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40+ Cute Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes For Boy And Girl

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes: It’s been 24 months since you received the most precious gift from God. We have come up with these happy 2nd birthday wishes because we are sure that you are looking forward to treasuring your precious gift. Because kids take no time in growing older, taking time out on their early birthdays to adore them and be with them is so essential.

These birthday wishes are perfect for the parents who want to greet their child in the best manner or write the best wishes on the gift for their 2-year-old. But also go with these wishes if you wish to be the best uncle or aunt of your 2-year-old niece or nephew. Bless the 2-year-old with these exquisite wishes.


Happy  2nd Birthday Wishes:

#1. You have turned two today. I and your father have been capturing all your moments. We cannot wait to show you them and tell you the stories behind all of them. Happy 2nd birthday.


#2. Happy 2nd birthday. I cannot imagine how much the emotions of delight and pride will steer up as you grow. But I do know that you will continue to be my source of happiness.


#3. When you grow up, see the scrapbooks I have been making– you’ll know how much I love you! You’ll be as delighted as us to see yourself sharing these moments with us. Happy 2nd birthday.


#4. To the most innocent soul, happy 2nd birthday. I and your daddy share the same ground when it comes to you. Our deepest joy lies in taking care of you. We love you the most.


#5. Your loudest cries and smallest giggles make this home alive. You’re not only the life of this home but ours. And You’re so precious that we cannot describe it in words but happy 2nd birthday.


#6. You have been on the earth for 24 months. And you already are the favorite person of every family member. You do not know how much loved you are! Happy 2nd birthday.


#7. How did I become so lucky to have you in my womb? From there to my heart, you have captured my soul. A part of me now lives in you. Happy 2nd birthday, honey.


#8. Two years ago, we welcomed you to this planet. Since then you have made the world of happiness known to us. Happy 2nd birthday, dear!


#9. Happy 2nd birthday, honey. To provide you with the world you truly deserve is my only dream. To be your backbone for life is my only desire. To be your mother is a beautiful feeling.


#10. May you go out in the world and fetch all that you desire. May you find success and happiness in doing so every time. Happy 2nd birthday.


2nd Birthday Wishes And Messages:

#1. Happy 2nd birthday niece.  You have been awe-inspiring since I held you in my arms. All the treats that your parents deny to give you will surely be provided by me.


#2. I adore you for hours. I’ve taken up the role to babysit you because I love you so much. I can’t wait for you to grow up to get spoiled by me. Happy 2nd birthday.


#3. I am not an astrologer yet I can tell you, your future looks brighter than your parents’ imagination. You are going to be a bright star of the family. Happy 2nd birthday.


#4. I want you to see in your adulthood. But I do not wish to give up on admiring you in your childhood. In either hood, my love for you remains constant. Happy 2nd birthday.


#5. You can be chaotic and loud sometimes. But also you are a being who makes me feel the most serene and zen. You are magic. And you are precious. Happy 2nd birthday.


Happy 2nd Birthday

Today we celebrate our baby’s 2nd birthday! It is an extremely happy and proud moment for us parents. I thank everyone for showering us with their happy wishes. Indeed, we are blessed.

Happy 2nd Birthday


The birthday of her child is the happiest day in a mother’s life as it reminds her of the day her baby was born. May you conquer every battle in life and emerge victoriously. Happy 2nd birthday baby!

Happy 2nd Birthday


A father will always cherish his child’s 2nd birthday as it will remind him of the happiness that a family gives to man. May you take your baby steps in the right direction, every time!


Today is a momentous day! It is the birthday of a special little one. Keep your eyes close while we ready the cake, the balloons, the snacks and the confetti. Happy 2nd birthday to you!


It is unbelievable that precisely a year ago, we were blessed with you. Really, how time flies by! I cannot convey the amount that we love you, hope you realize that as you grow up. May God fulfill every blessing of yours.


For parents, their child is more precious than all the gems in the world combined and their child’s 2nd birthday is one of the happiest days of their lives. Very happy birthday to you baby!


I am fortunate to be your aunt and to witness your 2nd birthday today! I wish you well and that no harm befalls you ever and that you grow up to be a beautiful human being capable of empathy.

Happy 2nd Birthday


Being your elder brother, it brings me a lot of joy to be able to wish you on your 2nd Remember, I am always there for you, no matter when you need me and where. Happy 2nd birthday, little one!


Today marks the beginning of a path that will lead you to become an ideal woman, compassionate, empathetic, sensible, strong, mature, and independent. Although the road is strewn with difficult choices and hardships, you can always count on your family and relatives like me to guide you along the way.


Our happiness grew infinitely on the day that you were born and seeing how one year passed by like that, it looks like you will grow up soon before we even realize! Very happy birthday to you cutie pie.


Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy

Today I am the world’s luckiest uncle as it is your 2nd birthday today. I hope that you celebrate your birthday with increasing vigor with every passing year. Happy 2nd birthday to you nephew.

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy


My boy is steadily growing up and I know it won’t be long when he will grow up enough to take care of himself. Happy birthday to you my lovely son, may all the blessings of the world shower upon you!


Exactly one year ago, today, I was granted a wish with a baby boy who I am sure will grow up to become an ideal human being. Remember, that mommy and daddy love you a lot and will protect you from all harm until you are big enough.


You might not remember today, and all the celebrations that we are having but my love for you will be ever visible and prominent in your life. You will never face any difficulty in life, my tiny baby boy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy


Son, you have made me a lucky guy the moment you stepped into this world. A father’s dream is to be able to play with his son, and I am looking forward to those days already. Happy 2nd birthday to you!


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Happy 2nd Birthday Girl

It brings tears to my eyes seeing you grow this fast. Being your uncle, it is my duty to ensure that you celebrate your birthdays with joy and enthusiasm, after all, birthdays come only once a year for a reason. Happy birthday baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Girl


Happy 2nd birthday, my princess! I bought this dollhouse today for a special person, and I hope she likes playing with it. May the number of candles on your cake keeps on increasing forever and ever.


My prayers to God had been answered a year ago when he decided to gift me the best thing a man could get, a baby girl. Today with tears of joy in my eyes, I wish you a happy 2nd birthday.

Happy 2nd Birthday Girl


Let me cherish my little girl’s birthday as it won’t be long before she decides to be with someone and spend her entire life with that person. And you baby girl, always remember, daddy loves you no matter what.


Girl, you stole daddy’s heart the day you were born. You are daddy’s pride and joy. Soon enough, you will be able to walk, talk and run, and I am looking forward to those days already. Happy 2nd birthday!


Happy Second Birthday

You are the star of our lives, the apple of our eyes. You represent all of our collective happiness, and on the occasion of your second birthday, I pray to God to keep you in good health and that every one of your wishes gets fulfilled.

Happy Second Birthday


Happy second birthday to you, cutie! It seems only yesterday that we were blessed by an angel from the heavens! May you grow up to be bigger and better with each passing year. Loads of love from all of us.


The second birthday is more unique than the first because it paves a roadway for the future birthdays to look forward to. I feel special to be able to celebrate this birthday with you; a very happy and cheerful second birthday from my side.


Seems only last week that I held your tiny fingers, but in reality, it has been an exact year. I love you more than life itself and therefore, today, your second birthday is an extraordinary occasion for me.


The emergence of a baby into a family is considered one of the key events in the family’s history. And that day happened exactly one year ago. I am so proud of you, and I want to tell you that I love you more than you can imagine. Happy second birthday!