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60 Best 18th Birthday Captions For Instagram And Facebook

18th Birthday Captions: You’re turning 18 and without even any exaggeration, that’s a life-changing event. And so, these are the 18th birthday captions to slay your Instagram game and to let your fam know who’s the new adult of the town. Do you find it hard to find suitable captions according to occasions and pictures then don’t worry as it’s actually hard but we’ve made it easy for you.

As you have landed on this page, you’ll face no more worries and will end up with the perfect captions. So, without taking any further, go through these captions to find the ones that speak to you the most. And throw some sass in your feed to slay the day.

18th Birthday captions 


18th Birthday Captions:

#1. All set to make adulthood look better.


#2. What adulting looks like!


#3. I have been this cute for 18 years.


#4. Officially and legally an adult now.


#5. Blooming since _____(birth year)


#6. Goal: To be a full-fledged adult


#7. 18 already feels better and hotter.


#8. Hoping to be a lucky adult


#9. Just stepped into adulthood


#10. Wishing for an error-free adulthood


#11. Started the day as an adult


#12. No more illegal adulting


#13. 18 comes with a sign of trouble


#14. 18+ only, please!


#15. It’s been 18 years and I never gave up on being cute.


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18th Birthday Instagram Captions:

#1. Turning 18~ time to do all the wrong things.


#2. Freshly turned 18.


#3. Might become the best 18 in the town.


#4. New to adulting.


#5. Newborn in the town of adults


#6. Turned 18 without any notice


#7. Woke up with a stamp of 18


#8. Adulthood might not suit me


#9. Time to lit up adulthood


#10. Entering into the world of adults


#11. God bless me with a fun adulthood


#12. Never asked to be an adult


#13. 18 came to me without any notice


#14. Update: 18 on paper


#15. Update: Time to turn the world of adults upside down.


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Funny 18th Birthday Captions:

#1. An adult. Can’t promise to be a good one.

funny 18th birthday captions 


#2. Turned an adult but adulting might not be my thing


#3. Can’t promise to be an adult though!


#4. Adulting might not go with my aesthetics


#5. Can’t promise an adult behavior


#6. I never wished to participate in adulthood; this is against my will.


#7. I will be a noob adult for a while


#8. I’m sure my mom never asked for this but cheers to me


#9. Going to bless the adulthood


#10. Turned 18 but adulting won’t be my focus for a while though.


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18th Birthday Captions For Yourself:

#1. Adulthood might ruin me or the other way around.


#2. God, make me the badass 18.


#3. Charged up for the adulthood


#4. Ready to bless the world of adults with my presence


#5. Was rocking the traits of an adult way before


#6. Time to make my feed like an adult.


#7. Meet the future rebel of adulthood.


#8. Ain’t prepared for adulthood


#9. I might look like 18 but deep down I’m still 13.


#10. Will be now adapting to adulting.


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18th Birthday Captions For Friend:

#1. Here’s an adult wearing the warning sign


#2. Weather forecast: the world of adults might be in trouble.


#3. Introducing you to a newborn adult


#4. Trigger warning: He/she might become the best 18 you’ve ever met.


#5. He/she might become the talk of the town of adults.


#6. Happy 18th birthday. I can never imagine you being an adult but let’s see.


#7. He/she turned 18 and it might invite troubles in my life.


#8. Be an effective adult who knows how to get into trouble.


#9. He/she turned 18 today and I refuse to be responsible for his/her actions.


#10. On his/her way to becoming the boldest, stupidest and funniest adult.


Save these 18th birthday captions for yourself or your friend if he/she is turning 18. As you’re reaching a milestone in your life because from now on your adult era begins, your 18th birthday is significant. Let the people know how you are feeling that day and if you don’t, these above-mentioned captions will help to do so. Let your caption game not be dull when your outfit is all sparkling. And let the words do justice to your pictures and emotions.