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40+ Cute Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Kids are the biggest blessing to parents. They’re the most cheerful and innocent people who are happy and content with their lives. When it’s their birthday, it’s only right that you make their day special with gifts and candies. Wish them a happy birthday in the sweetest way possible with our happy birthday kids quotes.


Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids:

#1. By giving you birth, I breathed life into you; they say. By making me go through rebirth, you gave me a new life; I say. Happy birthday, honey!


#2. With cake, gifts and your friends, I wish you get to celebrate the best birthday of your life. I wish to see you happiest with your heart smiling big. Happy birthday.


#3. May only fun enters your life today and for the year to come. For you’re a little innocent soul, let the universe shower you with everything that is of joy. Happy birthday.


#4. Happy birthday.  Let blood pump in. Let the noise begin to dance and celebrate the birthday of my kid. Today is the day I received you. A being who changed my life for the better.


#5. May you get all the gifts you’re hoping to receive. May God get so generous to you that every day in your life starts to feel like a blessing. Happy birthday!


#6. Happy birthday. Kids are the purest being for who it is easy to be happy. So I wish that you stay a kid at your heart no matter how much you get older.


#7. You’ll never know how precious you’re because you’ll never be able to see yourself through my eyes. But I’ll be here to remind you that always. Happy birthday, kid.


#8. For you’re the sweetest kid in the world, you deserve the sweetest treats. May your wishes get heard by the divine to let you have all that you deserve. Happy birthday.


#9. Today is going to be a ride of fun. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself. We’ll fill your day with surprises. All you have to do is seize them. Happy birthday.


#10. Happy birthday. Today you’re allowed to play your naughtiest tricks to have fun. Today all your innocent mischiefs will be forgiven. Because today is your birthday, you’re going to rule the day.


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Birthday Wishes For Kids(Boys And Girls):

#11. Watching you grow is the best feeling. The time of holding your hand is fading away as you’re growing. But I’ll never forget to walk beside you. Happy birthday.


#12. I wish god helps you fulfill all the big dreams that your little eyes are seeing. And today we’ll help you have the best day ever.  Happiest birthday.


#13. From driving me insane to making me proud, you have become a well-mannered child. And I’m so happy about that. May you get to have the best birthday of your life. Happy birthday.


#14. May all the juices of creativity get more flavorful. May all the bursting colors of your dreams make a beautiful future for you. Happy birthday!


#15. To the most innocent being, happy birthday. Never let that inner child die as you grow. Never suffocate that child in you no matter how old you grow. Happy birthday.


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Happy Birthday Kids

Happy birthday. Five years ago, God blessed me with such a precious baby. Time passes by so quickly but I am happy to see you grow.

Birthday Wishes For Kids


Happy birthday to my precious child. I know that you will one day make me a proud mother. May I always see you happy. I love you.

Happy Birthday Kids


You are growing so quickly. Happy birthday my sweet angel. My love for you only grows stronger with each passing year. I love you so much.


Happy birthday, baby. My special one deserves a special wish on her special day. So I want to tell you that you are precious to me and you have all of my heart.


Seeing you grow makes me happy. Happy birthday to my little one. May you grow to be a successful person in life. I always pray for your safety and good health.


Happy birthday, love. You have shown me what true happiness is. I will never forget how happy you made with your first cry. I hope you know that your mom is always with you.


To our favorite human, happy birthday. Mummy and daddy love you to the moon and back. You are so precious to us and we can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you.

Happy Birthday Kids

Happy birthday to my dearest baby boy. You are a wonderful gift that God has given me. I promise to give you all the love and support that you deserve.


Happy birthday, my kid sister. Ever since you came into my life, it has been filled with happiness and positivity. I hope you know that you are such a blessing.


To my precious baby doll, happy birthday. May life bring you a lot of good adventures. Always remain happy and continue to spread smiles everywhere you go.


Happy 2nd Birthday


Birthday Wishes For Kids

My lovely child, I wish you a happy birthday. You are slowly growing into a beautiful young lady who has a heart that never gets tired of giving. We are proud of you.

Happy Birthday Kids


To my one and only son, happy birthday. You have given me a kind of happiness that I have never experienced before. You are talented and smart but more than that you have a heart of gold and you make me so proud.


Happy birthday to my lovely child. You have the heart of an angel. And I hope you know that, with a heart like yours, you deserve the world. We love you.


Our darling child, happy birthday to you. You have made us so happy since the day you were born and continue to do so with your loving smile and funny jokes. We love you.


To our strong and smart baby, a happy birthday. I am sure that you will one day grow into a handsome and wise man who will be loved by everyone. I hope you know how special you are to us.


Happy birthday to my child. No matter how old you get, you will always be my precious child. You have so many dreams to chase. Never look back. I hope all your dreams come true.

Birthday Wishes For Kids


Happy birthday to my beautiful darling. Today I want you to know that life is precious. You only get it once so live it to the fullest. Never stop seeking adventures.


To my precious baby, a happy birthday. I wish you a life full of good things and positivity. No matter how life treats you, always be strong. Mummy and daddy have your back no matter what.


Happy birthday, kiddo. May Lord always watch over you. You are our favorite person in the whole wide world and you light up our world by being in it.


Happy birthday, brother. You are such a sweetheart. May you always find a way to be successful even when you fail. I am sure a talented boy like you will achieve many things in life.


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Birthday Quotes For Kids 

Happy birthday, kid. It’s your day today, enjoy it to the fullest. Celebrate your day with loads of laughter and fun and don’t forget to spread the joy. It will make your day brighter.

Birthday Wishes For Kids


To my one and only child, happy birthday to you. You are a box full of endless happiness for us. I pray to Lord for your success, safety, and good health.


To my beautiful princess, happy birthday. The sun is shining brighter today as he knows that this is the day that a gorgeous angel was born. You are the most important person in my life and I love you.


Happy birthday, princess. It just feels like yesterday when you came into our lives with the loudest cry and made us happy. And you are already turning five today. We love you.


Happy birthday to my dearest baby. I am the happiest when you are around me. Your playful nature and cheerfulness always take me back to my childhood. I hope life never gives you a reason to be sad.