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20th Birthday Captions For Instagram And Facebook

20th Birthday Captions: As you’ve ended your teenage era and are entering into an adult decade, these 20th birthday captions will help you slay your caption game. If you’re looking for some cute and short or sassy and fun captions, you’ve landed on the right page, as this comprises all the 20th birthday captions you are in search of.

After having put so many hours into getting that perfect birthday picture, you can’t keep the caption bland. We assure you that the time that you put in scrolling will be rewarded with that one or maybe more captions that speak to you or the one that goes perfectly with the outfit or your vibe.


20th Birthday Captions:

#1. I made some heads turn in my teenage. And I shall be doing the same in this decade.

20th birthday captions


#2. It took 20 years of hardships to get this glow but it was so worth it.


#3. Just woke up to a new day to welcome the new era.


#4. So, now I need to act like an adult? That’ll be tough.

20th birthday captions


#5. The tea of the town is that I’m turning 20 today.

20th birthday captions


#6. Wise enough to deal with the challenges and stupid enough to bring them by myself.


#7. One more year till my party version is legal.


#8. Goodbye to the teen drama, tears, and fever.

20th birthday captions


#9. Officially 20 with an illegal license of 21.


#10. It’s that time of the year to look my cutest.


#11. A whole day for me to celebrate myself? Sounds like a party.

20th birthday captions


#12. 20 years. 20 wishes. 20 candles and 20 reasons to celebrate my existence.


#13. I’m going to try my best to make 20 looks the cutest.


#14. Who dis? Same me with an updated version.


#15. Ended my teen era on good notes.


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20th Birthday Captions For Yourself:

#1. It’s an adult life’s calling.

20th birthday captions for yourself


#2. Hey Siri, what’s my 20th birthday forecast?


#3. Hello 20, please be kind to me.


#4. It’s been 20 years and the kid in me is not going anywhere.

20th birthday captions for yourself


#5. 20 years old but I never prefer to act my age.


#6. Life served me 20 on the platter today.


#7. 20th birthday look? Approved.

20th birthday captions for yourself


#8. Can’t you see how 20 makes me glow?


#9. Having my best 20.0 version.


#10. The keyword for this new era: adulting.


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Captions For Turning 20:

#1. Now, it’s high time to pull myself together.


#2. Please don’t expect me to act like a grown-up.


#3. If you think I’ll be wiser as I’m growing older, you clearly don’t know me.


#4. 20 is treating me already better.

captions for turning 20


#5. At the 20th level. Things from here go only wild.


#6. 20 years old, 20 times better.


#7. Celebrating 20 years of living on this planet.

captions for turning 20


#8. A 20-year-old being with a 10-year-old mind.


#9. 20 comes with a warning sign of no fun, but I’ll be fine.


#10. Entering my twenties with the spirit of a teen.


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20th Birthday Instagram Captions:

#1. And the gateway to the land of 20s opened today and I walked in.


#2. I’m officially turning into an adult you can rely on.


#3. The best years of life lie ahead because I said goodbye to the worst ones.


#4. The agenda for the 20s? Becoming the version my teen version could rely on.


#5. Cheers to the decade of growth, fun, and everything I just entered; cheers to my 20s.


As these 20th birthday captions are unique, you can thank us later when you receive compliments for being on point in your caption game. Before you start to bewilder over what to write in a caption, we thought to provide you with a set of the birthday captions. Your 20th birthday is a special occasion and everything about the day should be special, not only your outfit, your picture but your caption too! Hence, we ought to get creative with it to not let your birthday caption dull.