15 Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma Wishes

by drasson

Just because our loved ones move on, it doesn’t mean they’re gone from our lives. In fact, sometimes we feel their love more than ever. A cool breeze. A beautiful sunset. We sense their presence, affection, and warmth even after they pass. If you’ve ever wanted to say Happy Birthday to a Grandma in heaven, here are some quotes to help you find the right words!


Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma

Grandma, I hope you know just how much we love and miss you. We’re thinking of you today and every day. Happy Birthday in heaven!

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma


Just because you changed locations, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten your special day. We love you just as much now as we did then. Happy Birthday in heaven, Grandma!

Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma


We still remember your laugh, your warmth, and your beautiful smile. Even if we can’t hug you, we’re still sending all our love. In fact, I think we love you now more than ever! Hope you’re having a happy birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma


I bet the parties in heaven are wonderful! Some day we’ll be reunited and we can celebrate together, but in the meantime, Happy Birthday to my grandma in heaven!

Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma


You always loved a good birthday party on earth. Your birthdays were some of my favorite occasions. So, I have no doubt you’re celebrating even more in heaven. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

I heard that in heaven we get to keep all the very best things from Earth. So I know they’re throwing you a huge birthday party up there. Hope you have the most fun, Grandma!

Sometimes I wonder if heaven is one big party. Even if it is, I know they’re doing something special for you today. I hope you get to have a cake up there. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma


Mom told me that when someone is born, all the angels sing. So I bet you’re having the best time today. Happy Birthday in heaven, Grandma!

We miss you every day, but especially today. We’re honoring you, remembering you, and celebrating you. Happy Birthday in heaven to the best grandma ever.

Today, we’re looking at old photographs of you. You had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen! Happy Birthday in heaven, Grandma. I know you’re having the most wonderful party ever.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma

Our loved ones are never gone or forgotten, even if they move on. Grandma, we carry you every day in our hearts. And we’re wishing you a very Happy Birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma


This year is hard because you aren’t here. But we still made a cake, and we’re still singing your song. I hope you can hear us in heaven, Grandma. Happy Birthday!

I bet there are some pretty fantastic birthday parties in heaven. I hope you’re feeling our love from here. I’m definitely still feeling your love for me. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandma


This is your first birthday in heaven. And this is our first year without you. But one thing will always stay the same – you’re forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Nothing can separate you from our love, Grandma. We’re celebrating you today and every day. And we’re singing, “Happy Birthday in heaven!” I hope you can hear us.

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