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17th Birthday Captions For Instagram And Facebook

17th Birthday Captions: Celebrating birthdays with friends and family is always meaningful. Hence, the moments you spend with them are priceless. So, if you are the one celebrating your 17th birthday and want to post images to ask for blessings, show your excitement or wish yourself, you can use cute and funny 17th birthday captions. Here is a bouquet of fun captions to post with your photos.

For teenagers, 17th birthdays are memorable as that will be their last birthday before they reach adulthood. It is the family and friends that contribute the primary share of the precious memories of a teenager.

Post your memories with them on social media with lovely captions. Show your love and care for them with your gentle and heartfelt words.


17th Birthday Captions:

#1. I wish a Happy 17th birthday to you. Whether you are 70 or 17, never let go of the bubbly, curious child in you.

17th birthday captions


#2. I will not stop babying you, even after you complete 17 laps around the sun! Happy birthday, dear son.

17th birthday captions


#3. Congratulations bestie! You have survived 17 years on earth, and that’s enough reason to wish you a happy 17th Birthday, sweetie.

17th birthday captions


#4. Thank you for being there for me, baby sister. Otherwise, whom would I wish Happy 17th Birthday, dear?

17th birthday captions


#5. Start the 17th chapter of your life with blessings, smiles, and motivation. Happy 17th Birthday to my inspiration!

17th birthday captions


#6. Although your pranks make me scold you now and then, you are very precious to me, dear. Happy 17th birthday to my goofy younger brother!


#7. Happy 17th birthday, dear. Another year at hand before you stumble on adulthood! Enjoy this ‘carefree’ last year of your childhood.


#8. Congratulations on carrying the “sweetness” of sixteen to your seventeen. Happy 17th birthday, to our selfie queen.

17th birthday captions


#9. Happy 17th birthday to the girl who makes my heart beat fast and brings smiles to my face with a blast!


#10. Cannot believe a 17-year-old can make me feel drained with his pranks and goofiness. Happy birthday, son, and may your day be filled with happiness.


#11. A few years later, my little princess will become the queen of someone else’s heart. But let me wish my princess a happy 17th birthday, sweetheart.

17th birthday captions


#12. Will I ever learn to keep my eyes off the cute boy who stares at me with adoration? Happy 17th birthday to God’s splendid creation.


#13. Grow old but don’t get too serious. Instead, be mysterious. Happy 17th birthday, genius.


#14. Our generations might be far apart, but how can I forget that you gave my social media lessons a start? Happy 17th birthday, grandson. Have fun!


#15. Before entering your adulthood, support me a bit, dear. Happy 17th birthday, big brother!


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Captions for 17th Birthday:

#1. It is happy to know that you have people to get your back. On your 17th birthday, I hope you learn life hacks!


#2. Enjoy the adventures that unfold in front of you with youthful vigor. Happy 17th birthday, dear.


#3. The candles on your cake say that you are getting older. But are you getting wiser? The answer will dishearten you on your 17th birthday, I fear.


#4. It is okay for you to not act your age, you know. Happy 17th birthday, bro.

Captions for 17th Birthday


#5. Bliss is seeing my baby bear growing in front of my eyes. May this 17th birthday makes you wise.


#6. Happy 17th birthday to my match made in heaven. I am lucky to have a weirdo like you as my best friend since seven.


#7. I can never thank you enough for always supporting me. Happy 17th birthday to the girl who set me free.

Captions for 17th Birthday


#8. Let me express my gratitude because you are my baby brother, my partner in crime. Happy 17th birthday, dear, and do enjoy the time.


#9. Our Tom-and-Jerry relationship often worries the people around us, my dear twins. Happy 17th birthday to the team that always wins.


#10. Life has given me a few gifts, and you are one of them. Happy 17th birthday to this precious gem.


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17th Birthday Instagram Captions:

#1. Happy 17th, bunny, the best thing ever happened to me. You are like the honey to my bee.

17th birthday Instagram captions:


#2. Your presence in my life is the best thing ever. Your 17th birthday cake is something I’m gonna savor.


#3. Don’t worry about the addition of numbers to your age. Older people are quite the rage. Happy 17th birthday, my dear sage.


#4. Always be by my side, and always stand for all the things that are right. Happiest 17th birthday love.


#5. I hope you achieve all your life’s goals as you are 17 times to take your life under your control.


#6. On your 17th birthday, sending you lots of good wishes. May you never have to wash your own dishes.


#7. I’m grateful that you stuck with me for 17 years of your life. With you, I feel alive.


#8. May you have a beautiful 17th birthday, and may your tomorrow be as beautiful as your yesterdays. Happy birthday.


#9. You get me more than I understand my mind. You are really one of a kind. Happy 17th birthday. Do enjoy the day.


#10. You bring out the best in me. Your kindness will bring the world to its knees. Happy 17th, sonny.


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17th Birthday Captions for Yourself:

#1. All the credit behind the birth of this wonderful child goes to Mom. On my 17th birthday, I say you are awesome!

17th Birthday Captions for yourself


#2. I am very grateful I could spend another year with my beloved ones. On my 17th birthday, I will not miss the funds.


#3. I will celebrate my 17th birthday however I want because I only live once, and maybe this is the last chance!


#4. My 17th birthday is all about people who are more excited about my birthday than I can ever be.

17th Birthday Captions for yourself


#5. Birthdays are not to think about how old I’m getting. My 17th will have memories in the setting.


#6. You would think 17 candles on my birthday cake would make me wiser, but I don’t see that happening either.


#7. I hope to have fun this year. Next year, I will have rules to adhere to. Wish me a happy 17th, dear.


#8. I would like to say that you have worked hard to reach here, so celebrate your 17th birthday.


#9. I’m holding on to the last traces of childhood, but my 17th birthday is pushing me to my adulthood.


#10. The money spent on candles is more than the cake. The 17 on my cake makes my heart ache.


Final Word:

Seventeen is a juncture between the carefree teenage years and adulthood full of responsibilities. Express your love for your dear ones with sweet captions on their 17th birthday. Your message can be a blessing that reminds them that there are people to pray for them. You can also keep the joy flowing with your witty comments and cute pictures of them on social media. If you are posting photos of your sister, friend, or child on social media on their 17th birthday, you can use these 17th birthday captions. You can also use your words to tell them how much they mean to you.