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Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother – Wishes And Quotes

Brothers may not always be with you in your life but they will be there in your heart, forever. Having to say goodbye to your brother brings such intense feelings of pain that can’t be explained. Every day is hard without him but on his birthday, the pain becomes almost unbearable. Here is a few happy birthday in heaven brother quotes that commemorate his life.


Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother:

Goodbyes are not forever. I miss you so much and I’ll miss you until we find each other again. I miss you even more today since it’s your birthday. You may not be in my life right now but I know we’ll meet again.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother


Dear brother, I will never understand why you had to be taken from my life so soon. Maybe it’s because God wanted his best person to be right next to him. I miss you so much. Happy birthday in heaven, brother.

Happy Birthday To My Brother In Heaven


If I could bring you back again, I would. If I could give anything in the world to have you back, my brother, I would. I miss you so much. I wish I had more time with you. Happy birthday.


If you were here today, we would’ve celebrated your birthday in the wildest way possible. I would probably smash your face in the cake and we would have a big laugh. I miss you so much, brother. Happy birthday.


You aren’t here with me anymore but I know you’re still around. The people we love never really go away. You live through me, brother. You live in my memories and live with me each and every day. Happy birthday, brother.


Dear brother, I don’t understand why you left without saying goodbye. You never said you had to leave. You never told me you had to go. There is a big hole in my life now that you’re gone. Happy birthday.


Rest in love, my dear brother. I pray for your soul each and every day. You were such a wonderful man, so generous, so loving. You went away too soon and we miss you every single day. Happy birthday to you.


Happy birthday, brother. You aren’t even here with us to celebrate. If we knew the last birthday we celebrated was going to be your last, we would make sure to make the celebrations even bigger. We miss you so much.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother


When you left, it broke my heart in a million little pieces. I’m still trying to pick up those pieces and mend my heart but I try to be strong for our family. Happy birthday to you, brother. Rest in peace.


I pray for your soul every single day and I pray for you a little more today because it’s your birthday today. You would’ve been so excited about the party if you were here. We miss you so much.


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Happy Birthday To My Brother In Heaven:

My brother had to leave me and go to heaven because the Gods thought he was needed more there. And all of us that he left behind miss him every single day. Happy birthday, brother. We pray for your soul.


Dear brother, you left us and our happiness left with you. You were a shining bright light in our lives who could make every situation better with a joke and a smile. Happy birthday to you. You are truly missed.


Do you remember how you would hide underneath the bed and scare me every time I walked past the room? I still look under the bed to see whether you’re still there waiting to scare me. Happy birthday to you, brother. Wish you were still here.


We made so many memories when we were together. I still think about us and all those memories make me smile. Wish you were here to make more memories but we’ll do that when we meet again. Rest in peace, brother. Happy birthday.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Brother


I know you had to rest, dear brother. It was time for you to go. You had fought for as long as you could and we are so proud of you for trying your best to hold on. We’ll keep being proud of you forever. Happy birthday.


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Happy Heavenly Birthday Brother:

Happy birthday to you. You were the soul of every party and your energy was charismatic. Even though you aren’t here to party, I’m sure you’re partying with the angels right now. I miss you every single day.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother


My brother, you wanted to do so much in life. You wanted to travel and you wanted to eat every single cuisine that every country had to offer. I’ll do my best to fulfill your dreams. Happy birthday to you.


You gained wings and flew away towards heaven too soon. Goodbyes are too painful especially when it is a person who I loved more than myself. We’ll keep celebrating your birthday even though you aren’t here. Happy birthday.


You were chosen by God to be by his side and to look down on all of us from heaven. We miss your quiet smiles and your loud, contagious laughter. Happy birthday to you. We’ll hold on to your memories forever.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Brother


I hope you know how much you are missed. What I wouldn’t give to see your face again and to hold your hand. I had so much to say, so much to do with you. Happy birthday to you, dear brother. You are truly missed.


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Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother In Heaven:


Happy birthday brother in heaven. Today reminds me of you the most and my heart fills with grief that I can never bury. We aren’t at peace but we hope you are!


Despite all the times when we couldn’t be on the same page, we never failed to be true siblings. Despite your absence, I will still celebrate your birthday today. Happy birthday brother in heaven.


Happy birthday brother in heaven. We were by each others’ side even in times of disputes. It breaks my heart to not have you with me today! I’m shattered to celebrate your birthday without you.


I had so much to share and so many quarrels to fight! You left before I could truly cherish our bond. Today I miss your presence and comfort the most. Happy birthday brother in heaven!


The agony rises as today takes place. The guilt of losing you before I could be your best sister gets heavier. And I start to miss you more than ever. Happy birthday brother in heaven!