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60+ I’m Sorry Quotes And Messages For Perfect Apology

I’m Sorry Quotes And Messages: Sorry is just a four-letter word, a mere combination of alphabets, but so strong that it can change an entire life. These I’m sorry quotes are a little piece of love, ensuring that the relationship means more than the ego.

It is a cherished feeling that you are worth being thought about twice. Sorry is a sign that you don’t want to let them go. A sincere apology surely wins the hearts.

So, if you are unsure how to ask for forgiveness from your significant other, Express yourself using these I’m sorry quotes and messages, below and don’t let a small mistake ruin your relationship.


I’m Sorry Quotes:

1. I know I messed up, and I’m sorry. I promise to be better next time. I hope you can forgive me and give me another chance to be better.

I’m sorry quotes


2. I’m sorry for being so rude and bossy. I’m trying to change and I need your help in doing so. Please stay by my side.

I’m sorry quotes


3. I can’t believe I’ve hurt you again and again. I know words are not enough but I don’t know what else to say, except that I’m sorry.

I’m sorry quotes


4. I may say a lot of things, but trust me when I say I’m sorry because I mean it. I’m sorry that I made you feel bad.

I’m sorry quotes


5. They say, a sincere apology can repair anything. So here I am saying I’m sorry with all my heart. Please accept my apologies.

I’m sorry quotes


6. I’m sorry is a small word but it has the power to change the world. Accept my apology and let me make things better again.


7. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I know I hurt you, but I would never do that intentionally. Please let it go, this time.


8. Only if I could go back in time and take my words back! I’m sorry for being so insensitive. You don’t know how ashamed I’m of what I did.

I’m sorry quotes


9. I know you expected better from me and I’m sorry for being such a disappointment. I’m sorry for not being who you deserved to be with.


10. I’m deeply sorry to all of you for being such a prude. I hope you forgive me and give me another chance to prove myself better.


Forgive Me, I’m Sorry Quotes:

1. I know I’m the most ungrateful person for letting you go. Please forgive me, I’m sorry and come back! I promise to make things better again.

Forgive me I’m sorry quotes


2. People who forgive have bigger hearts and I know you have a heart of gold. Please forgive me. I’m sorry for breaking your heart.


3. I don’t know what I can do to get you to forgive me. All I know is that hurting you hurts me more. Please forgive me, I’m upset by what I did.


4. They say, don’t ruin your apology with excuses. And here I am without any excuses. What I did was wrong and only if you could find it in you to forgive me. I’m sorry.

Forgive me I’m sorry quotes


5. I regret putting all the blame on you, the other day. I should have heard your side of the story too. Forgive me, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.


6. I regret not listening to you. You were right like always. Please forgive me, I’m sorry for not taking you seriously.


7. Past can never be undone and an apology is to make a better future. Forgive me and allow me to build a new future with you.

Forgive me I’m sorry quotes


8. I hate myself for being the reason behind your tears. Please forgive me. I’m sorry and ashamed for breaking your heart. Can you please forgive me?


9. My dearest friend, I’m sorry for messing up once again. Please forgive me one last time and give me my best friend back.


10. I’m so lost without you. Please come back into my life. I’m sorry for taking you for granted. Forgive me, I’m sorry.


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Best I’m Sorry Messages:

1. You have always been kind and I have always been ungrateful. I’ve been testing your patience a lot. But now I’ve realized and I’m here to ask for forgiveness. I’m sorry, I promise I will try to be better from now onwards.


Best I’m sorry messages


2. I’m sorry mom. Please forgive me for being rude and disrespectful towards you. I apologize for being mean. I know it was all my fault, please give me another chance.


3. I’m sorry dad. I’ve always been a thankless child, taking you for granted. But today when I’m on my own I know that you were right all along. I know it’s too late but still. Please accept my apology.


4. Having a friend like you has been a blessing indeed. And I, in my ignorance, have broken your heart. Take my apology and please don’t leave me.


Best I’m sorry messages


5. You know me and you know that I have never been good at words. So let’s keep it short and crisp. I’m sorry my dear. We must move on and make a new beginning.


6. I’m sorry for all the times that I have hurt you or broke your trust. It will be a relief if you could find it in your heart to forgive me for my wrongdoings.


7. Thank you for always standing by my side. I know I’ve tired you but I don’t want it to be too late. Give me another chance and stay with me for now.

Best I’m sorry messages


8. Letting you down has made me ashamed of myself, and I’ll do whatever I can to make it better for you. I am sorry, please forgive me.


9. I know you are angry and you are justified in your anger. I’ve wronged you so many times that I don’t think you will ever forgive me. But if you can, I will be the happiest person alive. I’m sorry, please accept my apology.


10.  I am extremely sorry for making you feel bad. I did not mean to and you know it well. Please forgive me this one time.


I Am Sorry Quotes And Messages:

1. I’m sorry I was harsh on you. Please excuse me for the mean words I said to you. I realize I was wrong and I am sorry.

I am sorry quotes and messages


2. I’m sorry for not being by your side when you needed it the most. I will make sure this doesn’t happen again.


3. I am sorry for misbehaving with you. I feel bad. Please forgive me, mom.


4. I am nothing without you dad and I know it very well. I just forgot it yesterday. Please let it go, dad. You are the best.


5. People err all the time, but those who repent are the best of sinners. And I repent for my behavior last night. Forgive me this time, I’m extremely sorry.


I’m Sorry, I Hurt You Quotes:

1. I feel terrible for making you cry and I will do anything to make things right. I am sorry I hurt You. I assure you it won’t be repeated.

I’m sorry I hurt you, quotes


2. Hurting you hurts me. And I have been hurting badly since we last met. I felt terrible for hurting you, I know forgiving me won’t be easy for you.


3. Sorry for being a disappointment. You expected too much from me and I failed to be any of it. I’m sorry I hurt you and I don’t know what to do. Just forgive me, please.


4. You hate lies and I know it. Still, I lied to you and you have all the right to be mad. But if you can forgive me, I promise to never hurt you again. I’m deeply ashamed of myself and I ask for your forgiveness.


5. Things are not actually how they seem to be. I don’t mean to shatter your trust and I have not. But still, I’m sorry I hurt you, in ways, I never wanted to. Please give me a single chance.


I’m Sorry , I Love U Quotes:

1. Nothing in the world can take your place. Know that and forgive me once. I’m sorry, I love you and I want you back.

I’m sorry I love u quotes


2. Although we fight a lot, we love each other a lot too. And I know you know this too. Please forgive me for making you sad, I’m sorry. I love you.


3. Whenever I’ve confessed my love for you, I meant it. Same as when I say I’m sorry, so please don’t leave me. I’m sorry and I love you.


4. I make a lot of mistakes but I love you too much. I don’t want to lose you and so I want to say I’m sorry. I love you.


5. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you and the time we spent together. Only if you can forgive me and come back. I’m sorry, I love you so much.


I’m Sorry Quotes For Him:

1. Words can not explain how ashamed I am. I am so sorry dear husband. I feel awful, please forgive me.

I’m sorry, quotes for him


2. I am sorry that you had to see this side of me. But I believe love sees no flaws and you can accept me again.


3. I am sorry that you have to bear me and put up with the mess that I am. Please stay by my side because without you I am so lost.


4. For all the times I’ve annoyed you, all the times I’ve lost my mind, for all the times I’ve been mad at you over silly stuff, I’m sorry. You are the man of my life and I would never want to lose you.


5. You understand my silence, stand by my side in my darkest and I will do anything to keep a man like you in my life. I’m sorry for breaking your heart, dear husband. Please let it go.


I’m Sorry Quotes For Wife:

1. To the queen of my life, I’m sorry. I lost my mind and said things I should never have. I’m terribly sorry for making you cry. Please forgive me, my love.

I’m sorry quotes for wife


2. My dear wife, so sorry to hurt your feelings. I just need a chance, just need you back. I miss you, I’m sorry.

3. Dear wife, I’m sorry for all the harsh things I said to you. I’m sorry.

4. My love, I’m sorry for breaking your trust. I apologize, I’m sorry and I promise it will never happen again.

5. I’m sorry for coming into your life. I think I ruined it.


I’m Sorry Quotes For Girlfriend:

1. I’m sorry you had to fight so hard to make yourself heard. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you, didn’t understand your pain, and took you for granted.

I’m sorry quotes for girlfriend


2. I know I always mess up. But I also know that you are always there to sort things out. Let me do the honors this time. I’m sorry for letting you down, darling. Please forgive me.


3. I regret being the reason behind your tears. I never wanted to make you sad my love. Please give me another chance to turn things around.


4. I hate myself for hurting you, for making you feel bad. I feel terrible knowing that I’m the reason you lost your smile. Please free me from this guilt and forgive me. I’m sorry my dearest.


5. Hello beautiful. I am just here to say the three magical words, I Am Sorry! Hope the magic in this brings a smile to your face, wipes away your tears, and clears your heart. I love you. I am sorry.


Every relationship in this world has ups and downs. All you need is the realization and the courage to apologize to make things right between you and your significant other. So don’t waste another moment, go and say I’m sorry and let your relationship heal and blossom again.

It’s never too late to apologize. A sincere apology can do wonders by giving you a chance to take a fresh start. Don’t let your ego affect your love for your loved ones. These I’m sorry quotes will help you apologize in the most heart-touching ways and you will surely win those hearts back.