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35 Funny Good Night Quotes And Messages

Funny Good Night Quotes And Messages: Our everyday lives can become quite monotonous and stressful if we don’t add a little humor to them. This humor is especially needed when we return to our homes at the end of the day. When our bodies feel drained of energy and our minds are not at their best, we need something that can lighten up the moment for us. A funny good night text is a great cure, especially if it comes from a special someone. Receiving a funny good night text does the unexpected magic of helping us lose the stress. So, check out these funny good night quotes and messages that you have been looking for.


Funny Good Night Quotes:

There are 4.7 million people going to sleep, 2.5 million who are already dreaming, 1.3 million who are still awake and one-night owl reading this. Good night.



The sun is gone, the sky is no longer blue. I cannot live in peace without disturbing you. Have a good sleep. Good night.

funny good night quotes


Good night, you cutie! Don’t look at the stars out of the window. Also, don’t look underneath your bed. There could be something. Just joking! Good night!

funny good night quotes


If you are feeling lonely tonight, always remember that I am always here to disturb you. Good night and have beautiful nightmares of me.


When I wish you a good night, I just want you to be a good guy and not dream about anyone but me. I hope we are clear. Good night, handsome!


This is such a beautiful quiet night. And all the peaceful silence reminds me of you. It reminds me that I need to disturb your peaceful night too! Good morning.


Let the most beautiful person in your life visit you in your dreams today. Let that dream be the most beautiful one. But, don’t get used to it. I can’t be free every night. Good night.

funny good night quotes


I just had a phone call from your bed and it said that it could not reach you. Please contact your bed ASAP and hug your lonely pillows. Good night!


The only way you can have sweet dreams is by dreaming about me. But please take an appointment before because I am not always free. Good night!


The bed bugs are dead and the Boogeyman has run away. I am your hero and you need to thank me for all of this. Good night, sleeping beauty.


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Funny Good Night Sayings:

It has been so tiring for me to run through your mind all day. And it must be tiring for you to chase me in your mind all day. So, why not meet in our dreams? Good night!



Good night to you, honey. I know falling asleep on the bed isn’t as comfy as falling asleep in my arms. But bear it for the night, okay? Good night.


Ouch! Stop! I can hear your mind explode because of all the stress you take. Switch off your thoughts, let your eyes rest, and get some sleep. Good night!


Hello, this is a sleep text from a sleepy friend to another sleepy friend at some sleepy place, in the mood to say a cozy, sleepy goodnight.


Sleep tight, friend. Don’t let your toes peek out from under the covers. The Boogeyman isn’t real but robbers are. Sleep well. Good night and sweet dreams.


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Funny Good Night Messages:

Did you know that good people are prone to sleep better than a bad people? Of course, the bad people stay up and read messages like these. Good night!

funny good night messages


Do you know why we close our eyes when we sleep? Because the most beautiful people and things in life can be seen only in dreams. Have sweet dreams about me. Good night.


Welcome to the Dream Airlines where we take you to your favorite dreams. Fasten your blankets and puff your pillow. Think about me and doze off smoothly. Good night.


This is an original good night wish. I repeat, an original good night wish. Stay away from pirated cheap copies as I’m the only manufacturer of these wishes. Good night.


Hey you. Are you awake? Yes? Okay, good. Because I wanted to take a moment of yours to wish you a warm, snuggly good night.



Ouch! I fell from my dreams trying to catch you to tell you that I miss you and I want you to have sweet dreams too. Good night and sleep well!


How about a date to make this boring night interesting? I’m thinking of wearing pajamas, lying down in the bed, getting wrapped in blankets, and meeting you in your dreams!


Hey handsome, even though I am the more good-looking one in the relationship, you need to care for yourself too. Go to bed and get your beauty sleep.


This may sound corny but if you don’t sleep now, I might have to visit you in your dreams to scold you. No hugs for you! So, be a good girl and sleep!


Hi baby. Just wanted to wish you a cozy good night and to let you know that you don’t need to cuddle with the pillow. I will visit you in your dreams. Good night.


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Good Night Funny:

Dear best friend, I am your fairy night wisher and I want to inform you that you have been a bad girl for not sleeping on time. Please get your sleep!



Before you even think of hitting the ‘next episode’ button on Netflix, let me remind you that your beauty sleep is more important. Give your eyes rest. Good night.


Dear friend, there’s no way that I am going to listen to you rant about lack of sleep tomorrow. Kindly spare us both and go to sleep. Good night.


Good night, bestie. Sleep well tonight with no drama. God is bigger than anything that you are dreading tomorrow. Good night.


I am not wishing you good night as a formality or because it’s free. I’m wishing you to let you know even my last minute should be to disturb you. Good night.


Funny Good Night With Images:

Twinkle twinkle little star, I wonder right now where you are. Are you in bed or are you afar? Get to the bed and dream of stars. Good night, sweetie.

Funny good night with images


Sun is so red and the sky is so blue. I always think about you. But, now the sun isn’t red, and the sky isn’t blue. So, I shouldn’t disturb you. Good night.


I wish God could come up with an SMS factory to help me reach you in seconds without any costs. You can see me, read me, and smile! That’s priceless. Good night.


Snuggle in tight, my panda. Dream of my arms wrapped around you and the sweet nothings I want to whisper in your ears. That’s wholesome. Good night.


I hope you know that my night is going well now that I’m disturbing you again. How’s yours going? Good night and sleep tight.