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27 Best Goodnight Texts to Send Your Crush: Sweet Dreams Await!

Ending the day on a good note is as important as beginning it on a positive note. This set of good night text for crush is you need to wish your crush a good night’s sleep.

Don’t just tell them to sleep tight, be a bit extra; go all the way out to wish them good night so that they sleep not only feeling good about themselves but thinking about you.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for our human bodies to function efficiently the next day.

However, unwinding the mind from the stress and worry sometimes doesn’t come in handy. For such times, save these good night texts to make them sleep like a baby.


Goodnight Text For Your Crush:

#1. Moon has set the tone for the night to blow the cold wind and make the quiet overwhelming. In this case, if you need me to make you feel warm and safe, I’ll be there.

Good night text for crush


#2. Take me to places I’ve never been. Show me the deepest and darkest parts of you that you keep guards against. Let this night be the catalyst for something meaningful to happen.

Good night text for crush


#3. For you have taken the burdens of the world, I wish you a good night’s sleep. I hope you sleep like a baby and forget worldly affairs and problems for once. Good Night.

Good night text for crush


#4. Do not fear the dark. The quiet might seem overbearing but the stars above you and me in your DMS will help you see the light. I’m always one text away. Goodnight.

Good night text for crush


#5. You’ve had a rough day. I hope the night will be kind to you. More than that I hope you can be kinder to yourself. Give your body and mind the reset it needs. Goodnight.

Good night text for crush


#6. The moon is gleaming like your beaming face. Only if I was a poet, I’d be able to tell you how you and the moon make my nights better. Anyways, have a good night.


#7. Might not ever be able to tell you how I feel about you deeply but no one has reached the depth of my soul as much as you’ve. Good night, honey.


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#8. All you need is rest and not the talks of hours. I like you. I’m here but prioritising yourself and rest should come first for you. Sleep tight to wake up to an energising morning.


#9. Tomorrow your alarm be like wakey and if you don’t sleep right now, you’ll be cranky.
Sleep like a baby, have your beauty sleep and wake up with rosy cheeks and a fluttered heart.


#10. I couldn’t have found a better friend than you but perhaps you could’ve, yet you chose me for which I’m truly grateful. Love you, and have a good night’s sleep.

Good night text for crush


#11. Because of you, I can wake up with the hope of better tomorrow because everyone needs someone who can believe in themselves when they themselves can’t. Thank you for being so supportive, good night.


#12. Like the ocean, you make me forget my problems. Like the night, you bring peace to me. Now like a good girl, sleep. And bring me hope as the morning does.


#13. I’m listening to the songs that remind me of you, that can help me feel closer to you even when I’m miles away to have tons of dreams about you. Good night.


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#14. I hope you’re missing me like I do because if not then I’ll have to come there, give you chocolates and tight hugs and then leave to make you miss me the whole night.


#15 Only if you knew what your thoughts do to me at night, you wouldn’t leave me alone like this. But anyways, good night.

Good night text for crush


#16.  Not all people can express their love in the most charming ways but I can. Want to see it? Then come over and ditch sleeping today.


#17. Can you be a little more specific? You can’t tell me to have a goodnight without you beside me. Either come over to make it good night or else wish me a sad night.


#18. Gloomy my day was and now night would be terrifying if you don’t come over and hug me tight and sleep.


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#19. If you can, please dream about me because I’ll be dreaming about you and if we both do so maybe we can meet in the astral plane. Does it sound like a good plan?


#20. Do you know what it takes for me to have a good night? You. You beside me is what I need. I’ll sleep peacefully with you beside me.

Good night text for crush


#21. I don’t have to look at the sky full of stars and moon. I’m going to replay our conversations in my head, create the most romantic scenarios in my head to fall asleep. Good night.


#22. Good night to the prettiest wildflower I know. Remember you’re rare but because you’re unique. You’re a little weird but because you put on no facade. Remember that you’re precious.


#23. Not even Google can help me find ways to fall asleep faster. In fact, nothing and no one can except you. Come here and we’ll sleep tight.


#24. Talking for countless hours with you is my favourite way to fall asleep. You beside me is my favourite way to fall asleep. As long as I’m hearing or seeing you, I can sleep fine.


#25. If you have trouble falling asleep, call me or give me the green light to come over. I’ll make sure to make you sleep beauty sleep because stress doesn’t suit you or eye bags.

Good night text for crush 


#26. Thank you for making my days blossom with hope and flourish with joy. Without you, my life would be so grey and far away from the colours. Thank you again, and goodnight.


#27. Dreams haven’t been scary or disappointing since you’ve come into my life. They show me a world I wish to build with you. and one day, I’ll. Till then goodnight.


We hope you found some loving good night texts for your crush who would be in awe of your thoughtful texts just after the moment you sent them these texts. When you simply have to send a text and aren’t energized enough at the end of the day to think and write meaningful texts, for those days, save these good night texts and they’ll save you. Make them giddy, and feel special, and before you know it, they will be lost in their dream world.