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35 Motivational Good Luck Wishes For Test and Exam

Tests are genuinely one of the most stressful experiences for anyone irrespective of their age. Hence, every bit of good luck from counts. Our website has specially curated quotes to wish your loved ones just before they appear for the test so that a simple “good luck on your test” wish makes them attempt all the questions and helps pass them with flying colors.


Good Luck Messages for Exams

#1. Luck never follows the one who chooses to escape the route of doing the required labor. But because you are such a hard-working person, I wish for your test, good luck follows you.


#2. An examination is set to let you showcase your erudition yet it cannot define your excellence; never forget it! Do your best and good luck.


#3. May all your brain cells run swiftly to help you write your paper smoothly. For the times when they don’t, I wish you good luck!


#4. The ripeness of the hard work you have been putting in will be sweeter. Discard the worry to let the witty you shine brighter. Good luck with your test.


#5. There is no doubt that you will pass the test with flying colors, but I still wish you good luck. Push harder to come on the other side of success and get rewards.


#6. Try to outdo yourself, escape the race to compete with others, and you will do great in your exams. Good luck.


#7. The stress and anxiety aren’t worth it. After all the hours you have put in to get the best results, do not doubt yourself and hope for the best. Good luck!


#8. I wish you good luck with your examination. Keep it calm and you’ll ace it. Be sure of yourself and the efforts you have put in. And then you’ll perform much better.


#9. Out of all of us, you know much better how to score well and have your name on the top of the scoreboard. All I have to tell you is good luck.


#10. Trust that your practice of countless hours will be rewarded. Be buoyant to get the ball and score in your court. Good luck


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Good Luck On Your Test

Good luck on your test! You have burned the midnight oil long enough for me to know that you will get the highest marks out of your entire class. Believe in yourself and give it your best shot.

Good Luck On Your Test


I hope your revisions are completed, and your mocks are thoroughly prepared. This is one of the most complicated tests of this year’s curriculum, and for that, I wish you good luck on your test.

Good Luck On Your Exam


Do not worry, you have studied day and night for the test, and I know you will ace it. Good luck on your test and give it your best shot and let god take care of the rest. Remember, the more relaxed and tension free you are, the better will be your test.

Good Luck On Your Test


Do not feel overwhelmed by a tiny test! You will have to fight far worse things in life, and then you will laugh that you shuddered at the thought of a test. Good luck on your test, son, but don’t let it test you.

Good Luck On Your Test


Today is the hardest test of this year, I know because I appeared for it the previous year; and therefore, I wish you good luck on your test, dear friend! May you defeat the enemy and come out victorious with good grades.

Good Luck On Your Exam


You are the best daughter a mother could ask for- you are sincere, intelligent, and diligent. I see no reason as to why you should fear for your test tomorrow. So, go ahead and kill it tomorrow morning, right?


You are one of the most hardworking students that I know of, and it was my pleasure teaching you for this term. Do not let the pressure get to you, good luck on your test and remember to always breathe whenever you panic.


Dear daughter, I know you have worked hard for the test today, and I wish you good luck. I know you will ace the test as you did in the other exams and come out smiling at the end just as you always do.

Good Luck On Your Test


Think of today as nothing more than a speed bump in the highway of life. I wish you good luck with your test today, but remember that it is just a test and not the end of the highway. No matter the result, we will always love you.


I do not know why you are this much tensed. After all, this is your favorite subject, isn’t it? Just relax, calm down, and smile; I know you will score extremely well. And yes, good luck on your test!


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Good Luck On Your Exam

Even if you don’t need a stroke of good luck on your exam tomorrow, I am still going to go ahead and wish you anyways. This is because I know this will help you ease down when you attempt the questions.

Good Luck On Your Test


Worrying about the results before the exams are even conducted seems a bit foolhardy, don’t you think? Just concentrate on one question at a time, and I know you will sail through. Last but not least, good luck with your exam, dear.


With exams just around the corner, I hope you have studied well for this subject. Don’t panic, revise the most important chapters, and let me wish you good luck on your exam because you are going to need it immensely.


Treat no exam so big and important that it overpowers you and dictates your life. Instead, work hard for it and know that my blessings are always with you. I know you will pull it through, good luck on your exam!

Good Luck On Your Exam


Let us both wish each other good luck as this is the toughest exam of the semester, and we will need every bit of luck we can get. I hope we can score a decent amount of marks so that our average does not drop.


Exams will come and go, but what is important is your dedication and diligence, which you have displayed full on. I know you will score exceptionally well in your exam, please take care not to overstress yourself, dear.


I don’t want you to ruin your sleep and mental peace because of a measly exam! You have prepared adequately, and please get some sleep now. I wish you good luck on your exam tomorrow.


First thing’s first, as your teacher, let me wish you good luck on your exam. Next, revise your weak areas from the practice tests, and I am confident you will score better than everyone else!

Good Luck On Your Test


Dear, listen to me carefully, exams in life are like vegetables; they are unavoidable, but they are good for you. So, for your next exam, I wish you all the best. Remember, my blessings and wishes are always with you.


One who has dedicated so much time and effort to an exam needs no luck from my side. So, today I won’t be wishing you good luck on your exam, just reminding you to attempt all questions within the time limit.


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Best Wishes For The Exam

Good luck. Fortune favors the people who tend to give their best shots in everything they do. And because you’re one of those people, I know you’ll be rewarded with good grades.


You have all that one needs to get desirable grades. All you have to do is take a deep breath to calm your nerves and prep your brain cells for the strenuous work. Good luck.


Dealing with exam pressure isn’t an easy task. It is necessary to deal with it to not get bogged down by the pressure the exam brings. I hope you manage it well. Good luck.


Enter the examination hall with a knowing: Because you haven’t been half-hearted in your preparation, you will perform faultlessly. Good luck.


Good luck. There should not be a hint of worry on your face and a nerve of anxiousness in your body after having given so much energy. You are going to get excellent grades.