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Death Anniversary Quotes And Messages

Death Anniversary Quotes: The pain of loss can be excruciating and heavy on the heart. Does not much one can say or express when they lose someone they love. This goes without saying that death anniversaries can be one of the most painful days of the year. This is why it’s even harder to let your emotions out in words. We have come up with death anniversary quotes that will help you channel your emotions. We understand that it won’t lessen your grief. But, definitely help you put your grief in words and give you the comfort of expressing it in a healthy way.

Death Anniversary Quotes


Death Anniversary Quotes

Not a single day passes by without thinking about you and the bond we shared. You were a very special person to me. On your death anniversary, I want to mention that you will forever remain in my heart. Miss you with every single breath!


The most difficult thing that happened to me was to part my way with you. It broke my heart. But, I am healing now with the comfort that it’s not the end. I remember you with a hope that we will meet again.



Your death anniversary reminds me that life is short, temporary and fleeting. It feels like only yesterday when I met you first and it pains my heart that I had to say goodbye so early.


I regret loving you, at times. Had I not loved you so much, I would not have missed you this miserably after your death. I hope I get to see you on the other side.


Throughout your lifetime, you made many faces smile and comforted many hearts in pain. Now, even after you are gone, your deeds live through those lives you touched.


I mean to keep you alive through my memories of you, through my prayers, through my wishes of seeing you again. On your death anniversary, all I wish for you is to rest peacefully, until we meet again.


It’s been some time since you left this world but that has not lessened the pain somehow. Your memories are still fresh and we remember you every day. I hope you are watching over us from heaven.

Death Anniversary Quotes


This world was difficult for you when you were alive. Now that you are gone, you often cross my mind. I hope you are living in a place better and more beautiful.


A few years ago, the news of you leaving us on this very day shook us. It’s your death anniversary and I want to tell you that though the shock has passed, the grief has remained. Someday we will meet and I will tell you all about it.


It is quite difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer by my side. I hope that even if you are gone, I can keep you with me through the memories we shared. Missing you so very much!


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Remembrance Messages Death Anniversary

Losing a loved one can leave a void in our hearts. There is nothing that can fully cover-up that void but we can channel it in a better direction by remembering them always. Your death anniversary is the perfect time to remember all the good times we spent together!



This past year has been the longest and the most miserable time I ever spent. I hope there is a Heaven and you are there to see me again. I remember you always until we meet again!


It’s been a year of you leaving us and moving on to the next life. I hope you found in that world everything you couldn’t find here. On your death anniversary, I wish that you are in peace finally.


I can never forget you or your smile, your bad jokes, your kind heart and your compassion towards me. A year has passed since you are gone from this world and I’m still lost in your memories, remembering you every single moment.



It’s so difficult to live without you. I didn’t choose this life and yet, here I am, a year after you are gone, hoping that you would meet me in my next life again.


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Death Anniversary Message

My heart and my soul will always be wounded by your loss. It has been a year since you said goodbye to all of us. I hope heaven is treating you well.

Remembrance Messages Death Anniversary


Time is measurable but the loss of a person and the grief is immeasurable. Today is your first death anniversary but there is no limit to the grief felt for it.


It’s okay to be sad about losing your loved ones. It’s okay that even after a year, you still miss them. That’s what makes us human. The best we can do is remember all the good times we spent with them and cherish the memories.


They say your love for a person is seen in the grief after they are gone. On your death anniversary, I miss you terribly. I hope you are enjoying your time in heaven. When my time here will be over, I will join you too.

Death Anniversary Message


Today is your death anniversary. It’s the day when you decided to end your time here and move on to the next. I hope your new world is the heaven of all happiness.