtful bouquets, and cards are some of the things which make grieving easier. Death should not erase the memories you have of the departed. Rest in peace quotes not only warm one’s heart but also make dealing with the loss bearable. We hope you found the one which eases your pain.