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30 Best Good Morning Wishes For Rainy Day

Rainy season is the season to feel joyous and good morning wishes for rainy day spread universal happiness all over. Love and romance are in the air. Children are happier. This is the season when freshness grew in our minds as the earth gets fresh. The showers from the sky cleanse your body, mind, and soul. The monsoon season is all about expressing love and emotions. And, we have come up with some of the best words for you to wish your loved ones good morning in this rainy season. Send these good morning wishes to liven up their day even more.


Good Morning Rainy Day

1.Let the morning wake you up with beautiful rain. It may seem gloomy at first but if you look past the gloom, you will see a beautiful rainbow. Good morning.



2. A morning that welcomes you with little drops is said to be water sent from the heavens. Let it soothe your sight and give peace to your mind. Good morning.

good morning rainy day


3. Like every beautiful drop of water that falls on your windowpane, let life be touched by droplets of happiness and joy. Have a beautiful day ahead!

good morning rainy day


4. This is such a beautiful morning. After days of heat, the rain feels fresh like you and beautiful as ever. I hope you are enjoying it too. Good morning.


5. The rainy morning is unexpected but nature is full of such surprises. So, use this surprise to be your best self. Have a peaceful, mind-blowing day ahead.


6. With a little hail, everything can become so much more beautiful. This morning is so calming and I hope you are enjoying snuggling in your bed. Good morning.


7. The rain in the morning came as a sweet surprise. Look out the window and see how refreshing everything looks. It’s a beautiful world out there. Good morning.



8. Mornings are always bright and beautiful but with a little rain, they can be heavenly. May your day be as heavenly as the morning today. Have a glorious time. Good morning.


9. These little droplets of rain falling from the sky are messages from God to make you feel blessed for all the little things. Don’t be sad and live life to your best hopes. Good morning.


10. The rainy day makes me want to wish you a beautiful day ahead. I hope the rain washes over all your sorrow and gives your life a refreshing twist. Good morning, dear.


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Good Morning Rainy Day Wishes with Images

11. The dawn has cracked with beautiful raindrops falling from the sky. There is so much beauty outside. Have a wonderful day. Good morning.

good morning rainy day


12. Hey beautiful, look at the rain outside. Forward your hand towards the rain from the window. Feel the cold drops and know that you have been blessed.


13. Do you know why the blurred and cloudy rainy morning touches your heart the most? It’s because these are the happy tears that heaven is shedding. Good morning.


14. When it rains, don’t feel disheartened. Feel happy that all the sins are being washed away by God’s tears and nothing but the blessings fall on you. Good morning.


15. Don’t be surprised if you find dark clouds outside your window instead of sunbeams. The clouds carry angels who shower God’s blessings on you. Good morning.


Rainy Good Morning Quotes

16. Let the rain mix in your very core and allow it to feel your senses the way it feels the garden and flowers. Let yourself immerse in nature’s powerful beauty. Good morning.



17. Are you feeling gloomy? Don’t! Live and laugh, my dear. Let the morning rain remove the ache from your mind and body. Let yourself be happy again. Good morning.


18. Let the little drops of rain wash away all the sadness and worries that you are feeling. Let the rain be a symbol of your happiness rather than gloom. Good morning, my dear.


19. Not every morning comes with sunshine. Some are blessed with rain from the heavens. Life is all about these abrupt changes that we have to accept and move on. Good morning!


20. You need to learn the way of life from the season. No matter how many times the season changes, never stop being happy. Stay happy no matter what. Good morning.



21. Let these lovely drops of rain fill your mind and heart with happiness and satisfaction. Let it wash away your sorrows and give you nothing but joys. Good morning, my dear.


22. I wish you get to enjoy every moment of your life, starting from this beautiful rainy morning. I hope your smiles are etched on your face like the rainbows in the sky. Good morning.


23. Oh, look at this rain! Doesn’t it put you in a very playful mood today? It’s such a beautiful morning to bring out the little child in you. Have a beautiful day ahead, my dear.


24. Do you remember when you were a child you would make paper boats whenever it rained? Ah! Rains are such a beautiful time to feel nostalgic. Remember those beautiful memories. Good morning.


25. Did you know that morning rain can refresh your soul and make you feel anew? That’s why it is a blessing from God. I wish you a lovely rainy morning. Enjoy!


Good Morning Text for Her on A Rainy Day

26. Just like how you purge me into emotions, make me feel so many things, the rain, too, makes me emotional. I wish you were here with me. Good morning.

good morning text for her on a rainy day


27. Do you know what’s the best and the worst feeling in the world? To miss someone when it rains in the morning. I miss you as the rain pours. Good morning.


28. Whenever it rains in the morning, I feel ecstatic. There is happiness everywhere and I want to share that happiness with you with this good morning message. Good morning.


29. This morning I was welcomed by the freshness of wet green trees and bright flower colors. I am sending the same freshness your way through the rain. Good morning.


30. Wake up! Get up from your bed and rub your eyes! Let the rain welcome you. Grab a hot cup of tea and text me back. Good morning.


With these good morning rainy day messages, enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy the companionship of people you love. These beautiful moments are what make life so precious. Keep sending these rainy morning quotes to let them know that you miss them too. Have a beautiful and happy rainy season.