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30+ Paragraphs For Your Crush To Impress Her

Paragraphs For Your Crush: Do you act all bewildered or your walk becomes wriggled when you see your crush? Let these paragraphs for your crush help you express your unrevealed emotions to put you at ease when you see them the next time as there will be nothing of hidden nature to bubble up and make you anxious.

These paragraphs are suitable for anyone who has a crush and wish to subtly give that person the hints or directly tell them how you feel or else show them how much you appreciate them! These paragraphs will help you express your gratitude, affection, and that cute feeling that you or we can’t put a name to.

paragraphs for your crush


Romantic Paragraphs For Your Crush:

#1. I can’t afford to not meet you in a day as my adrenaline rush is heavily dependent on you. And the serotonins too wait for you to meet me to be released. As you can tell, I can’t skip meeting you for all these chemical reactions to take place.

paragraphs for your crush


#2. Without you, how would I have not been stuck in oblivion and living my life as the happiest being? For you’re that one person who has pulled me out of the void and has offered me the hand I needed, you’ll find me beside you wherever you go. For you’ve been that light in my life, I’ll walk with you in the darkest of nights.


#3. Your gleaming eyes and beaming smile makes me wonder how God has delivered its most precious gift wrapped in all the colors to me! Perhaps to fill the colors in my grey life or to show me his best work. In either case, he has surprised me with the best present ever, the person who’s irreplaceable in my life!


#4. My day brightens up with the thought of meeting you as you bring out the best in me. The wavelength which I’m with you is the one I’m with no one. The version of me that you bring is the one I like. You lighten up my heart as everything seems fine when I’m with you, as I like myself better when I’m with you.


#5. If I show my fondness for you, honey, you’ll never look yourself the way you do. If I tell you how special are you, you’ll never question yourself. If you let me, I’ll make you see the version of you that I see, and you’ll fall in love with yourself.


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Cute Paragraphs For Your Crush:

#1. Your smile is infectious and your energy is so contagious. To be around you is to be dancing in the flames of love. To be with you is to be with this energy ball that continues to swirl me in the rounds of laughter. To surround me with you is the best choice I make in a day.

cute paragraphs for your crush


#2. You calm all the anxious cells in me. My chaotic soul finds its way back to ease when you’re around me. You bring that warmth that sometimes I need to get along one more day. I’m having the best time when my best version is at the forefront, in other words, when I’m with you.


#3. A bubble of your thought touches me and I’m lost in the wonderland for hours. A long conversation with you takes place and I’m in the land of hidden treasures of life. You’re the only person in my life, who takes me away from the world I live in into the mysterious yet beautiful lands.


#4. To have you by my side is to know that if I ever fall into a dark rabbit hole, you’ll come looking for me with light. To have you in my life is a pleasure, as you help me keep my heart rate, success bar, and scales of joy aligned. Isn’t having a person who in a way increases my life expectancy a blessing?


#5. No one seeks your presence as much as I do. No one sees you the way I do. No one could long as much as I do to meet you. It’s because no one has ever touched my soul as you have. None of them has come any closer than you have. And hence none of them could appreciate you as much as I do.


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Short Love Paragraphs For Your Crush:

#1. In the shades of love, hide me. In the armor of love, keep me safe. In the dreams, let me have you. In the name of a friend, you love me but let me in the name of a lover, love you.

If I tell you I love you, in the name of God, say you love me too.

Short Love paragraphs for your crush


#2. Only your thoughts I can’t bury as they dig their way out. Only your fragrance I can’t forget as it finds its way back to me when you’re not around. You’re the person I can’t live without as my heart holds you the closest and says it loves you when you can’t hear.


#3. You have all that I need in the stormy days and sunny seasons.

Regardless of the weather of nature and phases of my life,

you’re all that I seek. You’re all that I need.


#4. To my powerhouse, you’ve recharged me in the times my soul was drained and since then a spark of love you’ve inflamed. Only with a hope that you will hear firecrackers as I make my heart an open book, I say I love you.


#5. You’ve unlocked my heart as if you have the key that holds all the answers, that has shown you the gateway to my heart. Yet you act as if I’m your friend and you haven’t seen a part of me that’s crazy for you.


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Paragraphs to Send to Your Crush:

#1. Perhaps I would have never known what love feels like if I would have not met you. Perhaps I would not have felt whole. Perhaps I would have not heard the violins and seen the blushing skies that make me feel like I’m living in a fairytale. Perhaps my world wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t meet you.

paragraphs to send to your crush


#2. You make me feel safe when you stand by my side. You make me feel loved and valued when you hear me in my silence and wrap me in your arms before I shed a tear. Just by being in my world, you make it a thousand times better place to live in.


#3. The magic surrounds me when I’m with you as time passes by swiftly.

When I’m about to meet you

I start to walk briskly.

And you tell me why

I adore you tremendously.


#4. The slightest change in you can’t get unseen by me.

The smallest actions you take aren’t insignificant to me.

The funniest jokes you make(which are so lame in real life) aren’t the worst for me.

If I put it plainly, you mean the world to me.


#5. You have the kindest heart that makes my heart adore you. You have the prettiest smile that makes me adore you. You are the cutest creature on this planet,  the presence of whom my soul yearns for.


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Paragraphs About Your Crush:

#1. You’re the sweetest treat that I’ve received from God. The way you laugh makes me want to snuggle you in my arms and tell you that you’re the cutest being I’ve ever met. As you can tell, underneath these layers of friendships, I’ve carried the deep love you’ve never seen.

paragraphs about your crush


#2. The way you lift me when I’m sinking in my drowsy life is the way you make me feel valued. The little and the largest gestures you make toward me and for me only raise my bars of adoration for you. It only makes me see you with more respect and love.


#3. Like the tabs on my phone, your thoughts are cluttered in my mind, and the echoes of your chatter don’t let it quiet for a while. But it’s the chaos that I invite. It’s the chaos I find beautiful and choose to live in as it’s your thoughts and memories that make me feel at home.


#4. My heart races when it sees you. My mind races with your thoughts when you’re not around. How could you do this to me? How could you put my heart at risk? Why would you not let my mind be at ease? Why could you not get less attractive and addictive?


#5. Like a magnet, I’m drawn to your field. What is it that pulls me toward you is still unknown to me. Is it that pretty face or charming smile? Is it your brilliance or beauty? Is it your rose-tinted lips or winsome eyes? Is it your heart or soul? Or maybe it’s everything about you.


Long Paragraphs For Your Crush:

#1. You’re the beacon of hope that I seek in the times when I get lost in the stormy ocean. You’ve been that raft I hang on to when the life drowns me. For all that you’ve done, I’ll be the shoulder you can cry on and rely on. For everything you’ve done for me, you’ll never see me go astray from the route you walk on. I’ll always take steps with you, walk beside you, and maybe, if you allow, hold your hand and maybe then keep walking the rest of my life with you, if you allow me to be yours.

Long Paragraphs for your crush


#2. I want to ask you, don’t you get lost wandering in my dreams and daydreams? Don’t you feel like I invade your privacy when I try to have a sneak peek into your thoughts when you look at me and I dive into the ocean of your thoughts? Don’t you ever think that the way you hear my boring adventure stories and the way I laugh at your lame jokes is the way two people fall in love? Don’t you ever think that we could be more than friends?


#3. You’re not easy to understand yet you’re less complex than the maths. I’m not the one who can share the food yet I share my last slice of pizza with you. You’re not the one to fake it yet you fake laugh at my lame jokes every time. I’m not one who can compromise yet I give up on my knicks game to attend drama classes with you. Is it me or you can see too that this route that we have taken should end up somewhere beautiful?


#4. To me, you’re that flawless piece of art that God did his best work on. You’re that walking poetry that I could read all day long and can only fall in love with each word. Honey, you’re the dawn that my nights want to wake up to. Only if you let me, I can tell you how you’re no less than a wonder for me. Only if you let me, I can show you how precious you’re to me. Only if you wish, I can dig deeper and tell you all that I’ve kept hidden from you.


#5. How on the earth you’re so attractive that my eyes cannot look away when you’re with me! How God has not forgotten to make you with everything that of wonder! How you’re so heavenly yet down-to-earth being? Why are you like the artwork that I can’t get enough of? Why aren’t you kind enough to not keep me up at night with your thoughts? How can you not already see that I’m deeply in love with you?


Final Words:

These were all the paragraphs for your crush that you need to save ASAP. Before it gets too late and you feel guilty about not having the courage to express your feelings, send him/her that one paragraph that describes your relationship dynamics or your emotions precisely. Gather the courage as we have gathered words already for you. All you have to do now is share it with your crush to finally clear the blur lines and get out of that grey area.