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75+ Best Birthday Instagram Captions to Catch Spotlight

You’ve clicked perfect birthday pictures, now you’re scratching your head, trying to find the perfect caption, then don’t worry; we got you! Here is a set of birthday Instagram captions that you were searching for! No matter, how beautiful pictures are, words are needed to caption them.

Figuring out a perfect caption is a task that you don’t want to go through, then have a look at these captions. This set contains from cool to sassy Instagram captions. It even contains the captions that you can use while posting on your close ones’ birthdays. So, without waiting any further, find out which one speaks to you! Enjoy captioning and have fun.



Birthday Instagram Captions

1. Gifting myself a little extra love today.



2. Blessed to start the chapter _____ of my life.

3. I love birthdays, especially when I am having one.

4. Is everyone ready to celebrate me? I know I am!

5. Cheers to me for deciding to grow beautifully.

6. I treat myself right every day. Today, I’ll make it extra special!

7. My party’s dress code includes bringing a birthday present.

8. The child in me doesn’t know that I’m growing and that’s better.

9. Out of all days, God decided to send me here today.

10. I’m unlocking my premium version for y’all to celebrate my day.

11. How does it feel to witness a wonderful soul growing?

12. Light up the candles, I’m ready with my wish.

13. What’s the big news? I turned _____.

14. I’m starting a new chapter; wish me luck but with a present.

15. I’m gifting myself a glow-up today.


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Funny Birthday Instagram Captions

Are you known as the sarcastic person in your social group or have you maintained a fun image? In any case, you can not choose to go with boring Instagram captions, especially when it is about your birthday. Do not compromise for a boring Instagram caption, when we have this funny birthday Instagram captions in store for you.


1. My birthday makes me keen to know my expiry date.



2. When I was born, I might have taken the resolution of growing dumb.

3. God has kept me alive to keep the sarcasm alive.

4. Birthdays excite me only when I’m having one.

5. ____ years old with no signs of growing.

6. Be my guest but not without a birthday present.

7. It’s my day, I can celebrate it by drinking or crying.

8. Birthday vibes? Yes. growing vibes? Not sure.

9. Stars aligned today to bring me here? They could’ve done better!

10. Every year, today I get a chance of growing, which I skip.


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Happy Birthday Instagram Post

1. One more time, I managed to make it to my birthday.



2. Drum roll please, I’m turning ___ today.

3. So, years ago, today, I ended my caterpillar phase in my mom’s womb.

4. Another year of procrastinating growing.

5. Young at heart, _____ on paper.

6. This morning, I woke up a bit older.

7. Finally, eligible to enter the club of ____ years.

8. Successfully ruined _____ years, more to come.

9. I might be a little extra today, ‘cause it’s my day.

10. The day when my mom’s waiting period was over.


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Instagram Birthday Captions For Yourself

How often do you give caption ideas to your friends and family, but get clueless when it comes to writing ones for yourself? If that happens more than often, the struggle must be real on your birthday! To save you from that struggle, we’ve created these Instagram birthday captions for you. Have a look at them and consider it as a birthday present from us.


1. My favorite day to celebrate me.



2. For all the wishes, I give a ton of love in return.

3. Did I manage to dress up like a birthday girl(/boy)?

4. Without a fail, made it to another year.

5. And here comes the celebration of my existence.

6. The wind is changing, I’m turning ____.

7. I’m exhausted, I just completed _____ years.

8. We can’t keep it cool nor calm, it’s my birthday.

9. High on birthday vibes.

10. A day to look my best and eat the whole cake.


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Cute Birthday Instagram Captions for Your Boyfriend

1. No matter how old you get, I’ll never have enough of you. Happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Instagram Captions for Your Boyfriend


2. I am ready to celebrate the best human being and my favorite person, are you? Happy birthday, love!

3. To a person who has made me a better person by just being, happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday to a person whom I love more than avocados and sunsets.

5. I’ll choose you, again and again, you’re irreplaceable for me, happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday to the person I’d love to fit in my bag and take everywhere with me!

7. Thank you for being your version that makes me want to live a bit more, happy birthday!

8. Life with you only gets better, so I’m excited to be a part of your next chapter, happy birthday!

9. You complete the picture, me, and my life. Happy birthday, love!

10. You are the blessing that happened to me, Happy birthday!


Birthday Instagram Captions for Your Girlfriend


1. At any cost, I’ll protect your heart, ‘cause it’s mine too now, happy birthday.

Birthday Instagram Captions for Your Girlfriend


2. How do you look breathtaking every day and never forget to be a beautiful soul? Tell me! But first, happy birthday.

3. From sharing a frame to the most beautiful moments, you truly make me feel lucky; happy birthday.

4. No matter what path you choose, you’ll always find me walking by the side of you, happy birthday.

5. I’m thankful to fate for letting me meet you and god for letting me, have you! Happy birthday.

6. It’s been a pleasure to see you growing like a beautiful wildflower, cheers to that, and happy birthday.

7. You’re the wish that genie fulfilled without me asking, happy birthday, honey!

8. Till you’re with me, I know I’ll be fine and everything will fall in place, happy birthday to my support system.

9. Are you for real? If yes, how did I get so lucky? And secondly, happy birthday!

10. You rule my world and that is where my happiness lies, happy birthday, love!


Birthday Instagram Captions For Friend


1. Let’s celebrate you, our friendship, and life altogether, today! Happy birthday.



2. You are a blessing to the world, never stop making the world a better place, happy birthday!

3. From giving me headaches to curing ones, you grew up, happy birthday, my friend.

4. I wish words could do justice to our friendship, but they can’t! So, all I can say:  happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday, friend. I am not lying when I say I carry deep respect and admiration for you!


So, these were all types of birthday Instagram captions. Now, with your favorite caption, your Instagram post will be complete, and so your birthday! As you refuse to settle down and take hundreds of pictures to get the best one, prefer doing the same for the captions! As captions tell a story or emphasize the story that your picture is already telling; they deserve the attention!

A birthday is a beautiful occasion to celebrate your existence. This time, you shall show some love to yourself too, and let people be stunned by your confidence and caption!