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45+ Happy Birthday Princess Wishes With Images

Happy Birthday Wishes For Princess: Birthday wishes are full of love and blessings for your little princess. You have the greatest gift of all and every year you want to make sure she knows it! Pick one of our great wishes to make her day even more special.

Your life has been changed since the born of your little girl, your princess. Having a daughter is the best gift a parent can ask for. As you planning her birthday party and her gift list, don’t forget to enclose a birthday card with your best wishes.

Make a birthday wish sometimes it might be difficult. You want your little one to feel special and unique, you can’t make a usual wish. In this article, you will find special birthday wishes that will help you find the perfect one for your little (or not so little anymore) girl.


Happy Birthday Princess:

1. My dearest princess, my lovely daughter I wish you all the happiness and all your dreams to come true. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday princess


2. Happy Birthday my sweet princess. I thought I knew what love is until the day you came into our lives. You make us happy and proud every day!

Happy Birthday princess


3. Happy Birthday my lovely daughter. Be happy, strong and lucky my beautiful and unique princess. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday princess


4. My princess from the day you were born all of our days became brighter. Happy birthday my little daughter!

Happy Birthday princess


5. You are the most wonderful and great present in our lives and we will always be thankful for that. Happy Birthday my dear princess!

Happy Birthday princess


6. We are so happy that you are our daughter. You have brought happiness into our lives more than we could ever imagine. Seeing you grow up and become a wonderful lady is our greatest joy. Happy Birthday our sweet princess!


7. You can’t imagine how happy we are having you in our lives. You are our precious sweet princess. Happy Birthday our sweet daughter!


8. Happy Birthday to the kindest, funniest and craziest girl in the world. We are so grateful that you came into our lives. Happy Birthday our dearest princess!

Happy Birthday princess


9. The day you were born I was born again too. Happy Birthday my lovely princess.


10. Happy Birthday my sweet angelic princess. I wish you to love life and never stop dreaming!


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Happy Birthday Princess With Images:

1. You are the most delicious cookie. Everybody loves it because it has the best taste. We love so much our sweet princess. Happy Birthday, sweety!



2. The day you were born you stole our hearts and until today you are still holding it. Happy birthday our beloved princess!


3. You fill our lives with happiness and magic every single day. I wish you never stop dreaming. Happy Birthday our one of a kind princess!


4. You are the most beautiful angel and you make my life prettier every day. You are my whole world, my perfect princess. Happy best birthday!


5. From the first day, I hugged you I knew I would never stop loving you. You are so special, my princess! I wish you a happy birthday as special as you!


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Happy Birthday, Little Princess:

1. I wish you happiness, health and love. I wish you always to smile my little princess and express yourself like you only know. Happy Birthday to the best daughter of the world!



2. My little princess I wish the journey of your life to be exciting, adventurous and full of strong feelings. Let your dreams be your guide and always follow your heart. I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday!


3. A few people are lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you, my little princess. It’s hard for someone to be perfect but for you, it seems so easy. Happy Birthday my favorite daughter!


4. Thank you for filling our lives with happiness, laughter and gratitude. Always remember to be yourself, my little princess. Happy unforgettable birthday!


5. You will always be my little princess! No matter the years, no matter the facts I will always be your mother. Happy Birthday!


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Happy 1st Birthday Princess:

1. The happiness you brought us is priceless. You are a wonderful baby girl and I wish you to become a great woman. Happy 1st birthday my sweet princess!



2. I can’t believe how a whole year with you has passed by. I wish every year of your life to be full of love, dreams and happiness. Happy 1st Birthday my lovely princess.


3. You are the most amazing child. I wish you a life full of love, smiles and tenderness. Happy 1st Birthday my princess!


4. Happy 1st birthday my dreamy princess! I wish you a life full of stars, happiness and much much love. Love you!


5. I am the luckiest mummy in the world because of you. Happy 1st birthday my wonderful princess!


Happy 2nd Birthday Princess:

1. Thank you for giving me 2 easy years full of love, peace and joy! Happy 2nd Birthday my perfect princess.



2. You are my unicorn full of magic and colors! We love you just the way you are and we will always be here for you. Happy 2nd birthday our princess!


3. I hope your 2nd birthday to be perfect as you! Happy Birthday my baby princess!


4. You are my angel that makes my life pretty every day! Happy 2nd Birthday my great princess!


5. 2 years ago you stole my heart. You are my whole world! I wish you a life full of joy and love. Happy 2nd Birthday my princess!


Happy 3rd Birthday Princess:

1. You fill our lives with magic, miracles and happiness! Never stop dreaming, never stop smiling my little princess! You deserve all the happiness of the world. Happy 3rd Birthday!



2. You have been my special daughter for 3 amazing years. I know how much you love me and it’s the most beautiful feeling. Happy 3rd Birthday my lovely princess!


3. From the moment I hold you and 3 years later I knew that I will never stop loving you. Happy special 3rd Birthday as you, my amazing princess!


4. Happy 3RD Birthday to the diamond of our family. You deserve even more than any gemstone of the world! I love you my princess!


5. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you smile every day. I wish you all the best and much love for your 3rd Happy Birthday my princess!


Happy 4th Birthday Princess:

1. From the moment you were born and 4 years later you are still the princess of my heart. We will always be here for you and never stop dreaming. Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


2. Happy 4th Birthday to the most amazing daughter. Seeing you growing up is a blessing for us. We love you princess!


3. My little flower, every year you grow and grow and you are becoming an amazing girl. Happy 4th Birthday my amazing princess!


4. Always follow your heart and never stop smiling my sweet princess! Happy 4th Birthday! We will always love you!


5. I wish you all the happiness! You are one in a million my great princess! Happy 4th Birthday!


Happy 5th Birthday Princess:

1. You fill my life with happiness and love. Every moment with you is a blessing. Happy 5TH Birthday my princess!



2. I wish you all your life is a poem full of feelings and pictures. Every page to be full of love, tenderness, peace and joy. Happy 5th Birthday my sweet princess!


3. Happy 5th Birthday my brave, strong and lovely princess! You will always be my little baby no matter the years!


4. 5 years now I learned to give more, to care more and to love more because of you. Happy 5th Birthday my angel princess!


5. I give you all the best wishes to hold them in your heart forever and be your guide through life. Happy 5th Birthday my lovely princess!


Every year is a celebration for your little miracle. You are grateful for coming into your life and you are happy since then. Make her days blessed and unforgettable with these happy birthday princess wishes. Give her values and morals and build together a life that she will be a strong, clever and descent woman. She will always need you no matter the disagreements, no matter the disappointments, she will always love you and you will always be there.