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25 Cute 1st Birthday Wishes And Messages

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes And Messages: Birthdays are indeed very special. The Happy 1st Birthday wishes can add some more joy and more memories making your child’s birthday more special. A birthday is a day of celebration and joy. For creating and saving this beautiful birthday memory, the whole family gives their fullest efforts with all their love. The beautiful photographs of the first birthday always recreate the vibes that you and your family have enjoyed.

One little cute face becomes the star in everyone’s eyes and although the kiddo can’t remember his first birthday celebration, he can surely recelebrate his 1st birthday just by staring at his birthday album. Our Happy 1st Birthday wishes and messages can surely add some charm to the wonderful first birthday memories.



1st Birthday Wishes For Boy And Girl:

#1. You are the light of our lives, dear. Your innocent smile and awe-filled eyes give us moments that we shall cherish forever. Happy birthday to you, and congratulation on completing a year.



#2. Your birthday is our special day as you are God’s gift to us. Even though you are sometimes a big fuss. Happy birthday, darling. Be an excellent human being.



#3. A year has passed since you started crawling. Now, you have started walking. You have a thousand miles to go. So, in one go, give this single candle a blow.



#4. Your one-year birthday is a milestone you have reached. There are many others that you will achieve. Remember this first step and celebrate your very first birthday without any grief.



#5. You fell, you cried, babbled, and you rolled, but with your smile. Oh my god, you are so fragile. Celebrate your first birthday in your freestyle.



#6. Your ten little fingers and toes have grown a bit. Your wobbly steps are becoming steady, and now you aptly sit. My little one, wishing you a long life today. Celebrate a gleeful birthday.


#7. Your arrival made our lives beautiful. It made us parents the most beautiful child on earth, and the feeling is so wonderful. Wishing you all the best for the all the years to come, with love, from mum.


#8. We counted each day before you came. Today, we have finished counting 365 days, and the excitement is just the same. My dearest child, I hope each year we celebrate your birthday like your first one, dear.


#9. You have made our lives blessed with your presence. Your first birthday calls for a massive celebration in all its essence. Your steps in your lives have made a huge difference.


#10. We have learned so much about you and ourselves in the past year. On your first birthday, we celebrate all we have learned from you, dear. We wish you lead a splendid life forever.


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Happy 1st Birthday Wishes:

#11. Happy 1st birthday to our cutest and prettiest little princess. May God give you a lifetime of happiness and success in your life. We are all with you forever.



#12. As you turn one today, we wish you all the grace and happiness in your life. May God shower his merciful blessings upon you for a lifetime. Happy birthday, cutie-pie.


#13. Happy 1st birthday to our little key of happiness and joy. May your birthday bring a lot of prosperity and joy in your life not only for this year but for your whole life. God bless you.


#14. Wishing you a very healthy and happy birthday cutie. May God shower his choicest blessings upon you. Our blessings are always with you. Have an amazing life ahead.


#15. Happy birthday to the cutest baby of the world. On your special day, we want you to give our all love and blessings to you. Have a wonderful and blooming life ahead.


#16. Many-Many delightful and happy 1st birthday returns of the day sweetheart. You brought a lot of happiness and love in our life one year ago and we wish you the same happiness and love for your whole life.



#17. Happy first birthday to our little darling. May God give shower his merciful blessings upon you and give you all the happiness and success in your life that you deserve. Have a fantastic life ahead.


#18. Many-Many happy 1st birthday wishes to the best child in the world. Your little hands have given us all the happiness in the world. We can’t ask for anything more. You are our key to happiness kiddo.


#19. When you come into our life you bring tonnes of happiness and joy to our life. We wish you all the best for your future that is going to be very successful and joyful. Happy 1st Birthday, sweetie.


#20.  Happy birthday to you little darling. Have a wonderful and amazing life ahead champ. As you are turning one day, we feel overwhelmed with happiness. Our blessings are always with you. Keep shining.


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Cute Happy First Birthday Wishes And Messages:

#21. The day you entered our life was the best day of our life. No combination of 26 alphabets can describe our love for you. We love you to infinity. Happy first birthday to the cute little bunch of happiness.



#22. How can someone be so cute and so pretty like you? Happy birthday, cutie-pie. May God give all his choicest blessings to you. Have a bright and wonderful year ahead, baby.


#23. It’s a whole one year of you being this cute and sweet. This one year spent with you was the best year of my life till now and many best years to come. Happy birthday to you dear. God bless you.


#24. Warm wishes and a very happy first birthday to your little champ. You are the best gift God has given us and in return, we promise you to give all our love and care to you forever. Have a bright life ahead.


#25. Not a single word from any language is perfect enough to describe my love for you. I love you more than I love anything. Happy first birthday to the loveliest and cutest little kiddo.


#26. You are 12 months old today and my love for you is multiplying each day since the day you came into our life. May you get all the happiness and success in your life. Happy birthday to you sweetheart. God bless you.



#27. Happy First Birthday to you darling. On your special day, I just wanted to let you know that I love you to infinity and whenever and wherever you’ll need me, I’ll be there for you. Have an incredible year ahead.


#28. Many many sweet returns of the day to you sweetheart. You hold a very big and very special corner in my heart. Anything can fade away at any moment in this life except my love for you. Happy first birthday dear.


#29. Happy first birthday to the reason behind my happiness and my smile. You are the best blessing I have ever received from God. May you get all the happiness and prosperity in your life.


#30. Exactly one year ago you entered our life and filled it with all the happiness and grace. We are so grateful to God that he blessed us with the best child in the world. Happy birthday to you baby. Keep shining.


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Happy 1st Birthday Wishes With Images:

#31. Happy 1st Birthday Baby boy. Make your birthday a memorable one and preserve Happy memories to cherish for a lifetime. God Bless!



#32. Create lovely memories to rejoice the lovely moments always and forever! Happy first birthday my baby, my sweetheart.


#33. First birthdays are precious and near to heart. May you have a life full of warm wishes and love just like your 1st birthday. Happiest Birthday love!


#34. May you shine brighter every day and touch the sky. My heart wishes all the very best for you always. Have a great first birthday! Happy Birthday.


#35. It’s your 1st birthday it has got to be as special and lovely as you are! Have a rocking first birthday my baby. Love you to the moon and back.