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25+ Heart-touching Husband Hurting Wife Quotes

The husband hurting wife quotes are the quotes that you can use to express the emotional turmoil a wife goes through when their husband does not love or care for them.

A wife sacrifices a lot to maintain a healthy relationship with their husband and to keep their household peaceful and loving for their children. When husbands don’t appreciate their wives’ efforts and hurt them, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, the pain is still immeasurable. It doesn’t matter whether you are hurt emotionally or physically because it is equally hurtful.

It’s not that every husband hurts their wife by doing something. Sometimes a simple lack of communication leads to all the trouble.


Quotes On A Husband Who Hurts Wife

#1. We married each other in good faith and vowed to stay together, but now it seems like we can’t even pretend to be able to be near each other.



#2. It hurts when the person who promised to love you unconditionally decides to do otherwise. He even goes as far as to pretend that he can’t hear your cries.



#3. Loving you was a losing game, indeed. But it was not a game for me, but you treated it as if it was like a plaything of a kid.



#4. I always wish we could still laugh at each other’s jokes like we used to, but when did you grow so distant from me that now you don’t understand my words too?



#5. Hurting me has become such a natural thing for you now that you don’t even notice it. It feels like I’m standing alone in the middle of a busy street.



#6. I pretend that your words don’t hurt me. I’m not breaking even though you are still pretending that my tears are invisible enough to see.


#7. I wanted to start a new life with you, full of love, dreams, and wishes, but then you changed and started to suffocate me with your fake hugs and kisses.


#8. Please tell me that it will get better and things will change because I will not be able to live like this forever until I die from old age.

Quotes On A Husband Who Hurts Wife (5)


#9. Even though you hurt me as every living being breathes, I have still forgiven you and have tried to put all my pain away, only to make you smile and please.


#10. Living a life full of pain has become a chore and routine now. But I still hope, someday, you will realize and respect our wedding vows.


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Marriage Husband Hurting Wife Quotes

#1. All I ever wanted was to spend my life with you in bliss. But you left me alone in this abyss. It is weird, but it is our past moments that I miss.



#2. I still feel that you will realize your mistake and come back. But to be honest, I know that you have burnt the bridge and created a lack.


#3. You have hurt me so badly that I feel like spending my life sadly. You could never love me, but I still love thee.


#4. I wish you would have told me the reason behind your treason. It would have lessened the pain that my heart had gained.



#5. You were my husband, my companion, and my friend. Or so I had imagined in vain. Your words shot arrows and left my heart filled with sorrow.


#6. Broken things can never be fixed together perfectly. Your words have broken our relationship completely. Once spoken, you can never take back your words like the arrow of a bow neatly.


#7. The best gift a husband could give his wife is love and time. Couples should invest enough time in their relationship to understand each other better anytime.



#8. Marriage is not an easy journey. It has its hardships and challenges, but that doesn’t mean one should accept unfair behavior in a relationship this early. In marriage, mutual respect is mandatory.


#9. A true gentleman can never hurt his wife. Love and care are the only things a wife expects from his husband to survive. A man who loves his mother should also respect his wife.


#10. Divorce is not a bad thing. Staying in an unhappy and abusive relationship is far more damaging. Loneliness is better than staying with bad company. Next time, choose your partner wisely.


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Neglecting Wife Hurting by Husband Quotes

#1. Why do you have to keep away from me? I am your wife, but all you have done is neglect me. I wish you could see how sad and tearful you have made me.



#2. This life with you was my biggest treasure, but you have neglected me beyond measure. I wish you could feel my pain and anguish as I languish.


#3. Your constant unkind gaze shows your dire neglect towards me. Are you this blind that you can’t see how your utter disregard has affected me?


#4. I don’t know what I had done to deserve this because your neglect destroyed my bliss. Now, I miss those wonderful days when our life was an oasis.


#5. A little attention is all I need, but you are so unkind that you pay me no heed. In this life, your neglect is the biggest cause of strife.


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Final Sayings:

The husband hurting wife quotes will show what happens when a relationship based on love, trust, and mutual respect turns out to be a relationship where one person continuously hurts the other. Quotes can sometimes pull out the essence of a particular situation that an individual is going through. It might not be ideal to have solace in these quotes, but they might help to understand that this hurt is also part of the relationship, and one needs to have faith that everything will be happy, loving, and peaceful in the household again.