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25 You Deserve The World Quotes For The Love Of Your Life

You Deserve The World Quotes: The bond you share with your loved ones is about love and care. You have everyone by your side at a good time, but it’s only in times of our difficulty that we know who is close to us. If you think someone is so close that you don’t want to lose, remind them that you are by their side in every up and down with these ‘‘you deserve the world‘ quotes.

No matter what kind of relationship we talk about, parents/ children/ siblings/ grandparents/ family/ lovers/ spouse/ friends, they help us to live and not merely exist. No matter how successful we are, in the end, we need someone to fall back on. We need people around us who can understand us, accept us, and give us space to express our minds.


You Deserve The World Quotes:

#1. Remember, you need to pay for everything. In this world, only the grace of God is free and nothing. Those who hurt you will get what they deserve. You have the whole world for you in reserve.

You Deserve The World Quotes


#2. I know you don’t need to settle for anything. I pray that you deserve everything. Please do not lose hope, darling, because you deserve the world and nothing.

You Deserve The World Quotes


#3. Failure is needed for success. It makes you strong and holds your base. Not all of us can achieve the first rank. Does it mean we give up and sit blank? The world is waiting here for you. It deserves none but only you.

You Deserve The World Quotes


#4. I feel there is no one for your match. Have faith in time, and I’m sure whatever is yours, you will snatch. I just hope you have the world because that’s your catch!You Deserve The World Quotes


#5. To my eyes, you are the woman with the most beautiful heart. A journey together, we will start. Life will be better one day. You will have the entire world for you, I pray.

You Deserve The World Quotes


#6. I know you are hurt by his behavior. Until yesterday, he was your lover. Trust me, you deserve better. You deserve the world and an honest man who loves and care.


#7. None but you can protect yourself from evil. When storms surge in, hold strong the anvil. You have the strength to have the world in your favor. You deserve it, forever.


#8. If someone dares to lose you, I guarantee he will not find another one like you. Baby, don’t fear. In every up and down, I’ll be there. You deserve this whole world, just remember!

You Deserve The World Quotes

#9. I know you suffered a lot. Yet, you took revenge not. You deserve respect and admiration. Not such damnation! You deserve the world because you are such an inspiration.


#10. Darling, you deserve the moon, the stars, the ocean. Dear, you are but my expectation. The world will bow to you without any confrontation.


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You Deserve The World’s Sayings:

#1. You can’t daydream and sleep. Remember, you deserve the world only when you take that leap. So, give your coffee a big sip, and take your life in full grip.

You Deserve The World's Sayings


#2. Baby, be strong and move forward. Remember, you are the center of mama’s little world. I, for you, can make the world swirl because I know you deserve the whole world, my little girl.


#3. Ray of hope arrives in the morning after the darkness of night. The world will be yours once you start to fight. You deserve the world and all the light.


#4. Believe what you want to hear. Have courage in your mind, not fear. Only then will you deserve the world, dear. Where exploiting you will be a dare!


#5. You have loved others and now love yourself a bit. Everyone betrays, but you can’t cheat. One day you will own this world, and it’s every bit.


You Deserve The World Quotes for Her:

#1. The meaning of saying goodbye is nothing. The time we spent together is significant, not how we are retreating. Hope you get someone better. You deserve the world, dear. With that note, do take care.

You Deserve The World Quotes for Her


#2. To know someone deeply, you need to feel the harshness. To grow, you need to face problems. To achieve something, you need to lose. But remember, you deserve the world, no matter what you choose.


#3. The most precious gift for a person in a relationship is time. So, girl, stop crying over someone who never cared for you in this life. You deserve more than that, you deserve the world, anytime.


#4. My thoughts about you being strong were wrong. Why bleed sitting on the prong? You are the best babes. You deserve the world and its waves!


#5. Until you meet your second love, your first love will always seem to be perfect. But you don’t deserve the perfect, my girl. You deserve the world! And this is not a big secret!


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You Deserve The World Quotes for Him:

#1. Your love, not loving you back, is like hugging a cactus plant. Holding it tight will hurt you, and this remains constant. So, stop hugging because you deserve the world, man, and on this note, pull up your shirt and pant!

You Deserve The World Quotes for Him


#2. I know the mirror is your only friend because it doesn’t laugh when you cry. But don’t worry, dear, you will get the best when you try. You deserve the world, and when I say that, don’t be shy.


#3. Nothing hurts more than the truth of your relationship. You were everything, but your partner was nothing to you in this partnership. I hope you get every happiness that you deserve. The world is there for you in reserve.


#4. I think if you love someone truly, you cannot be selfish. And I know you had always prioritized the other person’s happiness over your own wish. So, stop being in pain because the world is here to embrace you with a kiss.


#5. She was the first person in your life who gave you a lot of happiness. But she was also the first person to hurt you with this immense sadness. You deserve the world, man, so get out of this madness.



You must show your loving and caring nature when you share a close bond with someone. Be someone that your loved ones feel there is a shoulder to place their head on when they need to. True, the road of love is not all smooth. There are trials and tribulations like other relations as well. Yet, it’s a mutual understanding and friendship, making it all the more beautiful. Thus, we have sorted these “you deserve the world quotes” to smoothly let your dear ones know how much you love them.

It is a tough time when the person we love stays far. We can’t see them, but we can feel their presence in our life. In such situations, we can write to them. Stay by your near ones emotionally when you can’t be there physically. Express your love and showcase your feelings with ‘you deserve the world’ quotes.