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25 Best What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes

You may have heard the proverb what you sow, so shall you reap. It is nothing but the basic understanding of karma, which in another way can be put as what goes around comes around. This phrase explains nothing but the law of cause and effect. The literal meaning of the word karma is activity.

You can divide karma into a few simple categories, good, bad, collective, and individual. The statement is essential in our day-to-day life. It means the input onto something will bring out the output. Some people repeatedly hurt or misbehave with others, knowingly or unknowingly. They need to know the consequences through these quotes.

Similarly, some good people deserve the goodness in their lives as they spread. The labor of fruits can be sweet and sour, depending on your actions. People can avoid misdeeds for a short while, but not for long.


What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes

#1. Life is a vicious cycle of action and reaction. Remember, every action comes with an equal and opposite reaction. One day you will get paid for hurting my emotion.

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes


#2. Sooner or later, karma will show those who did you wrong for nothing. Don’t take things into your hand because karma is watching everything. Remember, what goes around, comes around, too, darling.

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes


#3. Within the vicinity of what goes around, remains the severity and magnitude of what comes around. One day you will get paid on your own ground.

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes


#4. As you give to the world, so do you get the return. Karma indeed works like a boomerang. One day everything will come to you, with a bang!

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes


#5. Believe it or not, karma & destiny have a role to play in our life. If you are dishonest, in the future, there will be strife. One day you will be killed by your own knife.

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes


#6. Remember, karma is a grim teacher. God has not only made us but planned the life of his beloved creature. So, one day you will get paid by your own coin, dear.


#7. Nothing good can occur from anything bad. If you’ve wronged someone, you will suffer—this is true, although sad. One day everything will come around and torture you until you are mad.


#8. You should treat others with kindness, and spread hope and love. Only then, good things will happen to you, and blessings will be showered on you from above.

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes


#9. The order is quite simple: Take less than you give. The more goodness you send away, the more you will receive. What goes around always comes around because karma will never deceive.


#10. Silently do good things for others as life unfolds in the avenue. Good things will always come back to you, Like every morning’s fresh drop of dew.


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Quotes About What Goes Around Comes Around

#1. One injured person can still forget about his pain easily, but an insulted person can never forget his insult. Remember, what goes around comes around with a harsh result.

Quotes About What Goes Around Comes Around


#2. Do not ignore a helpless person because remember, every person will feel helpless at some point in their life. So, try to help others always, God will also help you to survive.


#3. In the future, the person who will hurt you the most can be someone very close to you. After all, what goes around will come around without any clue.


#4. Life is like a picture drawn by a pen, whose no area can be erased by a rubber. Your uncontrollable actions will be dangerous for others. But you will suffer the most because it will come around without many wonders.

Quotes About What Goes Around Comes Around


#5. Living peacefully in a mud hut is much better than living in a palace without peace. So, choose your actions wisely because it comes back to you like a chronic disease.


#6. If you are not honest yourself, you will see everyone as untruthful. Your attitude shows your true nature that is unfaithful. So be careful, as what goes around comes to you, too, beautiful.


#7. The deepest sea makes the lowest sound while flowing from tall. What goes around will come around to you, doll. Just wait and watch, standing in the stall.


#8. The happiness of love stays for a short time, but the pain in love is there forever. However, you cannot take advantage of it forever. You will get paid for your actions, dear!

Quotes About What Goes Around Comes Around


#9. A genuine person will always accept the life changes and accordingly change himself. You will have to wait because your actions will come to you as your award on the shelves.


#10. Today I am drowning in sadness. But one day, this sadness will turn into gladness. Remember, you will get payback for your actions, and I will have no limits for happiness.


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Meaningful What Goes Around Comes Around Sayings

#1. To be successful in life, you need to know more than others, work more than others and expect less from others. Also, you have to stop holding grudges because karma will pay them in their own coin, dear!

Meaningful Qhat Goes Around Comes Around Sayings


#2. Helen Keller said, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” However, when you are wronged, wait for the time that is right. What goes around comes around when you put up the fight!


#3. Without dreams, life becomes meaningless, so keep them with your goal. Be good to others, and better will happen to you because, in your life, karma has a significant role.


#4. Science is not against God’s divination. Science says every action of yours comes with an opposite but equal reaction. The Almighty wink at karma, and the latter smiles in celebration.


#5. The people who didn’t help in my need, I am grateful for your deed. I know one day you will be grateful to me. When karma pays you back, I will stand in the back and see.


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Final Word:

Whatever we do and say to others determines what will happen to us in the future. If we act honestly and help people, we will get the price for this. On the other hand, if we are dishonest and hurt others, we will be treated with dishonesty and suffer. You can summarize this in one line as ‘what goes around comes around, which is the metaphor of karma.

Remember that all things are recorded and manifest as a karmic reaction. People are sure to get the results in this life; or a future life. We need to be good and do good because, in the end, we are answerable to ourselves for our deeds. You can use these quotes to illustrate the fact to someone.