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15 Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpa Wishes

Happy birthday in heaven grandpa!’ is a phrase that can be heard often at this time of the year as we celebrate those who have passed on. We wish we could tell them that they are still loved and remembered, happy birthday in heaven!

When you lose someone, you finally realize how important and precious they are. Here is how to express your feelings on their birthday:


Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpa:

1. Happy birthday to my dear and sweet grandfather whom I missed so much. I hope there is something as wonderful happening for you up there in the heavens!!! Happy Birthday Grandfather!

Happy birthday in heaven Grandpa


2. I wish happy birthday in heaven was something people could actually celebrate together because I would give anything just to hug him again or hear his voice say “hey buddy!” Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandfather.

Happy birthday in heaven Grandpa


3. I hope happy birthday in heaven grandpa means as many things to him as he did on earth. You are loved more than anything. We will be up soon too- don’t worry about any of this – just enjoy your peaceful time where everything’s perfect.

Happy birthday in heaven Grandpa


4. Happy Birthday Grandfather in Heaven!! We miss you dearly but we know that one day our paths will cross again. It’s not goodbye forever because it feels like you’re still here with us. happiest birthday in heaven grandpa.

Happy birthday in heaven Grandpa


5. Hopefully, happy birthday in heaven means as much up there as it did on earth – may your forever life be filled with best rewards from God. We miss you dearly- happy birthday in heaven Grandpa.

Happy birthday in heaven Grandpa


6. Hi sweetie pie! Happy anniversary of being born!!!! It feels like not long ago when we were all together celebrating such a momentous occasion… how time flies by when you’re happy!!! happy birthday in heaven grandpa.


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7. I hope the days ahead are filled with happiness, laughter, joy, music & celebration!! And most importantly; may they be full of memories that will keep us warm at night as well as make our hearts burst with pride happy birthday in heaven grandpa.


8. Happy Birthday Grandfather!!! I am grateful to you for teaching me to always be kind or how to throw a snowball like a pro! It was an honor getting to know such an amazing person who loved life as much as he loved those around him happy birthday!! (happy birthday from Heaven.

Happy birthday in heaven Grandpa


9. I wish there were a way for me to send this message directly into your heart so you would know how much I miss & love you- Happy Belated happy birthdaaay! Thankful for all those memories shared together so we can always have them close at hand when times get tough happy birthday in heaven.


10. Happy Birthday Grandfather – This day is bittersweet for all of us but please know how much we love, miss & celebrate everything that you did on earth! We feel your spirit around every corner reminding us not to be too sad 😉 Happy Belated happy birthdaaay!! Happy birthday from earth.


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Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandpa:

1. Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandfather – I know this is a hard time of year for everyone that loves and misses you a lot but take some comfort knowing we are all getting through it together. We love and miss you so much, Happy Birthday.Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandpa


2. I’m so sorry that you had to leave this world before we got the chance to meet, but please know my heart is very happy knowing that one day we’ll meet again. You are missed more than anything and happy heavenly birthday Grandpa.


3. My dear sweet grandfather who loved me unconditionally, happy heavenly birthday Grandpa! Your presence is missed so much. I wish you could hear my voice and know how happy I am to still have such amazing memories of us together- thanks for all the hugs, advice, support, love, entertainment… every day was a party when I was there with you.


4. I know you are happy and shiny up there, but it’s hard to be without you here on earth. We miss your love so much! You were such an amazing grandfather. Thank you for everything grandpa – happy heavenly birthday!


5. It was such an honor getting to feel someone as incredible as your happy heavenly birthday grandpa. You were a pious soul really and everyone around missed you a lot on this special occasion.


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Blood relations are special, in fact a gift from God and Grandfather is of great affection. The memories between grandpa and grandchildren are epic. The Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpa wishes are all about recalling such moments.