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35 Cute Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

Happy 4th birthday is the simplest wish you could give to a 4 years old kid. The early days of a child’s development are marked with immense happiness and surprise for the parents and family. From the first words of the child to their first step everything seems so miraculous. By the age of 4 not only does he/she starts talking in broken sentences but it also is the first celebration they truly enjoy.

To make this celebration memorable for them you can also send some cute and sweet wishes for them. This way when they grow up, they will see those cards and gifts and you will become a precious part of their memory. Such wishes are often filled with prayers for their well-being and happiness.


Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

1. I can’t believe it has been a couple of years since I carried you for the first time. Happy 4th Birthday sweetheart.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes


2. Happy 4th Birthday, Buddy! Seems like our boy is in too much of a hurry to be a grown man.



3. Look how cute our 4th Birthday boy looks. I hope you grow to be a smart and gentleman Boy.



4. For all the years that go by you are turning more like your father. Stay Blessed Birthday Boy.


5. Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Princess. Can’t believe it has been 4 years since you entered our lives. Love you beautiful.


6. The first time I held you in my arms girl felt so heavenly and see how fast are you growing up love. Happy 4th Birthday, Sweetheart.


7. What day is today? Yes, it’s our king’s Birthday. Happy 4 years of being in our lives.



8. God has gifted me by making me your Father. Happy 4th Birthday my charm.


9. Can’t believe it has been 4 years since the first time I felt you in my arms. Happy 4th Birthday Mama’s Girl.


10. Happy 4th Birthday Champ!


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Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Boy 


1. Wishing for you a very amazing Birthday Champ.



2. Never have I ever seen 4 years old as smart and fun as you are. Stay well Boy!


3. The way you come up with such amazing questions is incredible. Happy 4th Birthday Smart kid.


4. I pray for you that all your birthday wishes come true. That’s my birthday wish for you, my pretty much special 4-year-old!


5. Lots of hugs, kisses and gifts for your 4th Birthday Boy.


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Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Girl


1. Wishing that this 4th birthday finds you happy and as sweet as ever. You are adorable.



2. Sweet little princess. Wishing you a Magical 4th birthday.


3. Look at you dressed in this cute dress. You are going to be a beautiful woman. Happy 4th Birthday Princess.


4. Watching you smile melts our heart. You are so adorable kiddo. Happy 4th Birthday!


5. Do you know when I say you first? It was on this same day 4 years ago. Love you, my sweetheart.Happy Birthday!


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4th  Birthday Wishes for Son 


1. Having a sweet and cute son like you is something all parents want. Happy 4th Birthday my boy.



2. The day I saw you smile for the first time was the happiest day of my life. I can’t be thankful enough to be blessed with you, my prince. Happy 4th Birthday!


3. To the boy who stole my heart with his first smile. You are my Goodluck charm. Wishing you all the joys and happiness of the world, my 4 years champ.


4. The day you were born, I find the right reason of my life. I can’t express that how special you are Daddy’s Boy. Happy 4th Birthday, Son.


5. Never have I ever loved someone so much as I love you, my Baby. You are the one and only who really fills my heart with warmth. Happy 4th Birthday Mama’s Love.


4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter


1. It is said that only a daughter can treat a man like a king. You are adorable and the love of my life. Happy 4th Birthday,Daughter!



2. To see you smile, play, talk and eat around us is the most wonderful feeling. May you grow as a smart and kind girl. Wishing you a sweet 4th.


3. You are the special one in the whole universe whom I want to be more gorgeous than me. Love you sweetheart.Happy 4th Birthday!


4. You making those puppy eyes is all takes to melt my heart. Nothing is more lovable for me but you. Celebrate your 4th Birthday with as much fun as you can.


5. Watching you so your mischiefs and dressing you up like a doll makes me so contented. Happy Birthday my 4 years old apple pie.


Happy 4th Birthday Princess 


1. You are the only one that makes me forget all my troubles princess. I wish you a Birthday filled with hugs, kisses and love.



2. How can 4 years old be so charming? I have you got you your favorite gift. May you see many such birthdays in coming years.


3. Happy 4th Birthday to the sweetest and coolest Princess Ever May you rule the hearts of all the people around you.


5. All the way you dress and the way you make your faces is so cute that it drives me nuts. Love you Uncle’s Princess.


5. This day could never have been this special Had it not been your 4th Birthday Dear. Wishing you all the blooms in your life princess.