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17 Best Funeral Invitation Wording And Messages

Sending funeral invitations is not an easy task as it might weigh heavy on the person dealing with grief. Hence here are some examples of funeral invitation wording and messages you can take help of to write funeral invitations accordingly.

You can use these messages to inform your family, friends, colleagues, and any dear ones about the accident via invitation cards or even text messages. Our sincere condolences are with you. We send you all the love and strength required to grieve the loss. This shall pass. If you need to send your prayers to the deceased one, we have that too stored on our main page which you can have a look at later.

Funeral Invitation Wording And Messages


Death Ceremony Invitation Message

#1. With sorrow, we want to let you know that _____’s soul has departed. To give his/her soul peace, we’re having a ceremony. We hope to see you there as you were dear to _____.


#2. Today was the last day of _______ with us. His/her soul has left us to go to higher realms. We’re having a funeral. We want you to be part of this ceremony, please come.


#3. We never know what the future holds for us and we didn’t see this coming. We can’t change the course of fate but to say goodbye to_____, we expect to see you at the funeral.


#4. We weren’t ready for this. As ______ has left this world, to mourn the loss of a kind, caring, and loving being, please come to ______ to say our final goodbye to____.


#5. _____’s loss has left us feeling dejected and defeated. We couldn’t save him/her but can pray for the soul to rest in peace. Please come to the funeral to say the prayers with us.


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Funeral Invitation Text Message

#1. Today we lost the strongest being who fought till his/her last breath. To honour him/her, we’re having a funeral that we want you to be a part of. Please do visit us.

Funeral Invitation Text Message


#2. While it will take years for us to recover from the loss of ______, we’re having a funeral today to let our hearts mourn. We hope to see you there.


#3. With great sorrow, we want you to know that _____ is no longer with us. We invite you to be at the funeral to send your prayers to____ to set his/her soul free.


#4. We didn’t see this coming. Life threw a curveball and devastating it is that we weren’t prepared. Despite all the efforts, we couldn’t save ____. Please do your visit to his/her funeral.


#5. The lifespan of _____ was short! He/she had the best time on earth and in the hope to make the soul rest in peace in heavenly realms, we’re hosting a funeral, please be there.


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Funeral Invitation

#1. With a dreadful heart, we’re announcing that the kindest soul we knew has left this planet. And we invite you to his/her funeral to say your last goodbye.

Funeral Invitation


#2. Perhaps the nicest people leave this planet earliest because God doesn’t want them to be a part of this cruel world for the longest. Please come to see ____ before we bury him/her.


#3. As you were the person ______ talked about dearly and loved you wholeheartedly, this is the toughest news to deliver. But ______ has departed. We’ll be waiting for you at the funeral.


#4. We might not ever overcome this feeling of guilt that we couldn’t save _____ but we hope our prayers will make his/her soul rest in peace. Kindly, join us at the funeral.


#5. ______ left the world today. He/she died with ease while sleeping. To send your prayers to him/her We invite you to the funeral as he/she’d want you to be there.


#6. The waves of sorrow hit us and we might never be able to overcome this despair but to make ____’s soul rest in heaven, we must say our prayers. Kindly, visit us at the funeral.


#7. We’re heartbroken that we’ve had to deliver this news to you as ______ held you in the highest regard. But _____ died this morning. Without you, his/her funeral can’t take place, please come.


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These were all the funeral invitation wording and messages that we wanted you to have a look at. We hope you found exactly what you needed or else these messages give you an idea of how to go about writing a funeral invitation.

As mentioned earlier, you can check out our main page where you can also find the prayers that you can send to the deceased one. And lastly, we hope God guides you through this rough patch of life and may the soul that has left us rest in peace.