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40 Flirty Text Messages For Him That Will Melt Heart

Flirty Text Messages For Him: Our busy lives can make our romantic lives pretty dull, but we can give extra credit to the tech evolution for facilitating our lives with text messages. Here are some flirty texts for him that you can send him when he is at work to make him remind that there is you who loves him deeply. In a stressful work situation, receiving a romantic message from you is definitely going to lift his mood and gear your romantic life up.

If you do not want to let the passion die for any reason, then you should consider sending these texts every once in a while. To spice it up, these flirty texts for him are perfect!


Flirty Texts For Him:

#1. Do not mind but I am going pretty wild with you in my daydreams! All I want to do today is to make my daydreams a reality; meet me sooner!

flirty texts for him


#2. I have the major task to do on my to-do list and that is to be with you and get lost in a world where only two of us belong!

flirty texts for him


#3. I am sorry to keep you stuck in my thoughts for so long every day but they are delicious to my mind, I can’t help it.

flirty texts for him


#4. With that charming smile and good looks, do you think you can let me stay concentrated? But, I love to let you distract me!

flirty texts for him


#5. So, we both are eagerly waiting for you to come home, me and our bed. We both are aiming to relax you in our own unique ways if you know what I mean!

flirty texts for him


#6. With a man like you, I do not think that the honeymoon phase can come to an end, or at least, I would not wish to!


#7. How do your thoughts catch my mind off guard every time? It is like my mind has no option but to get caught up in your thoughts.


#8. I am waiting for you to leave me with your fingerprints all over my body tonight, that is the only way you are allowed to say bye.

flirty texts for him


#9. Before I met you, I had my guards up, but they couldn’t even resist your charm; they just fall for you as I did.


#10. All I want to do is to hold you close, ‘cause I like the sound of your heartbeat and the way you breathe!


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Flirty Text Messages For Him:

#11. Can I please know the way to your heart? I have been thinking to build a home there and live forever in it.

flirty text messages for him


#12. How could a man look this handsome having that sexy intelligence and a sense of humor? How are you a perfect package?


#13. I just made our bed and I want you to come early today to mess it up! We both are waiting for you to spoil us!


#14. You are lucky because you are the only person for whom I am always willing to make my heart and knees weak!

flirty text messages for him


#15. Only if I had a superpower of invisibility, I would never let you go to work alone, but then I would not let you do the work, so it’s good that I don’t have it.


#16. There is nothing that can happen and make me less attracted to you because I am in love with the way you are!


#17. It is getting pretty cold out here, meet me sooner to warm me up and I promise I’ll do the same.

flirty text messages for him


#18. How can this happen? How can such a good man give me such bad thoughts! How do you do that?


#19. I want you to be an open book with me, I want to read your thoughts, see your birthmarks, and everything!


#20. Do you miss me or miss me? Keep in-store that desire of meeting me ‘cause I exactly know how to fulfill it by surprising you in the ways you don’t see coming!


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Flirty Messages For Him:

#21. I can forgive you for interrupting my work by coming into my mind like hundred times but you shall know I will take your sorry only in the forms of hugs and kisses.

flirty messages for him


#22. The most urgent task on my to-do list is to do you and to be with you till I am in another world.


#23. The way you smile, the way you smell, the way you look at me turns me on. You shall know that in any and every way you turn me on.


#24. If I could portray my thoughts about us in visuals to you, I am not sure that you’ll like it, ‘cause we are doing some crazy things there.


#25. You surely make my life much better but do you know how much wild you make my fantasy land?


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Flirty Quotes For Him:

#26. Are you an artist? Because you have colored my black and white life in all the shades of a rainbow!

flirty quotes for him


#27. I know that you are not caffeine nor you are liquor but you kind of bring similar sensations to those two!


#28. So how does it feel to stay in my mind all the time? How really does it feel to see me turned on by every thought of you?


#29. You can have a look in the mirror and see that you have written boyfriend material all over you. Even if you can’t, I can see it!


#30. Your look is very intriguing and enticing. I know you are not a magician but you are doing some kind of magic there!


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Flirty Texts For Him At Night:

#31. Days are tough without you, but nights are tougher! All I wish is for you to be here doing the things you should be!

flirty texts for him at night


#32. If you were here, your arms would be around me and I would be in my safe place. If you were here, we would be snuggling and lost in another galaxy.


#33. Why don’t we find a place with a view, sit under the moon; and be in the arms of each other?

Why don’t we just let the night and love take over?


#34. It’s been a long day and the only way I can relax and recuperate is by being with you; is by you breathing life into me!


#35. I do not know if it is the moonlight or sky full of stars that are making me miss you more but something about this night makes me want you to be closest to me.


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Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh:

#36. I am having a hard time deciding if this cheesecake in front of me is more tempting or you in my head!

flirty texts to make him laugh


#37. All I know is I am in love with you and everything about you. All you should know is that now you are trapped with me and there is no escape from it.


#38. If I would tell you what I am actually thinking about right now, I bet you will be blushing as hard as I am!


#39. You do not even take a break from giving me cute vibes over text, do you? How do you manage to be cute all the time?


#40. If I could tell you the excuses I can make to meet you, you’ll laugh. But if I tell you the scenarios I create with you in my head, you’ll blush. So, you choose?


To maintain any love relation, keeping the romance alive is a huge struggle that people often face. If you are facing that issue currently or you want to save yourself from facing it; consider saving these flirty texts for him! These text messages are the messages you can rely on when you want your man to know that you still have a lot of love for him and have not let your passion for him die.

If your end goal is to keep the flame of romance alive, then save and share these texts; and you can thank us later.