25 Best Congratulations On Your Engagement Messages

“Congratulations on your engagement” therefore are the four words that mark the beginning of a new chapter in life. Engagement is when two people decide to take their relationship to a whole new level altogether. For the families of both the people, it is a joyous occasion as well, and it marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between these two families as well.


Congratulations On Your Engagement

This is the best day of your life, cherish it and make sure to enjoy every moment of it. May you both sail through the highs and lows of life together and grow stronger every day. I wish you both congratulations on your engagement.

Congratulations On Your Engagement


Congratulations on your engagement! You two love birds have been together for so many years now, and it is only natural that you get engaged. This is a happy moment for all of us! May you live long and prosper.

Congratulations On Your Engagement


The day could not be better! The news of you both getting engaged has made me happy and elated beyond measure. You both have my blessing to go ahead and make the relationship formally official. The best days of your life are yet to arrive.

Engagement Congratulations


Engagement is a new exciting chapter in the book called life. And seeing how you both have arrived at the same chapter after embarking on a journey together really makes me want to cry! Nothing but best wishes for you two!

Congratulations On Your Engagement


The day is finally here! You both have grown sensible and mature with each other over the years and today marks the day where you get to share your joys and sorrows. Congratulations on your engagement!

This day marks the beginning of a life filled with joys and sorrows and the promise that both partners will stay by each other through these difficulties and successes. I am proud to see you both weather so many storms together. Stay happy, stay safe.

You both are the perfect example of the fact that true love always wins. A very hearty congratulation on your engagement, both of you. Know that I am extremely happy, and I am looking forward to the date of your marriage.

Congratulations On Your Engagement


God bless you both! May your conjugation spread cheer and joy all throughout both of your families and friends alike. You both look radiant and full of life. Loads of love from my side.

The news was never a surprise, and I knew one day, the good news will get out; however, I did not expect it to be this early. Well, good deeds should never be left for the last. I congratulate you on this eventful day, and I hope that you achieve success in life

Both of you embody the phrase, “Made for each other”, I am extremely happy for both of you. You give hope to childhood lovers and inspire them to choose their life partner, no matter the sacrifice! Congratulations on your engagement!


Engagement Congratulations

May your love shine throughout the world with the intensity of the Sun, and may your togetherness be as beautiful as the full moon. A toast to the most beautiful couple and towards the beginning of their incredible journey!

Congratulations On Your Engagement


There are perhaps only a few days that can rival the importance of a day like this. I congratulate you both before you both embark on a new road in life. Congratulations!

Childhood love being grown and matured, just like a sapling grows and evolves into a tree. May your relationship has strong roots, and branches out onto other’s lives in order to spread positivity. I congratulate you both on this eventful day.

A ring is the perfect way to commemorate forever, the love that both of you have for each other. May God shower his blessings on both of you. A toast to the good days in life and may they keep on increasing!

Engagement Congratulations


I am proud and honored to call myself a friend to both of you. I have seen you both climb the difficult mountains together, and I must say this day was sooner or later, inevitable. I hope that you both see and enjoy the more beautiful things in life!

The engagement today is just the trailer for an action-packed life that awaits you both. Enjoy the company of each other as that is the most valuable treasure in today’s world. It just makes me so happy to see you both together.

You both have weathered many storms till now, and a lot more is yet to come. However, the very fact that you both have shrugged these storms off together speaks volumes about how true love should be! Congratulations on my end.

Congratulations On Your Engagement


I am sure that both of your families must be super proud and happy that both of you decided to make it official. Many many congratulations on your engagement and I pray to God to give you both a fruitful life.

Few things and fewer days in life are as crucial as today for both of you. Both of you have made your families and friends proud, including me. Congratulations on the engagement, guys!

May curiosity, thoughtfulness, empathy and maturity guide you through life. Both of you must support each other through difficult times and enjoy the sunrise waiting on the other side. I am extremely happy for you both.


Engagement Congratulations Message

I am writing this message to congratulate you both on your engagement. I am overjoyed by the prospect of you both deciding to be together with your entire life onwards. I wish only the best for you. Congratulations from my family and me!

Congratulations On Your Engagement


This message is for the sweetest couple on planet earth! I am overwhelmed at the prospect of you both being engaged! This calls for a party the moment we three meet. Let’s re-live our carefree days one more night!

I have not forgotten today’s date, and I am looking forward to meeting the both of you on your marriage ceremony soon! Please take all the well wishes that I bear along with this message. Looking forward to meeting you on an eventful day.

I dearly hope that I am the first one to wish you congratulations through this message! Two of my favorite people coming together, what could be more fun and exciting than that? Congratulations from my side!

Engagement Congratulations


Remember that while you will receive many gifts, messages and congratulatory wishes, the only treasure worth protecting is the love that you have for each other. Best wishes from a well-wisher that wants nothing but to see both of you prosper.

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