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30 Condolence Messages For Loss Of Mother To Share Sympathy

Losing a mother is an incomparable pain. No words can perfectly justify the condolences for the loss of a mother. A mother doesn’t only just give birth. She raises you, gives you all her love, invests all her resources and dreams in you, and keeps you protected from the darkness of the world. Spends every moment of her life thinking about her kids and how she can give them everything. She turns a house into a home and fills it with unconditional love. Her warm hugs, sweet kisses, and even her scolding have love hidden in them. There’s no bigger loss than losing a parent. Our Condolence messages for the loss of mother are meant to provide some comfort at distressing times.


Condolences for Loss of Mother

I will always remember all the moments your mother and I cherished together. There will not be a day when I won’t think of her. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for her sudden demise.

Sympathy Quotes for Loss of Mother


My deepest condolences to you and your family in this tough time. Your mother was an honest and the most benevolent soul I knew. She will forever be in our hearts.



Your mother deserves to be remembered as the strong, confident, happy, generous, and beautiful woman she was. My condolences.


I still remember the day your mother and I went out together. The memory is so fresh. I can’t believe she is gone. She will be missed so much.


Your mother was such a lovely influence on everybody. Her passing away will always be a great tragedy. Please accept condolences from our family.


Your mother was the rare kind that luckiest people are blessed with. We all will remember the vibrant person she was. Please accept my condolences for the loss.


Angels like your mother are taken by God to heaven to be eternal parts of Him. Our condolences are with you.

Condolences for Loss of Mother


Death is a tragedy no-one can escape. But, I’m sure there’s peace after that. Your mother is in peace now. My condolences.


You are grieving for your mother and so are we. Just remember that we all have your back. Please accept our sincere condolences.


Your mother was one of a kind. She was caring and a true friend to all. Stay strong during this tough time. Her love will always be with you.


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Condolences Messages for Loss of Mother

A mother is the most precious person of all. But life has to move on. I wish you all the strength to bear this loss.

Sympathy Quotes for Loss of Mother


I understand how difficult it must be for you. Your mother was the kindest and the most brilliant woman I could have the fortune of meeting.


I still can’t believe she left us all. Your mother will be missed to the moon and back. My sincere condolences for the same.


Losing a mother is so painful but it’s a part of life. What you can do is live a happy life just the way your mother wished. That would be the best tribute to her.


Your mother was the sunshine that warmed us all. Today, in her absence, it may be cold but her memories will keep warming you every now and then. May her soul rest in peace.


In all my life, I had never encountered a more optimistic person than your mother. She made happy things happen. She will be missed endlessly.


Nobody can replace a mother. But what we can do is continue living a happy life so she can rest in peace. God bless you.


Your mother was a woman of strength, wisdom, and kindness. She was the woman many people looked up to. May she rest in peace.


Your mother battled for a long time. Now she rests in peace. This is a difficult time and it should not go without remembering how amazing your mother was.


Your mother was a gift given to us by God. She left behind a lot of love and beautiful memories to cherish forever. Remembering the good times you spent with her will give you the strength to endure the pain she has left behind.


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Sympathy Quotes for Loss of Mother

A mother is a blessing that lives with us beyond time and death. Your mother will be missed forever but she is not going away from our hearts.



She will come as the first rain of the monsoon and smile at you like the rainbows. She will watch over you from the clouds and will always be there for you.


Your mother told me once that if anything ever happens to her, I should let you know that she loved you the most in the world. A big bear hugs your way to bear the loss of a mother like her.


I know your mother’s loss is going to push you through some difficult days. But, remember her smile, her kindness, and above all, how much she loved you. A mother’s love is never gone. It only grows into different forms.


Your mother will keep loving you like the rain and the wind, as the stars and the moon.


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Words of Sympathy for Loss of Mother

Your mother was there for everybody whenever they needed her. Her memories will live on forever to inspire us.


I understand your mother is gone but don’t think she left you. She will always be there for you, wishing the best for you.



You need to know that this world was too small and too dark to keep an angel like her. She is there in heaven now, her rightful place. God give you enough strength to bear the loss.


Knowing your mother was the greatest honor I could have in my life. I sympathize for your loss. My prayers remain with you.


We pray to God to help you and your family go through such a difficult time. Your mother is now an angel, closer to Him, and watching over you.