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45+ Romantic Love Paragraphs For Him To Express Love

Love Paragraphs For Him: There is no need to wait for a special occasion to express your love, especially when you can send him just a text to remind him of you and your love. These love paragraphs for him are intended to make your man feel loved and appreciated by you because taking time out to send him text shows how much it is important for you to maintain your relationship. The small gestures never fail to keep the romance alive.

While you can tell your boyfriend or husband that you love him simply by saying those three magical words, a long paragraph with it won’t do any damage; instead, it will make him feel extra special.


love paragraphs for him


Love Paragraphs For Him:

1. If you could have a sneak peek into my mind, you will see how much space your thoughts only have occupied. If you could read those thoughts, you will know how much I love you. But you can’t and here I am to tell you that I think a lot about you and love you a lot.


2. I want you to know that you can live in my heart rent-free and wander in my mind forever without any boarding pass for this life, I have given you everything that is mine to be called yours. I love you.


3. Without you, I could not have felt how special the touch of someone special feels. Without you, I would have not seen and reached the depth of the love. Without you, my life would have been not only dull but meaningless. Thank you for being with me to make me feel whole. I love you.


4. If you would have not come and poured my heart with love, life would have been so empty. If you would have not stood out with me through thick and thin, I would have been so broken. I want to say thank you to you for being such a sweetheart with me all the time. I love you.


5. You can forget everything but you can not ever forget how much I love you, how much of a special person you are, and how lucky we are to be together in this moment after jumping through many hurdles. I love you.


love paragraphs for him


6. Since the day I met you, I knew that my life would take some unexpected twists and turns but I did not know that all of it would lead me to this beautiful path. I cannot think about our destination because the journey is beyond beautiful. All I know is I have to keep my hand in yours and never stop. I love you.


7. Your winsome smile takes my worries away and brings the peace I need. Your arms take away all my stress and bring me the comfort I seek. Honey, your one-touch makes me feel special and your presence makes me feel secure. I wonder whether it is the love or the magic that you bring to the table!


8. Whether I needed to cry my heart out or shower you with my abundant love, you have always been there with me. Whether I needed you to hold me in your arms or help me hold my ground stronger, you have always been with me. Regardless of the instances, you never missed any instance to show me your love and be the best boyfriend/husband.


9. I wish I could put the cologne that you wear in a potion bottle, then I could keep it with me wherever I go, and open it to feel the comfort you bring, whenever I miss you the most! I would breathe in that cologne when I go to bed to feel at home and sleep in peace.


10. If you didn’t know till then I want you to know spending time with you is my favourite hobby. Waking up and sleeping with your thoughts on my mind is something I do daily.

Finding you in rooms filled with other people is the first thing I do.

Even after years, I do fall for you deeply, again and again, every day. I love you.


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“I love You” Paragraphs For Him:

11. The only warmth that my soul needs the most is the one I feel when I am wrapped up in your arms. My true happiness lies in seeing you have a broad smile on your face with an open heart. The only genuine desire I have is to love you each day a bit more. I love you.


12. This world becomes a paradise when you are with me. No one can be a perfect fit for me except you and no one else can make this world a fitting place to live except you. How am I supposed to be thankful to you? By loving you infinitely, I guess. I love you.


13. If I would not have met you, my life would not have turned upside down for good. If I would not have met you, I would have not found my best friend in my lover! I am so thankful to the universe for bringing you into my life to make it all about rainbows and sunshine. I love you.


14. By being trapped in your heart I found my true freedom. By being in love with you I found my soulmate. Thank you and I love you, can hardly do justice to the emotions you have made me feel. All I can tell you is that now I cannot imagine my life without you.


15. Aren’t you the kindest and warmest soul to be with? Yes, you are. Aren’t you the one I have been waiting for, for so long? Yes, you are. Do I ask myself these questions more than often? Yes, I do. Do I love you infinitely? A big yes!

I love you paragraphs for him 


16. I am sorry to keep you stuck in my thoughts, dreams, and daydreams. I want you to know that now you can’t escape from my heart and life. You now are forever stuck with me but I know as we both have found our freedom by being together, we cannot afford to lose it by not being with each other. I love you.


17. The key to my heart is with you and no one else can have it now. The path to my soul is known by only you. You are the first and last man who has invaded my truly private space by coming so close to my heart and soul, but I am so thankful to you for doing so. I love you.


18. When I dreamt of finding a gentleman to marry, I never knew God would be so kind to me to bring you into my life. I was a kid when I thought of falling in love with a knight in shining armour and again, I didn’t know that God would surprise me by giving me a full package like you. I love you.


19. The day you held my hand and took me out of the dark tunnel I was living in, was the day my life changed. I want to thank you for being my light and bringing tons of love into my life. I want you to know that from that day, I have been in a forever love affair with you.


20. I love the way we are planting the seeds of love and I cannot wait to see it grow taller to reach beyond the sky. I know one day it will, as we both are patiently letting the roots of our relationship get stronger. I love you.


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Long Love Paragraphs For Him:

21. Honey,  it’s been a wild ride of ups and downs but that hasn’t made me ever leave my seat. Because you have always been by my side, there has been nothing I cannot tackle. Thank you for being with me on this ride. We have come a long way but there is yet a long way to go through. I want you to hold my hand tight and be by my side always because without you, I cannot be on this side of life.


22. As your commitment to our relationship gets stronger, my commitment to be a better human being gets stronger. In every shape and form, you make me a better person. The credit for the growth I have gone through in the past years goes to you. I want to thank you for all the time you have given me to make me a better human and to love me. I love you so much.


23. I can say I love you to the moon and back but that is not even nearly enough for the love I have for you in my heart. I can say, I love you infinitely. The depth and the intensity of my love for you cannot be measured. For I do not like to hold back when it comes to showcasing my love; you will be showered with the amount of love you won’t be able to handle when we meet next time!


24. The walks on the beaches with you with my hand in yours and the talks on the roof with you on a full moon night are my therapy sessions. It amazes me how much of a multi-tasker you are! Do you ever get tired of being a therapist, a lover, and a friend of mine? I hope you do not! Because I need all three of them and only in you! Love you.


25. Whether it is a romantic evening in Paris or a sunny day in California, nothing seems perfect to me if you are not with me! You carry a part of my soul without which I cannot feel whole anymore. And I know, I have taken a piece of your heart; so when we are not together, there will always be one piece missing. Without one another, we can’t feel complete.

long love paragraphs for him


26. Do you know that you are the most handsome man I have come across! The curve of your smile makes the wings of the butterflies in my stomach flutter faster. The shape of your beard and your shredded body is something my eyes adore the most! But more than anything else, your beautiful heart is what I love the most. If you forgot, I want to remind you that I feel the luckiest to call the most charming man, my man.


27. Whenever I cannot be with you, I keep your thoughts in my mind, your love in my heart, and I never feel apart from you. We can be miles away yet I won’t be feeling the distance between us, no matter where you go or I go; my love for you is too strong to be weakened by the miles. The bond we have is too strong to be weakened by the distance. I love you.


28. The talks with you in a day, the walks on the beach, the cuddles with you on weekends, make life sunnier. You are my sunshine without whom my life would be darker than the night. As now you are the home for my soul, without you, my life would pale into insignificance than what it is now! With you it is a luscious garden, without you, it would be a barren field.


29. I look into your eyes and I lose track of time. When I am with you in your arms, I lose track of everything. In a while, I lose the sense of my existence, the only person then exists is you! In losing the sense of everything that exists, I find myself, I feel the love in its purest and deepest form. I feel you and I feel love, only if words could explain, I’ll be describing you the most magical feeling.


30. The day our routes got crossed and we met was the day I started to believe in fate. The way we stand by each other, lift one another is the way I define love. How is it possible that you come into my life out of the blue and become my world! How do you take away all my pain and make me feel healed, whole! How did I not know me till you showed me the mirror! How can I not love you then forever?


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Short Love Paragraphs For Him:

31. Under the moonlight, meet me. I’ll let you take the lead and we will dance to the symphony sung by the stars. I’ll let you know how I feel in that open field when the wild wind wraps around us while we are dancing!


32. When no one could find the way to my heart, you found a way to my soul. When I was in a dark tunnel, you became my light. When I couldn’t love me, you loved me. For all you have done, I’ll love you forever.


33. The success for me is that we have been resilient enough to not leave each others’ hands while passing through the storm. Love is the gift I asked for and the Universe handed me, you; that is how I define a win.


34. Whether it was cupid or fate, that made us meet; I do not know. But I know that for the heavenly feeling I feel with you, something of the divine had its share to make me meet you. To which I am deeply grateful.


35. The number of times you come across my mind is a wildly huge one. The number of times you make my heart skip a beat is crazily dangerous. The colors you paint my life with are countless.

Short Love Paragraphs For Him


36. You and I make a pair which is rare because of the strongest bond we share, the deepest love we have, the genuine care we do! Nothing makes me feel more proud than the moment we walk in a room and people say, perfect!


37. You are a poetry that has been marked as my favourite in my mind. The words which pierce through my skin, reach to the core of my heart and melt it. You are a poetry I read every day that yet hits me differently but deeply.


38. The day I met you, a part of me was reborn. A part that helped me rekindle the zest for life. A part which made the other parts of my soul reborn, and together all of them made me feel alive.


39. The only notification I wait for is yours, the only love I desire is yours; the only person I want to be with for a lifetime is you. Do I need to say how much I love you!


40. I want to take a deep dive into the ocean of your soul. I wish to go the deepest and see the parts of your souls that no one has seen yet. I want to feel the water of your emotions that no one has felt yet.


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Romantic Love Paragraphs For Him:

41. The support I receive from you is undeniably the thing that makes me fall for you every day. The way we have stood by each other in times of thick and thin indeed indicates our commitment to the relationship. And that strong commitment is the result of nothing but the purest love we have for each other. I love you.


42. I love the most honest, genuine, wise, handsome man; the man who has developed his persona over the years so much that his growth is beyond measure. Even these are the understatements, the love and the respect I have for you cannot be described by words in the whole dictionary.


43. All my prayers, wishes, and good deeds did reach the doors of heaven, and got accepted well by God; the result of which is that I found you! I have waited for you so long that I cannot stop but love you without limits.


44. You are so precious to me that I can neither define it in words nor express it in my actions. If you can listen to the language that my soul speaks in, you might know how valuable it is to have you in my life.


45. The route we have started to walk on surely doesn’t have the smoothest trail but walking it with you makes it beautiful. As long as you keep on walking with me, my belief in reaching a place where we can build our home will get stronger.

Romantic Love paragraphs for him


These were the love paragraphs for him that you can send him to make him smile or even blush. Often, we tend to forget to focus on the small gestures that can make a casual day somewhat special. As time passes by, the emotions that these small gestures bring are desirable. With each small action, you take to make your man feel so much worthy of your love, the roots of the relationship get stronger. And then the depth of love to which you can reach is beyond measure.


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