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35+ Sympathy Messages For Loss of Husband

Sympathy Messages For Loss of Husband: To cope up with the pain of losing a soul is tough. Especially, when it is of your or someone else’s significant other. Here are the loss of the husband quotes that can help you let out your emotions and overcome the feeling of grief or provide your sincere condolences to your close one!

It takes lots of energy and time to first digest the fact that you have lost a soul and then try to live with their forever absence. No one can deny that it is painful but everyone would agree that it is recoverable. We all learn that harsh lesson. To make it less harsh, share these quotes to define your emotions and release them.


Sympathy Quotes For Loss of Husband:

#1. I am sorry to hear this. For you lost the kindest man I ever knew, may God be kinder to you, and may he provide you all the strength you are in need of.

sympathy quotes for loss of husband


#2. The man you lost today was dearest to us, too! Hence, we realize how are you feeling. We feel the pain you are feeling.  May you find strength in the feelings we share.

sympathy quotes for loss of husband


#3. We are all sorry to hear that we lost a gem-like man today! He was precious to all the people he was in touch with.

sympathy quotes for loss of husband


#4. We are very sorry for your loss. We could not even imagine how tough it might be for you and your children. May God be the provider of everything that you are in need of!

sympathy quotes for loss of husband


#5. For the loss of a man, who was affable to all of us, may you find comfort and courage in our sympathy to know that you are not alone in this!

sympathy quotes for loss of husband


#6. The loss of the husband is never easy. Whenever things get unbearable for you, please remember that we all are here to give you a shoulder to cry on and words to rely on.


#7. May your husband rest in peace.  Here we are to remind you that we are too walking with you on the path of mourning; we are always right beside you, you will never be alone.


#8. We are sorry to hear that we no longer have the most saint human with us. For all the sanity he did, we pray to Lord to keep your path ahead with no hurdles.

sympathy quotes for loss of husband


#9. We indeed lost a wonderful human being today. For he was a man of words; we are giving you our word to call us to be the providers of your and your children’s needs!


#10. We still could not believe that we lost him. Let us empathize with your pain which we know is unbearable to feel all alone!


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Loss of Husband Quotes:

1. How did you expect me to live with this truth that I no longer would be sharing moments with you! How are you just gone leaving me here to live without you!

loss of husband quotes 


2. The despair I am feeling seems to get worsen as the minutes pass by. The life without you could not be imagined by me even if years pass by!


3. I do not know a world without you. I do not want to live the one without you. Why would you leave me and our children to survive in a world without you!


4. They are telling me the memories I have with you is the treasure I have, but it is the greatest source of pain to know that you are only in the past now!

loss of husband quotes 


5. You are no longer with me, it is a truth that I do not want to hear, it is a life now that I can not imagine living!


6. When I did get married to you, that was the moment you become a part of my life; and now as you are gone, I feel incomplete and that void can never be filled now!


7. We promised to share everything, and you just broke it by leaving me without telling me. We promised to make decisions together, how did you just leave on your own?

loss of husband quotes 


8. I found myself when you entered into my life, I found my place in your heart; and now as you just left me, I no longer know who I am, where do I stand!


9. They tell me that with time my tears will get dry. They might not be able to see every time but my soul just lost every reason to smile.


10. The world is nothing but an empty land now for me to pass my life; with you gone, all my emotions are gone. Now I will just be an empty soul walking on empty land.


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Words of Sympathy For The Loss of Husband:

1. For the deepest bond, we shared with this man who is no longer with us; the only way we can lessen our sorrow is by being your companion in this mourning.

words of sympathy for the loss of husband


2. Our deepest sympathy for the loss of your husband can not be fit in the words but could be felt by you to rely on us and share the pain with us.


3. We are deeply sorry for the loss you are facing. The man we lost today was made of the wonders, the loss of who is bitterly painful. We are always here to lessen that pain.


4. For the greatest tragedy, it is to lose a husband, it is not possible to think of a life without him, but let us be your source of strength and hope.


5. Our heart is cracked open to hearing that you no longer have your husband and we no longer have our great friend. For the sorrow is real, may God shower us with his healing light.


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Sympathy Message For Loss of Husband:

1. All we want is to make the memories you shared with your husband be the greatest treasure; be it a source you find your comfort in because now that is the only where he lives!

sympathy message for loss of husband


2. I know it is more disturbing for your children to bear and live with the truth. May you and your children find the healing in sharing the pain of the loss of a delightful man!


3. We are sorry to hear this. May the force be with you and your children to help you hold the ground strong, and we are by all means always here for you.


4. For the bravest your man was, he would be hoping you to stay brave too. Not sharing pain is the best way to cope, said never a wise man. We are hereby your side always.


5. I am sorry to hear about the loss of a blissful man. The path ahead may seem tough, but for your children, it might be tougher. Hold it stronger for you and your children.


Condolences For The Loss of Husband:

1. Our sincere condolences for the loss of your husband to provide you with the alliance you will be in need of to pass this rough phase with the most dignity you could hold.

condolences for the loss of husband


2. Our sincere condolences are with you and may the light be with you too for helping you heal the wounds that just got deepened on the loss of your husband.


3. May God chooses us to be your provider, guardian, and companion whenever you are in the need of any; for the pain of losing a husband is never easy to bear.


4. The despair is greater, we know. The pain is unbearable, we know. For the tragedy it is to lose your husband, Lord is going to be kinder to you.


5. Our genuine condolences to help you lessen your grief, to make the mourning bearable. The loss of your husband is heart-wrenching for all of us, hold it tightly in here with us.


While no one has any control over losing someone, we all have ways to cope with it. The grief can not be dealt with if not felt first totally. Once the emotions find a way out nothing can keep us stuck in past. The person we lost would never wish to see us grieving over past and not living in the moment; especially if it is your husband! And if someone close to you is feeling the pain, humanity teaches us to share our condolences. For both the matter, these loss of husband quotes are perfect to save and share!